Jessica Jennings

About Jessica Jennings

Jessica Jennings, MS, ERYT, RPYT, founded Ma Yoga®, a school of alignment-based yoga dedicated to the unique needs and opportunities women have no the journey to motherhood and beyond. If you're not close to a Ma Yoga class, come join us online at

What is Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga?

What To Expect From Ma Yoga® Prenatal Yoga Hi Mom-to-be, As a new prenatal teacher in 2001, I came into my yoga room thinking about how wonderful and blissful everyone must be to be carrying this new life in their beautiful round [...]


Free MAyurveda Call

After the intensity of the campaign, it feels so good to be diving into the MAyurveda conversation with mamas and yoga teachers. We touched on everything from kids' colds and best times to eat cookies to how to cool off in relationships [...]


How to get healthy food into our bodies without living in the kitchen!

I so enjoyed this conversation with my yoga friend Lauren, about everything from ways to quick and easy breakfasts for moms and kids, to a simple cole slaw that her kids love. We talked about the challenges of making food to [...]


Gluten Free Spice Cookies

OK, let's break down the title real quick. "Gluten Free": no, my 8-year old is NOT gluten free. She often gets hot lunch at school which means almost every day there's pasta or some kind of hot sandwich. So she gets [...]


MAyurveda – Easy Ayurveda for Mamas

MAyurveda: Simple, Fast Habits for More Energy, Connectedness, and Better Sleep PODCAST I LOVED talking to Sarah Hutchinson as part of her telesummit, Yoga Beyond the Poses 2015: Easy Ayurveda for Health and Happiness. We touched on everything from the one kitchen appliance [...]


How to Get Your Kids To Eat Greens

My daughter's 8, and loves certain veggies - asparagus, brussel sprouts, broccoli... but before I pat myself on the back too much, I have to say what she doesn't like: kale, peas, any salad that doesn't have Newman's Own Balsamic [...]


Retreat, Regenerate, Renew

I'm Burrowing! I am feeling called to burrow deep within myself for a while. When I do this I like to do daily rituals.  The ancients knew that rituals guided us beyond the limits of our brains. They knew that [...]


Why I do what I do

Why I Do What I Do Last week I got an email supposedly from a mom-to-be asking for my help.  She said she was single, she was due in 4 days, and she just found out what a doula was.  When I showed [...]


Our Yoga Becomes a Big Girl

Ma Yoga Gets Big Girl Panties! Sometimes my daughter put on outfits that make me wonder where she came from.  She'll wear dresses as skirts and a headband with a paper crown taped to it to school.  But no matter what I [...]


The Yoga is the Choice

I wrote a while back about the power of saying no, and said we owed finding our dream home in LA in large part to saying no to everything that wasn't IT.  Some people replied saying they appreciated the reminder [...]


On Empty Houses, Teas, and Simplifying

Recently I had some people over to the completely empty house we'd just bought.  We were planning to see it quickly and then go have a picnic, but to our surprise the kids were having a BLAST.  There was not [...]


How to Break a Bad Habit and Make a Good One

On the feminine side of life, we try to love things into and out of being. So the first step in breaking a bad habit would be to stop calling it "bad."  Let's say you have a cookie as a [...]