About Ma Yoga Teachers

About Ma Yoga Teachers
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Ma Yoga® teachers got together to offer Prenatal Yoga and Mom Yoga in Southern California out of a desire to support women on the exciting and sometimes isolating journey to motherhood and beyond.  More than 18,000 mamas have come through our classes, receiving guidance, support, and inspiration.

In addition to their 200-hour teacher training, our yoga instructors have all completed the 85-hour RPYT Ma Yoga® Teachedfr Certification Program, which is a deep dive into yoga for women: therapeutic alignment for women’s changing bodies; common physical and psychological conditions in pregnancy and postpartum; labor preparation and postpartum healing; and nourishing routines for busy moms.

Right now, it’s easy to take a free class with some of us online in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room!

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Below is a list of our Certified teachers:

Viviana Bertinetto-Garrett, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Costa Mesa

I discovered Ma Yoga through my Yoga instructor Jamie Hanson, who led my yoga teacher training. I decided to take the Ma Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 and a whole new world opened up for me! At the time, I was teaching several fitness classes but I knew that as I started to think more about getting pregnant, my body needed to learn to move differently. I have been part of the Ma Yoga community since 2016 and it’s been a great journey so far, especially after having my son in 2018!
Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, or just to say hi, at viviana.yogini@gmail.com. Take Viviana’s Prenatal/ Mom Yoga class in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room!

Julita Cinga, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor

Ma Yoga instructor JulitaMy yoga journey began in 2010 and I discovered how much of a positive impact yoga practice had on my life, both physically and mentally, as it helped me get through many difficult times. I realized I wanted to share my passion and practice with others and I eagerly continued my journey by completing 200-hour teacher training and prenatal teacher training. I’m passionate about sharing yoga love with mamas and I am thankful to be part of the Ma Yoga prenatal journey in celebrating new beginnings. – julitacinga@gmail.com.

Linda Eifer, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Beverly Hills

LindaEiferFaceI’m a native of Los Angeles, mother of two, and more recently, a yogi. I joined the Anusara community in 2000, began teaching yoga in 2004, prenatal yoga in 2007. I draw on experiences, family, my students, and the natural world for inspiration to find parallels between ancient yoga teachings and contemporary life. I am especially thankful to be teaching moms with Ma Yoga where we find infinite ways to joyfully celebrate new beginnings. – simchayoga@gmail.com. Take Linda’s Mom/Prenatal Yoga classes in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room!

Liza Esayian, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Costa Mesa

Liza prenatal instructor I had dabbled in different styles of yoga for many years. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my second baby that I truly found, felt and understood the many benefits of Anusara Yoga. The first Ma Yoga class I took I was hooked! I felt profoundly different in my body after each class. I gained strength both physically and mentally as well as enjoyed the deeper connection with my baby. The mom and baby classes became a weekly necessity for me to successfully journey into being a mother of two. I was so inspired by my experience, and my teacher, I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training followed by the Ma Yoga teacher training. I feel honored to hold space, inspire and connect with this amazing community of Mama’s.  -miraclesinmind@gmail.com

Ivy Glass, Ma Yoga® Instructor

I discovered pre natal yoga when I was pregnant with my 1st child in 2014. It not only kept me active in my body but helped prepare me for childbirth and kept me connected spiritually. I have come full circle with my 2nd pregnancy in the Summer of 2019 when I enrolled in the Ma Yoga teacher training while I was pregnant. It was such a gift to receive these teachings in my pregnancy. In addition to pre natal yoga I also have been teaching children’s & family yoga for the past 3 years when my 1st child started pre school in 2017. I’ve taught kids yoga in various schools around LA, in studios and private sessions. I believe yoga is for everyone, from pregnancy (and babies in utero) from kids throughout ones whole lifespan. It bring me joy to meet my Yogi’s at whatever stage they are at so they may experience this ancient practice needed in today’s modern world.

