About Prenatal and Mom Yoga

About Prenatal and Mom Yoga
About Prenatal and Mom Yoga 2020-03-18T15:20:22+00:00

In Prenatal Yoga, we take time out to connect to our bodies and our growing baby by using our breath and our attention, so that we can have moments of realizing the hugeness of what is happening our lives.  Yoga helps us make the most of our 9 months, so that we are fully prepared to be the mother we want to be. So often, in our busy lives, we can even forget we’re pregnant.  Having a consistent practice helps us experience and enjoy our changing bodies.

In Mom + Baby, we heal together, slowly re-connecting to our strong core and finding ways to nurture ourselves while nurturing baby. We learn specific practices – not just on the mat, but off as well – to revitalize and energize throughout our busy day. And we get to feel connected to other MAmas while being with baby, practicing finding our authenticity within our new, intense and sometimes overwhelming job.

20150430_120426-2Moving through the journey consciously in this way also helps us handle the transformation of our lives, our relationships, our work; even our sense of our selves, what is important to us, and our values.  All of it changes, and if you have been constantly adjusting for baby throughout your pregnancy, the big change of bringing baby home might feel less intense.

And since we incorporate time for connecting and checking in with each other, we don’t have to feel isolated when we’re at home with baby.  We can always come back and do some yoga, or meet some mom friends in the park to get some grown-up conversation.  Even when we are alone, we have the tools to connect to that part of us that is supported by the bigger energy that we all hold in our hearts for each other.

What is prenatal yoga good for?

Prenatal yoga is one of the only exercises that doctors recommend to start when pregnant (another is walking).  Prenatal yoga has been shown to increase health and wellness in numerous ways:

1. Helps reduce high blood pressure

2. Helps reduce stress, one of the major risk factors for preterm birth and other negative birth outcomes

3. Helps reduce common pregnancy-related aches and pains, such as shoulder, wrist, and back

4. Offers a support network that can continue into motherhood

5. Teaches meditation that can help you sleep easier

6.  Offers access to a greater birth support community so you can get help with issues as they arise

7. Makes space for baby in mind, body and heart – for optimal positioning, to help adjust to the life changes, and to create a deep bond with baby

8. Prepares for labor by teaching breath and alignment techniques, as well as pelvic floor relaxation and strength

9. Provides simple self-care routines new moms can do to heal postpartum

10. Helps women step into their most powerful, wise, and nurturing “Ma” self 

What is Mom Yoga + Baby Good For?

In Mom Yoga + Baby, we focus on regaining a connection to our strong core, getting prana (the energy that nourishes the physical body) flowing again, and enjoying our body and our baby.

It takes about 9 months for your body to change completely, and yet we often rush to get back to “normal.” If we take the time to slow down, heal, and enjoy this time, we can have a body that’s better than ever.

So of course, Mom Yoga + Baby helps relieve the usual aches and pains that come with bending over and carrying baby, as well as helping us strengthen our core. But it gives you so much more:

  1. Ways to quickly and effectively re-energize when you are sleep-deprived
  2. Tips for getting nourishing food into your body quickly and easilypictures mom and baby feet
  3. Opportunites to connect with other new moms and realize you are not alone
  4. Time each week set aside to support healing and realignment of your body
  5. Tips, tricks and ideas for becoming the mom you want to be

In Mom Yoga + Baby, we will focus on regaining a connection to our strong core, getting prana (the energy that nourishes the physical  body) flowing again and re-connecting to each other.