About Ma Yoga Teachers

Ma Yoga teachers got together to offer Prenatal Yoga and Mom Yoga in Los Angeles and Orange County out of a desire to support women on their exciting and sometimes isolating and stressful journey to motherhood and beyond.  They are some of the most dedicated and experienced Prenatal Yoga teachers anywhere.

In addition to their 200-hour teacher training, they all have taken the Ma Yoga® Yoga of Pregnancy training, which includes therapeutic alignment; common physical and psychological issues that arise during each trimester; labor preparation and support; and lifestyle changes in preparation for motherhood. Certified Ma Yoga® Instructors have completed the entire Ma Yoga® Certification Program.

Amanda Cagle Ma Yoga – Newport Beach

I came to yoga through my work as a doula and childbirth educator. Four years into my career, I was looking for ways to cope with the physical demands of attending births, staying up overnight with babies, and an irregular sleeping pattern. I quickly realized that if I could feel so much better practicing yoga and meditation, expecting and new moms with similar aches and pains could too!

Elizabeth Clark, Ma Yoga – Long Beach

I discovered yoga when I was in college. It quickly developed into a passion when I studied abroad in Bali. When I was pregnant, prenatal yoga was a lifesaver from the aches and pains and kept me fit. Postpartum, the physical and emotional benefits of yoga helped me adjust to mamahood that much easier. I started teaching yoga that same year I became a mama – to other mamas, hoping to help them connect to their own natural intuition and wisdom. I am also studying to become a Doula! Further info on me can be found at GraceandGratitudeLife.com

Please feel free to reach out at GraceandGratitudeLife@gmail.com

Linda Eifer, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Beverly Hills

LindaEiferFaceI’m a native of Los Angeles, mother of two, and more recently, a yogi. I joined the Anusara community in 2000, began teaching yoga in 2004, prenatal yoga in 2007. I draw on experiences, family, my students, and the natural world for inspiration to find parallels between ancient yoga teachings and contemporary life. I am especially thankful to be teaching prenatal yoga where, with my students, we find infinite ways to joyfully celebrate new beginnings. – simchayoga@gmail.com


Kimberly Fujitaki, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Sherman Oaks

KimberlyFY_Photo_Brick_sq2-150x150When I started to practice yoga, over 10 years ago, I  began to see and feel things in a way that I had never felt before. These observations led me to become a 200 RYT and since then, I’ve practiced, taught and learned so much from varying yoga styles and yogic principles. Supporting kids, mothers, and their families through yoga and creating community is my life’s passion. I’m very fortunate to share my love of yoga with mothers and the future yogis of the world. – yoga@kimberlyfujitakiyoga.com

Becca Hackett, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Redondo Beach, Ma Yoga – Torrance

1929433_1049096189575_7118210_nI have been doing yoga on my own since 2000 after having multiple back surgeries in 1998, 2003, a spinal fusion in 2012, and two abdominal surgeries including a cesarean section. In 2013 I became a yoga teacher so I could teach to those who want the many benefits that yoga can provide. Rebecca received her C-IAYT, YTRx-800C, RYT-500, and is a member of Yoga Alliance. – joyfulpathyoga@gmail.com

Jamie Hanson, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – San Juan Capistrano

jamie-croppedI found yoga in 2004. In addition to healing my body, yoga has completely transformed the way that I relate to others and most importantly how I relate to myself.   I became a registered yoga instructor in 2009 because I wanted to support others in this journey towards healing.  I believe motherhood is one of the most important jobs in the world and feel strongly that yoga can be a tool to help support women during this time.- jamie@jamiehansonyoga.com

Colleen Hieber, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Costa Mesa

Colleen Headshot Cert PageI first started taking yoga as a way to heal my body and mind from the rigors of a professional dance career. I was introduced to Anusara yoga (a type of Hatha yoga) through my main choreographer and fellow dancers and fell in love with the elegant system of alignment and the philosophy of inherent goodness.  I regularly study with notable leaders in the Anusara community including Anusara founder, John Friend.  I hope to be able to inspire students to safely and courageously honor their own hearts; to hold space for them in class to push their edge, respect their limits, and align themselves with their true nature. Let’s enjoy the ride! – colleenhieber@gmail.com

Lauren Horn, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Irvine

headshot hawaiiI discovered yoga in 2003 with the intention to relieve chronic low back pain and it worked! Since then I have experienced the benefits of yoga at all stages of life; as a single woman, in marriage, during pregnancy, and now as a mother. My passion is empowering mothers as they prepare for birth. As a teacher trainer for Cloud Nine Yoga and Ma Yoga, I am honored to guide budding teachers on a journey of changing lives one breath at a time. – thelaurenh@yahoo.com