Colleen Hieber, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Costa Mesa

Colleen Headshot Cert PageI first started taking yoga as a way to heal my body and mind from the rigors of a professional dance career. I was introduced to Anusara yoga (a type of alignment-based Hatha yoga) through my main choreographer and fellow dancers and fell in love with the elegant system of alignment and the philosophy of inherent goodness. I regularly study with notable leaders in the alignment-based yoga community including Jessica Jennings and Ma Yoga. I hope to be able to inspire students to safely and courageously honor their own hearts; to hold space for them in class to push their edge, respect their limits, and align themselves with their true nature. Let’s enjoy the ride! – colleenhieber@gmail.com

Victoria Ingram, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Lomita

Prenatal instructor VictoriaI can’t imagine my life without yoga. It not only strengthens me physically, but also helps me to let go of perfection, trust my intuition, and navigate the ups and downs of life with more ease, openness and gratitude. As a Prenatal Yoga teacher, it has been such a gift to be surrounded by the love and connection in our mama circle, and to witness each mama’s strength and unique journey to motherhood. As a mother myself, I don’t have much downtime, but when I do, I also enjoy photography, cooking, and hanging out with my husband, Jason, and daughters, Paloma (4 years) and Amaya (6 months).  – victoriaingramyoga@gmail.com

Jessica Jennings MS, Founder Ma Yoga® 

jess fbI started teaching Prenatal Yoga right after my first yoga teacher training in 2000, and fell in love with this transformative time in women’s lives. Thanks to my amazing teachers, I had all the therapeutic alignment knowledge and philosophy I needed to dive into the potent, co-creative journey to motherhood and beyond.  But it wasn’t until I became a mom that I fully realized how much the yoga changes – and must change – when we become moms.  I realized we need our yoga to get right to support us more than ever: heal our aches and pains, give us inner and outer strength, and connect us to a support system. So I gathered a bunch of teachers who had taken my Ma Yoga trainings, and we began creating “Mama Circles” in our own neighborhoods.  We all share the intention of helping moms-to-be and moms to become the “Ma” we want to be. Take Jessica’s Prenatal/Mom Yoga classes plus Ma Yoga for Anyone in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room!

Rachelle Luczynski, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Beverly Hills


I am honored to be an Inspired Anusara therapeutics, prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor, and Doula. I do private lessons and public classes and workshops in Los Angeles, CA.

Jessica Jennings’ Ma Yoga Prenatal Teacher Trainings have empowered me to be a part of this Kula (community of the heart) for women. I am so thankful for her powerful transmission of her expansive knowledge.

Alignment-based yoga and the amazing journey of women during pregnancy is a wondrous joy in my life.
Looking forward to being a part of Ma Yoga year after year.

rachellel@me.comTake Rachelle’s Prenatal/Mom Yoga classes in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room!

Andrea Myers, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Santa Monica

Ma YogaI come from an athletic running background, and yoga kept me flexible and centered during my training years. When I became pregnant, my experience with prenatal yoga went beyond the physical experience. A new path opened up to show me that the power of women in a group is unbreakable. I was able to find my new self, the mother in me, the woman, the instructor, and the friend.
What better place for my heart to be than in class guiding and supporting new mamas, honoring our amazing bodies and walking together through the journey of motherhood.

Chelsey Stuart, Ma Yoga® Instructor

Prenatal Yoga instructorYoga in many forms has been a big part of my life for the last 17 years, since my freshman year in
college. In 2016 I became a mama and yoga gave me so much relief and strength in pregnancy and brought me back to myself in postpartum. Sharing yoga with my daughter has been one of my biggest joys and motivated me to become a certified yoga instructor in 2017. I want to help other mamas to feel empowered, physically well, peaceful, and supported during their pre and post natal journey.

Melanie Wachsman, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Culver City

I came to yoga in 2000 from a dance background, I have always been athletic. I quickly learned the powerful healing powers of yoga, especially from Anusara Yoga.  As a birth and postpartum Doula I see yoga as an essential part of the birth process. My knowledge as a Doula influences how I teach my prenatal classes. My goal as a Ma Yoga teacher and doula is to empower women and give them the skills to manage pregnancy and labor. It is an honor to be part of a woman’s birth journey. – doulamellie@earthlink.net. Take Melanie’s Mom/Prenatal Yoga classes in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room!