Alignment Therapy Workshops

If you have discomfort, injury, or a chronic condition...

You’re probably feel exhausted from going to different practitioners, paying tons of money, getting a bit of relief and then finding yourself where you started in a few days.

Or maybe you’ve given up and decided to live with it…

Either way – welcome to Alignment Therapy!

online prenatal yoga - ma yoga prenatal yoga for pregnancy Jessica Jennings, MS

Hi I’m Jessica Jennings, MS. I combine my background in Kinesiology with more than 20 years of teaching therapeutic yoga to help people relieve their own pain, and support healing over time.

Alignment Therapy isn’t about “good posture” or “straight spine.” It’s about understanding your patterns, and learning to subtly – but powefully! –  move muscles, bones, awareness and breath in a direction that supports space, strength, play, power, and freedom.

SATURDAYS 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET

All are welcome

Enjoy a 5-10 minute therapeutic practice customized for YOUR issue – plus get the link to the video so you can stay on the healing path.

Expect to leave feeling amazing!

Your first class is free, after that it’s free for Ma Members.

Sample Alignment Therapy Practice

Your first class is free, after that it’s free for Ma Members.

Issues people come to Alignment Therapy Workshops for...

We start with breath and awareness. We do simple poses focusing on inviting receptivity, resistance, release, rootedness and radiance where needed. We finish feeling amazing!  

Come try it for free if you have:

Your first class is free, after that it’s free for Ma Members.

I thought I would have wrist pain forever, but just by learning to support my weight in my shoulders, I have started to alleviate this issue.

It was wonderful to learn that we are more powerful than we know and be given the tools to use this power to heal.

Vanessa K.

Whether you’ve done Yoga a lot before, or you have never tried it, Jessica is very welcoming and an excellent yoga teacher.

When I’m having a good day, or having a harder day, there’s really no excuse to not go to Ma Yoga because it 100% makes me feel even better.

Linda E.

Jessica’s Saturday class has gone a long way in helping me relieve my low back pain and understand how the parts of my body fit together.

I really appreciate her focus on alignment and breath along with her explanations of the mechanics of the body. She is the best!

Gary K. - from our Google listing

Jessica’s extensive knowledge of alignment is evident in every class.

Whether you’re pregnant, injured, or just dealing with common aches and soreness, Jess will weave in cues to address everyone’s needs without calling attention to anyone.

Her warm and optimistic personality infuses her classes with uplifting inspiration. Because she offers variations and refinements in every pose, her class is right for anyone.

Heather K. - from our Google Listing

Jessica is such a wonderful teacher.

The alignment-based yoga she teaches coupled with her extensive knowledge from decades of teaching bring such depth and compassion to her teaching. I intend to take her classes for as long as she is teaching.

Please give yourself the gift of taking a class with Jessica.

Sensei April - from our Google Listing

Had my first free class and it was amazing!

Small group and Jessica helps you adjust your positions. Would definitely recommend! 😄

Kim P.

The Five Sacred Steps of Alignment Therapy

Over the 20+ years I spent helping people out of pain with a combination of Kinesiology and yoga, I developed a pretty simple system to understand what an a particular body area might need to feel better and heal.

With roots in Anusara Yoga, alignment-based yoga uses the five elements as a sort of “checklist” to see what might be needed to find balance and healing:

SPACE - Receptivity

We’ll explore where you might need space in your body, starting with the breath. Generally, compression is involved in all muscoloskeletal issues, so we’ll identify where we might need some more space for circulation and prana to flow with ease.

EARTH - Resistance

Wherever we have space we need stability. What muscles are forgetting their job to hold us in alignment? We’ll wake them up, engage, and create strength in that area with a firm but loving hug in.

WATER - Release

Deep within our hips and shoulders we have muscles that tend to group when we’re stressed – and stay gripped long after. We’ll release these so we can get a little playful, flowy energy back in to our hips and shoulders.

FIRE - Rootedness

What does it mean to engage our core without sucking the belly, flattening the back, or any of the other common actions that create more misalignments? We’ll learn how to root in to the support that’s within us  – so we feel more support where we need it.

AIR - Radiance

Once we’ve got space, stability, release in the deep hip flexors and support from our core – we get to actively expand. This is the “stretch” in any pose – and the moment that healing happens: when circulation, nerves, lymph and prana flow in a whole new way through you. Enjoy!

Your first class is free, after that it’s free for Ma Members.