Jessica Jennings MS, Founder Ma Yoga® Ma Yoga

jess fbI started teaching Prenatal Yoga right after my first yoga teacher training in 2000, and fell in love with this transformative time in women’s lives. Thanks to my amazing teachers, I had all the therapeutic alignment knowledge and philosophy I needed to dive into the potent, co-creative journey to motherhood and beyond.  But it wasn’t until I became a mom that I fully realized how much the yoga changes – and must change – when we become moms.  We need our yoga to get right to the point: heal our aches and pains, give us inner and outer strength, and connect us to a support system. So I gathered a bunch of teachers who had taken my Ma Yoga trainings, and we began creating “Mama Circles” in our own neighborhoods.  We all share the intention of helping moms-to-be and moms to become the Divine MAma’s we all want to be.

Rachelle Luczynski, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Beverly Hills, Ma Yoga – Westwood

Rachelle_New_HeadshotI am honored to be an Inspired Anusara therapeutics, prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor, and Doula. I do private lessons and public classes and workshops in Los Angeles, CA. Anusara yoga found me in Chicago in 1988. Thanks so much to my first teacher Rita Knorr. John Friend has been my teacher since 1999 . My first Teacher Training in 2000 was with Sianna Sherman . Sue Elkind in 2003 was my first prenatal training. Jessica Jennings Prenatal Teacher Trainings have empowered me to be a   part of this Kula for women. I am so thankful for her powerful transmission of  her expansive   knowledge. Anusara yoga and the amazing Journey of women during Pregnancy is a   wondrous joy in my life. Gratitude to all my teachers… Naime Jezzeny, Desiree Rumbaugh, and Noah Maze. Looking forward to being a part of Ma Yoga year after year. – rachellel@me.com

Kelly Mach, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Pasadena

I am a licensed mental health counselor and certified yoga instructor. I completed my prenatal and postnatal/ therapeutic yoga training with Ma Yoga under the mentorship of Colleen Hieber. I’m drawn to teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga because I believe in the power of yoga and community to support expecting mamas. I’m so excited to be sharing my passion and love for women’s health, the yoga practice, positive psychology and community as a Ma Yoga teacher!


Jessica McLin, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Santa AnaMa Yoga – Tustin

Most of my young life revolved around dance and movement, and I began taking yoga classes as a way to maintain my flexibility. While passionate about running and triathlons, I wanted to find a gentle, yet challenging way to stay physically active during my pregnancies (after running a half marathon required 13 porta-potty trips!) My practice has been instrumental in keeping me strong, managing stress and learning to slow down to appreciate all the special moments life has to offer. I look forward to sharing both the physical and mental rewards of yoga with my students, with love and light and laughs. – EveryBodyYoga.Life@gmail.com

Andrea Myers, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Playa Del Rey

I come from an athletic running background, and yoga kept me flexible and centered during my training years. When I became pregnant, my experience with prenatal yoga went beyond the physical experience. A new path opened up to show me that the power of women in a group is unbreakable. I was able to find my new self, the mother in me, the woman, the instructor, and the friend.

What better place for my heart to be than in class guiding and supporting new mamas, honoring our amazing bodies and walking together through the journey of motherhood.

Elizabeth Rooney, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor


Jolie Scott, Ma Yoga Pasadena – The Family Room

My yoga journey began 14 years ago when I took a Bikram class. When I got pregnant, my doctor recommended I do non-heated yoga.  I started attending Ma Yoga classes in Beverly Hills with Rachelle. I was astounded by the love, peace, support, and empowerment I felt after every class. My 200 hour Teacher Training was through Hot 8 Yoga and I’m currently completing my Ma Yoga Prenatal Teacher Training.  Feel free to email me at – JolieNicoleScott@gmail.com –  626 658-7795

Melanie Wachsman, Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor Ma Yoga – Marina Del Rey

I came to yoga in 2000 from a dance background, I have always been athletic. I quickly learned the powerful healing powers of yoga, especially from Anusara Yoga.  As a birth and postpartum Doula I see yoga as an essential part of the birth process. My knowledge as a Doula influences how I teach my prenatal classes. My goal is to empower women and give them the skills to manage pregnancy and labor. It is an honor to be part of a woman’s birth journey. – doulamellie@earthlink.net
For more information about doula services, please visit my website at www.doulamellie.com.