Become a Ma Yoga Location

Become a Ma Yoga Location
Become a Ma Yoga Location 2017-05-03T06:58:14+00:00

How to Become a Ma Yoga Location

Becoming a Ma Yoga Location is easy.  Once we’ve talked and decided that it’s a good fit for both of our communities, and figured out the schedule for our class (or classes), we create a Location Page for you.

How will students find the Ma Yoga Prenatal class?

About 85% of our students find us by Googling “prenatal yoga”.  So you will be welcoming many new people through your doors.


How much marketing does the location have to do?

Ma Yoga does all the online marketing (of course it helps if you include the class on your calendars and in your newsletters).  The teacher builds the class with love and attention for each student.  And our communities grow together!

How much space do we need?

A small room or waiting room can do the trick.  Generally, we want space for 8-10 mats.  A very small room is often perfect for the intimate classes we offer.

Why should we offer Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal yoga helps prepare women to breathe through intensity of labor and to access their own intuition… making your job a little easier. : ) You can read more about the yoga we teach by going up to “About – Our Yoga” – or just click here.

What should I do next?

Just email me at to set up a time to chat about partnering!

In the meantime, just go up to “Classes/Locations” or just click here to check out our Location pages. And picture your location pictures and description up there on the Ma Yoga website!