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Jessica Jennings, MS, ERYT, RPYT, founded Ma Yoga®, a school of alignment-based yoga dedicated to the unique needs and opportunities women have no the journey to motherhood and beyond. If you're not close to a Ma Yoga class, come join us online at

Have you misplaced yourself?

Off the Mat Yoga for Mamas: How to Shine Up Last night my daughter got really annoyed that she had to get out of the bath. Usually I would get annoyed right back, but I was deep in to the [...]


How did I get here? The opportunity of new motherhood

This morning I am pausing to feel gratitude and wonder, and asking myself the question, "how did I get here?" After I left the "regular" yoga world and decided to focus on serving moms and moms-to-be, I get to spend [...]


Do you know the first thing about happiness?

I don't think of myself as a naturally giddy person. I actually grew up feeling a little sad about the state of the world: my 6-year old brain told me that adults did not know they were pieces of a whole, in [...]


Spiritual practice: some thoughts about (ick!) love

This week I was blessed with the time to take TWO yoga classes, and both teachers talked about love. I appreciated their courage, because there's an ick factor there for me, you know? What is that? Anyway, I decided to [...]


Mama Here’s Your Tea: a Nourishing Post-Partum or Pregnancy Tea Recipe

Here is one of my favorite thoughts that comes to me now and again: what if the earth has everything we are looking for? I mean, what if it's just waiting to nurture us no matter the ailment, condition, lack [...]


The sound of the heart: find true balance through your Chakras

When I was on vacation n Seattle and Portland and eating all sorts of crazy stuff in these wonderful foodie towns (i.e. gluten-free pancakes with chocolate chips we made right there on our table!), I started looking forward to my fall [...]


Relationship Tips: The Yoga of Connecting with Your Partner

Someone I knew once warned me to make sure I did date night: he said "when our son turned 6, my wife and I looked at each other and realized we didn't even know each other anymore." Then they got [...]


Tips for Hot Mamas – How to Avoid End of Summer Burnout and Fall Colds

Ahhhh summer. Lying by the pool, taking a break from life, enjoying cool drinks brought to us by smiling gorgeous people. JUST kidding. If you are ike me, summer can get as busy as any other season: full of exciting, stressful, and [...]


Benefits of Meditation: 5 Ways Meditating Helps Us Say Bye to the Blues

Recently a pregnant mama came early to class and told me she was so miserable that she just started googling and calling places saying "do you have anything for me?" So smart. Because when she remembered she didn't have to deal with [...]


Don’t Just Do Something Mama, Stand There.

I went to a lovely yoga class yesterday where we focused more on being than doing. Even when we "did", we tried to come from "be."


Why I Love Being Confused (or I think I do anyway)

I came across some notes from my first yoga philosophy teacher. Most of it I couldn't read, because he talks fast and everything out of his mouth is inspiring so I try to get it all and usually I just [...]


Let’s Talk About Flat Bellies, Diastasis Recti, and Crunches

Our culture is obsessed with flat bellies, and it's hard to ignore. But rarely in my life have I had a flat belly. My mom didn't, my aunt didn't, and as a kid, my mom always said I had a [...]