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How Our Mom & Prenatal Online "Kula" (community of the heart) Came to Be...

Hi I’m Jessica and this is me SEEMING to be so calmjessica - long before mom and prenatal yoga online and happy with my new baby! 

The truth is, even though I’d been teaching prenatal yoga for years, when I had a baby, I felt lost and alone. 

My body was depleted (my hair is actually curly!), I was exhausted, and I needed yoga more than ever.

But there was no way I could pay a nanny while I enjoyed an hour-and-a-half yoga class.

Plus, I really didn’t want to leave my baby that long…

So when I started Ma Yoga when my little one was two, we made sure to offer Mom Yoga – Babies Welcome classes where our mamas could come back to with their babies.


mom & baby and prenatal yoga online

The moms loved being together, reconnecting to body and breath, strengthening and releasing tension – and all the while getting to stay connected to baby.

Some moms came back even before they could exercise, just to get a little yoga and grown-up vibe.

In a few years, we had had 18,000 moms and moms-to-be come through our ten locations in Southern California.

I was training teachers not only to offer prenatal yoga, but to start a “Mama Circle” by partnering with a small business in their neighborhood.

But I started noticing a problem.

People came once a week, left feeling amazing, and then a couple days later, that yoga feeling was like a distance memory.

I realized that having a home practice is an essential part of being able to support healing and thriving for ourselves during the difficult postpartum period – and for the rest of our lives.

I started asking my pregnant mamas and moms to try and do a downdog at home.

They’d come the following week and wouldn’t even remember my homework assignment!

So we raised a bunch of money from our amazing community on Indiegogo, and went about creating the “Ma Yoga Living Room” – a place where our students could do mom and prenatal yoga online videos in between classes.


And it was great! Except… for ALL the people who WEREN’T in Southern California.

They were doing mom and prenatal yoga online without a teacher to help them understand what specific alignment adjustments were optimal for THEIR body.

They weren’t getting their personal fears addressed, or having a chance to connect to other mamas.

We all need a teacher. The essence of yoga is self-discovery, and sometimes we need someone to point the way.

And without a feeling of connection to each other, the yoga doesn’t quite fulfill its promise.

Honestly it felt like a failure, because I couldn’t really stand by mom and prenatal yoga online videos, no matter how expertly-taught they were, if people still couldn’t learn how to get rid of their back pain at night, or hear how to adjust their shoulders so their wrist didn’t hurt, or ask how to strengthen their core safely even with diastisis recti.

And then…. Covid came.

All of our locations shut down.

I would never wish quarantine upon the world, and yet there was a silver lining.

We all learned about online possibilities where before there were none.

Suddenly we could reach moms and moms-to-be wherever they were – in towns that didn’t have prenatal yoga, in cities where it was too hard to get around with baby… wherever.

We moved all of our in-person classes and created a full schedule of mom and prenatal yoga online.

My coach came up with how to combine the two – first class is free, and then membership lets you take live classes for 40% off. Plus, you have all the videos to create a therapeutic, personalized home yoga and meditation practice that will fill you up and keep you supported in a current of nurturing energy, no matter how hard things get.

Ma Yoga Living has finally fulfilled my dream of helping women find a Mama Circle wherever they are in the world.

mom and prenatal yoga online

A “kula” in Sanskrit is a community of the heart. Our Certified Ma Yoga Intructors, Birth Practitioners, lifestyle educators and of course our moms and moms-to-be are truly a kula (community of the heart) who share yoga, education and support in birth classes, mom support and yoga, and prenatal yoga online.

I am so honored to be part of movement that recognizes that the journey to motherhood and beyond can be a treacherous one.

Without support, we often feel isolated, lost, in pain, and fearful. We can find ourselves living with wounds – emotional or physical – that we think can’t be healed.

But with just a little of the right kind of guidance, we can learn to change our challenges into opportunities to step into our highest, most powerful, wise and nurturing “Ma” Self.

I really like Rachelle’s class because I find that the exercises she focuses on are really helpful for pregnancy and for labor prep, plus she’s really attentive to different people’s bodies and their varying needs based on belly size and stage of pregnancy.

It’s also cool because she’s a doula so her insights to birthing and labor have been really valuable.


I was glad to be able to finally come to a class now that they’re online!

I am going to keep coming…my body really enjoyed the hour of moving, stretching, and centering.

Jelena P.

I actually loved the class. I say actually because, as you know, yoga has never been my “thing” and computer stuff is also not my “thing” but Jess!


I’ve been walking around for 5 weeks with such pain in my knee/leg and all the alignment work made me feel SO much better!

Sue B.

[Ma Yoga Foundations] was so wonderful! It was the best online yoga class I’ve attended.

Thank you for sharing your energy and beautiful ma presence to help us move energy.


Dr. Carley C.

Awesome! Thank you so much! The virtual classes have been saving my life and I truly love these classes.


Laurie S.

That class was f-ing awesome. I feel so much better!!!!!

