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In my 20 years + of teaching prenatal yoga, I’ve seen that a weekly class just doesn’t really help that much long term.

The good news – just 10 minutes a day at home can transform your “Ma” journey!

As a Ma Yoga Living Member, you’ll be supported, guided and inspired by the most experienced and well-trained pregnancy and yoga experts available, so you can…

  • filter more than 300 Ma Yoga Anytime classes by duration – as short as 10 minutes or over an hour if you have it – or instructor, style, or emphasis.
  • take free Saturday Ma Yoga Foundations classes with Jessica – especially designed for aches and pains.
  • get 40% off our expert-led live prenatal and mom classes. 
  • access programs like Happy Back in 5, Ma Meditation, and tons more resources especially for pregnancy, motherhood and beyond
…and become the “Ma” you want to be.
prenatal yoga near me - prenatal and postpartum yoga

Become a Ma Yoga Living Member if...

prenatal yoga near me and postpartum support

"Ma" doesn't just mean mother.

Hi I’m Jessica and I created Ma Yoga® for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond in 2009, an alignment-based yoga method designed specifically for women’s changing bodies and lives.

I chose the syllable “Ma” because it means “mother” in just about every language – but here’s our secret.

In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, “Ma” also means the most powerful and wise – like “Ma” Kali, the Mother of all Goddess.

Ma Yoga isn’t just about pregnancy, although most people start with us for prenatal yoga.

It’s really about learning how to mother our Selves.

Ma Yoga Living Membership makes this easier by providing powerful, alignment-based yoga guidance and inspiration for every step of your journey – in a form that you can fit in to your busy day.

When you take time to give to yourself with a Ma Yoga practice on video or in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room – you can fill your cup again. And this enables you to keep giving 100% to the people and projects you love – without feeling depleted.

Thank you for choosing to pause and receive in our nurturing community whether you’re pregnant, a mom, or just someone who wants to find their “Inner Ma”.

Love Ma Yoga! It’s individualized, calming, balancing, strengthening and nurturing for both body and the nervous 1st-time mom soul.

Kristina D.

I have been committing to a few minutes of meditation and pranayama each morning and I’ve noticed that it really helps keep me calm during the morning chaos of trying to get the kids out the door.

Jennifer R.

Just did Colleen’s Open Shoulders/Heart video. It’s a nice length — long enough to feel like I actually did something but not overwhelming, especially as I’m diving back in.

I really appreciate the guidance/reminders about alignment and what each part of the body is supposed to be doing in each pose.


Colleen’s yoga class is wonderful! She is a terrific yoga instructor. It’s tough to find a good prenatal videos -hers are the best. You will feel better- more balanced!

Jo F.

The instructors are knowledgeable and confident. I only wish I found this when I was pregnant!

Leilani W.

Love the side and back rib inhale! Totally changed how I breathe and how I will teach deep breathing during meditation!

Joanne B.

This has been great for me! I’m very happy to say I’ve actually done this every day since you first posted this session, and usually in the mornings (which I didn’t think I’d be able to because I am NOT a morning person).

But the brevity of it really makes it doable for me, a usually non-exercise-liking sort of person.

Colleen F.

I was glad to be able to finally come to a class now that they’re online!

I am going to keep coming…my body really enjoyed the hour of moving, stretching, and centering.

Jelena P.

[Ma Yoga Foundations] was so wonderful! It was the best online yoga class I’ve attended.

Thank you for sharing your energy and beautiful ma presence to help us move energy.


Dr. Carley C.

Awesome! Thank you so much! The virtual classes have been saving my life and I truly love these classes.


Laurie S.

That class was f-ing awesome. I feel so much better!!!!!

You are an amazing teacher. Your ability to explain is crazy good.

Erica B.

Thank you for the Ma Yoga for Everyone class this morning. I am sooo wiped out I can’t believe it! Feels great.


Gary K.

