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Yoga, education and community for moms and moms-to-be.

Welcome to Ma Yoga Living!

I’m Jessica and I created Ma Yoga Living because for years I tried to get my students to do a downdog at home, and it rarely happened. 

Life tends to sweep us away from ourselves.

After class people felt pain-free and tall and happy, and within a couple days all the patterns came back.

By next week’s class, we’d start over.

As a new mom at home with baby, I saw how essential it is to bring the breath and body awareness of yoga into our day to day lives – so we never get too far away from our center.

And I realized how being part of a kula – a community of the heart – can help us make this happen.

Ma Yoga Living is a kula of Certified Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teachers, Birth Practitioners, lifestyle educators who share yoga, education and support in birth classes, mom yoga classes, and prenatal classes online.

We started by offering mom and prenatal classes at a loft space in Studio City, California. 

Here’s me with my first Mama Circle at Bini Birth:


prenatal class at bini birth


Unfortunately, we soon got kicked out because the owner hadn’t realized she couldn’t work at her desk if a yoga class was happening in the room…

We quickly found small pregnancy and mom-related businesses near our homes and partnered up to start “Mama Circles”.

It made so much more sense for our pregnant mamas to have wonderful prenatal classes close to home, rather than across the city.

And for moms, rather than trying to pack baby up and travel to their mom and baby class, it was life-changing.

Soon, there were 10 Ma Yoga locations in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles and Orange County!

Marina Del Rey prenatal classes online and on-site

We heard consistently how transformative our classes were.

And in our online community, we heard so many requests for Mama Circles across the US – and the world.

So we created the Ma Yoga Living Room, where we uploaded practices and programs that people could do on their own.

And then… when Covid happened, we took the next obvious step and moved our entire schedule of mom and prenatal classes online.

And at last – we were actually able to help people have a powerful home practice!

I really like Rachelle’s class because I find that the exercises she focuses on are really helpful for pregnancy and for labor prep, plus she’s really attentive to different people’s bodies and their varying needs based on belly size and stage of pregnancy.

It’s also cool because she’s a doula so her insights to birthing and labor have been really valuable.


I was glad to be able to finally come to a class now that they’re online!

I am going to keep coming…my body really enjoyed the hour of moving, stretching, and centering.

Jelena P.

I actually loved the class. I say actually because, as you know, yoga has never been my “thing” and computer stuff is also not my “thing” but Jess! THANK YOU!

I’ve been walking around for 5 weeks with such pain in my knee/leg and all the alignment work made me feel SO much better!

Sue B.

[Ma Yoga for Everyone] was so wonderful! It was the best online yoga class I’ve attended. Thank you for sharing your energy and beautiful ma presence to help us move energy.


Dr. Carley C.

Awesome! Thank you so much! The virtual classes have been saving my life and I truly love these classes.


Laurie S.

That class was f-ing awesome. I feel so much better!!!!! You are an amazing teacher. Your ability to explain is crazy good.

Erica B.

Thank you for the Ma Yoga for Everyone class this morning. I am sooo wiped out I can’t believe it! Feels great.


Gary K.

The live online class was great! Viviana was very friendly and knowledgeable and made sure to incorporate moves based off of the body aches we all had, so it was a great class… I will definitely be back in her class.

Kayla C.

From the moment I began yoga with you, I knew immediately I was in excellent hands! You and the other teachers have taught me so much, not only yoga but most importantly how to really relax.

Jessica, you are such a caring and beautiful person and I’m so amazed by what you do! Thank you for helping me achieve being pain free which allowed me to enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy.

Sari D.

Rachelle is an INCREDIBLE instructor! I would not have gotten through my pregnancy without her.

Ilana N.

Having lost 2 previous pregnancies, I wanted to be extra cautious in my practice and exercise. I was welcomed and supported in every way.

The instructors have been wonderful! These caring instructors are full of ideas on how to modify poses.


Jenn R.

Thank you for all the great classes, it was really excellent to feel strong and confident throughout my pregnancy. Knowing that I could make it through an intense yoga class kept me from being afraid to exercise and really use my body the whole way through.

I actually thought about yoga class during labor!

Something you said a few times along the lines of not being afraid about what might happen during labor, just thinking “is that happening right now”. I’ve heard plenty of yoga teachers say “be in the moment” but it’s never made much sense, so thank you for putting that idea into a more usable phrase.

Liza C.

I took the free class with Viviana on Wednesday and it was great so I am really excited to continue the practice.

Sonal G.

The feeling that these amazing ladies, especially dear Melanie, give to pregnant women with pure love, care, peace and knowledge is priceless.

Leila S.

Melanie, everything you taught me over the past six months came into play and helped prepare me for that wonderful night.

I will never be able to fully express how honored and grateful I feel for all the wisdom you shared with me as I took your class, but my husband, my mother, and I agree that it all played into my ability to stay focused and have a wonderful child birth experience.

Alex T.

Thank you so much again for providing these tailored classes and community.

I told my therapist about it too because of the impact one class and your attentiveness had. It’s amazing. Thank you for this beautiful space and service.

Erica P.

Great class with Hayley! She is a confident calming teacher. I really enjoyed her flow and the pace of the whole class.

Savannah F.

Our Teachers

Ma Yoga teachers receive an in-depth, comprehensive,  85-hour training in poses, meditations, alignment and sequences especially for pregnancy and postpartum.

It also includes Mayurveda: daily rhythms, food-as-medicine routines and self-care practices for busy women, and healing for aches, pains, and conditions many women experience.

When you come to a Ma Yoga mom or prenatal class online, you aren’t just finding someone on Youtube.

You can be sure that your Certified Ma Yoga teacher has the experience and skill to teach you safe, effective, therapeutic yoga – no matter where you are on your jourey.

We are all excited to support you on the path to becoming the “Ma” you want to be!

Certified Ma Yoga Teachers - prenatal classes online

Our Prenatal Yoga + Postpartum

If you are pregnant or postpartum and experiencing stress or anxiety, you are not alone.

More than half of all women report increased anxiety in the 18 months around birth.

You may be nervous about the birth process, preoccupied with planning for your new baby, or wondering how you’ll cope with motherhood and all the responsibilities it comes with.

As a mom, you’ve got sleeplessness and isolation to deal with.

We’ve gathered together to empower you with yoga, lifestyle guidance and self-care so you can enjoy this exciting time.

Our method is unique. It’s alignment-based, so it’s therapeutic for aches and pains as well as chronic conditions. It’s strengthening, grounding, and opening. And it’s all about learning to nurture YOU.

We look forward to bringing Ma Yoga into your living room!

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