You are an amazing teacher. Your ability to explain is crazy good.

Erica B.

Thank you for the Ma Yoga for Everyone class this morning. I am sooo wiped out I can’t believe it! Feels great.


Gary K.

Thank you so much for your wonderful gift of [Ma Yoga Foundations] today. My legs are still shaking but I feel less anxious.

You are amazing!! Can’t thank you enough for your encouragement to join you this morning.

I needed it emotionally and physically.


Rosibel R.

The live online class was great! Viviana was very friendly and knowledgeable and made sure to incorporate moves based off of the body aches we all had, so it was a great class… I will definitely be back in her class.

Kayla C.

Having lost 2 previous pregnancies, I wanted to be extra cautious in my practice and exercise. I was welcomed and supported in every way.

The instructors have been wonderful! These caring instructors are full of ideas on how to modify poses.


Jenn R.

Rachelle is so knowledgeable and welcoming and I am so thrilled my sister told me about this gem! She beams warmth and passion for what she does.

She’s an incredible resource and she’s very attentive to everyone’s movement within the class.

I’m very excited that I found Rachelle and this class so early in my pregnancy so that I can make it a part of the rest of my journey.

Barri S.

Thank you for all the great classes, it was really excellent to feel strong and confident throughout my pregnancy. Knowing that I could make it through an intense yoga class kept me from being afraid to exercise and really use my body the whole way through.

I actually thought about yoga class during labor!

Something you said a few times along the lines of not being afraid about what might happen during labor, just thinking “is that happening right now”. I’ve heard plenty of yoga teachers say “be in the moment” but it’s never made much sense, so thank you for putting that idea into a more usable phrase.

Liza C.

I took the free class with Viviana on Wednesday and it was great so I am really excited to continue the practice.

Sonal G.

The feeling that these amazing ladies, especially dear Melanie, give to pregnant women with pure love, care, peace and knowledge is priceless.

Leila S.

Melanie, everything you taught me over the past six months came into play and helped prepare me for that wonderful night.

I will never be able to fully express how honored and grateful I feel for all the wisdom you shared with me as I took your class, but my husband, my mother, and I agree that it all played into my ability to stay focused and have a wonderful child birth experience.

Alex T.

Thank you so much again for providing these tailored classes and community.

I told my therapist about it too because of the impact one class and your attentiveness had. It’s amazing. Thank you for this beautiful space and service.

Erica P.

Great class with Hayley! She is a confident calming teacher. I really enjoyed her flow and the pace of the whole class.

Savannah F.

I took two abSOULutely fabulous classes today!

Lindy was my first class after a long hiatus, she was so soothing and healing for me. I went in feeling rusty and a bit “off”, I left class feeling safe and nurtured. Melanie’s class was also exceptional; her pelvic openers really soothed my lower back; it is tingling now in a state of ultimate relief!

Nina R.

The feeling that these amazing ladies, especially dear Melanie, give to pregnant women with pure love, care, peace and knowledge is priceless.


I participated in Kathy’s prenatal class today as a mom with a dog, toddler and 4 month old while I was trying to wrap up a work call. Kathy didn’t blink an eye.

I can’t believe how focused and calm Kathy was while not only guiding me but a handful of others. Her voice was calm and soothing and her flow was natural. I could get up leave and join back in with ease. Great job Kathy.

Thanks for helping this mom through whatever kind of yoga practice I can get!

Stephanie G.

Lindy is an amazing instructor. I felt so relaxed after and less tensed.

She was also so caring, attentive and took time to talk to each student to know them more.

Bonita C.

Hayley is a wonderful teacher, very sweet. I really disconnected and relaxed with her.

Jeanne B.

Enjoyed Heather Kampf’s Friday class! Heather demonstrates poses so that it is easy to follow her instructions; she also checks closely to see that I am in the correct position on the mat so I get the most out of each pose.

Donna C.

Daho is awesome. I had the free class with her and I liked practicing prenatal yoga that day itself.

I always wait for Wednesday when I can work out with her.

She customizes poses based on your week of pregnancy, pays attention to how are you doing, corrects them and the best part is you don’t feel tired after the class.

I recommend her to anyone planning to do prenatal yoga in their second/third trimester.

Aakansha B. - from our Google listing

Heather led a nice class working to make “Breath with movement and staying in the present moment the goal over personal perfection” as her theme.

The class flowed nicely and Heather’s cueing was easy to understand.

I felt the Warrior poses were challenging in their hold time which was good as contractions are going to hang around for a while as well. Feeling that intensity and getting through it is great prep for labor.


Jeanne D. - from our Google listing

Heather K. is a great teacher! I really enjoyed the Yoga for Busy Moms class she held today.

I loved her authentic voice, playful/not too serious class — I noticed myself smiling throughout the practice.

Loved the gratitude/body scan meditation at the beginning and the closing Om, focusing on taking the vibrations with me throughout the day.

Ashley M. - from our Google listing

Best thing that I found during my pregnancy is Ma Yoga! I definitely recommend Melanie.

