Ayurveda and Living Foods Teleseminar

Ayurveda and Living Foods Teleseminar
Ayurveda and Living Foods Teleseminar 2018-04-14T04:55:14+00:00

Please join us for

The Ayurveda and Living Foods Teleseminar!

In February, 2016, we will offer 6 calls that will give you a whole new ability to access your power, wisdom, and nurturing energy.

You can call in, Skype in, or download the recordings. Together, we will shift our lives, learn how to eat better, sleep better, and love ourselves better.

If your “yoga glow” comes and goes… and your weight, your health, your energy and your mood fluctuates like a leaf in the wind, stop blaming yourself!

It’s called Ayurveda. Or, as we call it, MAyurveda: Ayurveda for Mamas.

The oldest and broadest health and wellness system still in use today, Ayurveda is 5000 years old and means “the science of life.” Many of its simple practices are foreign to our culture, and yet are like a manual for having a body.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices support our physiology off the mat as well as on. If you’ve ever wished you could have that yoga glow all week long, please join us! Come get your manual on how to get More Energy, Better Sleep, and a Body You Love!

According to Ayurveda, all of the universe is made up of the 5 elements: space, earth, water, fire, and air. In this inspiring telesminar, we will evolve our awareness of how these elements are working together to make up everything from our unique constitution, to different foods, to different times of day, and by learning the qualities of the elements we begin to understand how to find balance: effortlessly.

This teleseminar will help you:

  • know your unique constitution so you can make choices that support YOU
  • align with natural daily rhythms
  • understand the qualities of the 5 elements (earth, air, fire, water, and space) that make up our world to find more balance in your experience of relationships, food, transitions in our lives and seasons in nature
  • be able to offer guidance to friends/students/clients about how they can sleep better, eat healthier, and have more energy throughout the day
  • step into connectedness with your ecosystem and experience a more nurturing flow of energy in your body, mind, and emotions.

After this course, you will have more tools in your toolbox to understand how wellness and healing happens on the deepest, most subtle and yet most powerful levels.

You will be familiar with the different energetic body types, which direction each one usually goes out of balance, and they can move toward balancing emotionally and physiologically. We will go deep into using Ayurvedic principles of how to optimize health and growth for mama and for baby, in the belly and out in the world.

If you’re a yoga teacher…

People already see you as a health-care provider.

Do you know how to guide people to vibrant wellness off the mat?

Do you have your own go-to practices that – no matter what’s going on – help balance your own consitution again?

Do you dream of being able to make an impact on people’s lives through a deep, powerful connection to nature – daily cycles, seasonal cycles, moon cycles and more?

You need to know what I call “Anchor Practices” – core habits of the yogi that keep us from getting burnt out,
and keep us connected to our Source whether we get to our mat or not!

If you’re a mom or mom-to-be…

Come explore what more there is to put on your table than the usual fare (the “Standard American Diet” or “SAD”), and how easy it can be to deeply nourish your body, your emotions and your mind!

Understand the energy of pregnancy and what you can do to stay balanced and strong

Know the signs of your child’s imbalances and what you can do through food and daily rhythms to help them avoid colds and stay healthy and happy!

 May be taken alone, or as part of the Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification Program

Please go to www.PrenatalTeacherTraining.com for more details.

Ma Yoga/Yoga Alliance Prenatal Certification Program