She explained every detail and is a super nice person. Since they have an everyday class option for prenatal yoga, it’s a great option to be able to attend whichever day you want to attend.

Most yoga studios have very limited or no prenatal classes.

Aysegul B. - from our Google listing

I have loved all of the teachers I have met in these classes. They each take the time to get to know each person and their needs and then tailor the classes to those needs.

There is a great balance between mind and body and a lot of great pregnancy advice and knowledge!

Shana K. - from our Google listing

Heather’s class was amazing.

She was warm and welcoming…the cues were so helpful; the flow and sequencing of the class was just what I needed.

She has a warm and welcoming presence – even thru zoom, you could feel her connection to those of us in the class. I will enjoy another class with her for sure!!

Nancy W. - from our Google listing

I enjoyed the yoga class with Ash.

She has such a soothing voice and explains step by step.

Maureen S. - from our Google listing

I am 38 weeks pregnant and I have been taking prenatal yoga with Lindy Ker. She is an amazing teacher.

She teaches a well-balanced intuitive, empowering, and centering class. I feel strong, confident, and alert after her classes.

I highly recommend Ma Yoga Living and taking a class with Lindy Ker.

Tara Z. - from our Google listing

LOVE IT! The teachers are always super loving and caring even though there are on the other side of the screen.

I met Ash earlier this week and she was teaching from Greece!!! The audio was perfect, no issues whatsoever, even though she was outdoors!

I loved her energy, her flow, she truly listened to me and another mommy and shared some wisdom on the yoga mat to attend to our needs on that day.

I particularly was having a headache and didn’t think I could do it.

Ash didn’t push me at all, she just allowed me to be there and join as I felt like it. Well, I ended up feeling great and the headache was gone!

Yoga with Marycarmen - from our Google listing

I have taken many different yoga classes and these are by far the best.

I highly recommend Melanie for pregnancy yoga. She explains everything clearly and brings you into deep concentration during class.

Also, she knows a lot about pregnancy and birth and it’s very calming hearing her advice.

Ana H. - from our Google listing

I’m often the only male in Jessica’s Ma Yoga Foundations classes and I love them.

Jessica’s Saturday class has gone a long way in helping me relieve my low back pain and understand how the parts of my body fit together.

I really appreciate her focus on alignment and breath along with her explanations of the mechanics of the body. She is the best!

Gary K. - from our Google listing

Jessica’s extensive knowledge of alignment is evident in every class.

Whether you’re pregnant, injured, or just dealing with common aches and soreness, Jess will weave in cues to address everyone’s needs without calling attention to anyone.

Her warm and optimistic personality infuses her classes with uplifting inspiration. Because she offers variations and refinements in every pose, her class is right for anyone.

Heather K. - from our Google Listing

Jessica is such a wonderful teacher.

The alignment-based yoga she teaches coupled with her extensive knowledge from decades of teaching bring such depth and compassion to her teaching. I intend to take her classes for as long as she is teaching.

Please give yourself the gift of taking a class with Jessica.

Sensei April - from our Google Listing

Jessica clearly and gently moves her students through the poses.

She cares about the well-being of her students and will tailor the poses to match the need of each student. I highly recommend her classes!

Abby L. - from our Google listing

Had my first free class and it was amazing!

Small group and Jessica helps you adjust your positions. Would definitely recommend! 😄

Kim P.

Our Teachers

Ma Yoga teachers receive an in-depth, comprehensive,  85-hour yoga instructor certification in poses, meditations, alignment and sequences for pregnancy and postpartum.

It also includes Mayurveda: daily rhythms, food-as-medicine routines and self-care practices for busy women, and healing for aches, pains, and conditions many women experience.

When you try a free Ma Yoga mom or prenatal class online, you aren’t just finding someone on Youtube.

You can be sure that your Certified Ma Yoga teacher has the experience and skill to teach you safe, effective, therapeutic yoga – no matter where you are on your journey.

We are all excited to support you on the path to becoming the “Ma” you want to be!

Certified Ma Yoga Teachers - prenatal classes online

Our Prenatal Yoga + Postpartum Support

If you are pregnant or postpartum and experiencing stress or anxiety, you are not alone.

More than half of all women report increased anxiety in the 18 months around birth.

You may be nervous about the birth process, preoccupied with planning for your new baby, or wondering how you’ll cope with motherhood and all the responsibilities it comes with.

Our unique classes combine therapeutic alignment, birth prep and lifestyle education.

Once you’re a mom, you an hop in to our free monthly Ma Support group to get tips from experts on all the challenges you’ll be facing.

And as soon as your healthcare provider gives you the ok, our nurturing mom yoga classes are a click away.

Ma Yoga is a unique alignment-based style of yoga designed for women’s changing bodies and lives.

It’s therapeutic for aches and pains and healing for chronic conditions. It’s strengthening, grounding, and opening. And it will help you become the “Ma” you want to be.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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