The live online class was great! Viviana was very friendly and knowledgeable and made sure to incorporate moves based off of the body aches we all had, so it was a great class… I will definitely be back in her class.

Kayla C.

Lindy is an amazing instructor. I felt so relaxed after and less tensed.

She was also so caring, attentive and took time to talk to each student to know them more.

Bonita C.
meditation and yoga for pregnancy

Transform your journey to motherhood & beyond.

When you register, you’ll get instant, unlimited access to our therapeutic, strengthening, transformative Ma Yoga Anytime Prenatal, Mom, and Yoga Foundations videos – plus Happy Back in 5 and Ma Meditation for people who don’t like to meditate.

Our postpartum and prenatal yoga classes are all alignment-based, so you’ll always get subtle but powerful instructions in each pose to strengthen, relieve aches and pains, and make space for breath (and baby if you have one in there!).

You’ll also have access to our Ma Support group for new moms, free weekly live online Ma Yoga Foundations classes, and guides for pregnancy, postpartum and radiant wellness in general.

If you’ve been searching for “prenatal yoga near me” – how about in your own living room?

After your free trial it’s just – $18/month to have a beautiful, transformative journey to motherhood and beyond!

Membership isn't just yoga!

Instantly access:

Happy Back in 5 Minutes

Does your back ever hurt?

A self-paced program that will teach you how to relieve low back pain and keep it away:

Module 1: OVERVIEW
Discover the one thing you need to know to stop paying so many practitioners and take healing into your own hands.

It’s not about doing it wrong or right, or “posture”. It’s about understanding the tiny shifts you can make anytime, anywhere, that will make a world of difference.

When your back seizes up, here are your simple positions that return your spine to its natural alignment, relax tense muscles, help you breathe again and kickstart the healing process.

It takes about 10 minutes to learn, and then you can do it in five minutes a day with the PDF. Start your day aligning your spine – and it’ll be easier to find that ahhhhhhh feeling all day long.

Learn how to sit, stand, and sleep in alignment. Super subtle yet powerful adjustments you can do with very little effort to get out of pain and stay that way.

Module 6: WHAT’S NEXT?
You’re feeling great, you have your go-to Happy Back practice – now what?

Ma Morning Meditation & Power Practice

Does meditating annoy you?

If so, you haven’t tried Ma Meditation! I’ll take you through these simple steps on video. Print out pdf guides to design your own unique, customized meditation practice that works for you – YOUR experience level, schedule, and desires.


Learn how to breathe in a way that supports groundedness and freedom. Not only that – when we fully participate in the breath, we can tone our core with each exhale!


If you find meditating hard, you probably haven’t been given the right tools. These tools will help you settle in to the relaxing, restorative part of meditation.


You’ll enjoy moments where you drop in to a deep connection to your highest, most powerful, wise and nurturing “Ma” Self.


This step is what helps your life start to reflect your authentic Self. This is the magical part, the part that is hard to explain but you’ll see – things will start to change in your life and you’ll feel like each day the universe is rising up in support of you.


This step insures you’re moving forward and seeing the impact from your practice each day! Sometimes the gifts of meditation keep on giving – and get taketh away. This step allows you to keep them for all time, and continue to build on them.

I want to say how much I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the Ma Yoga program!

I love its flexibility, and the mix of focus and intensity.

My first video was a simple 15-minute moon salutation and, on a night where something longer felt overwhelming, having that option to do just a little helped so much.

Colleen Fitzimmons

When I became pregnant a second time, as a working mom with a 1 year old at home, I knew there would be no chance of making it to 5:30 yoga practice so I joined the Ma Yoga Living community so I could practice at home after my son went to bed.

I really appreciated the ability to pick a session based on length of time I had to practice, and being able to participate in prenatal yoga from home.

Kristin Rodriguez

I’d give 10 stars if I could! Ma Yoga was a lifesaver to me during the last trimester of my pregnancy last year.

I had pretty intense lower back pain and used the ‘Happy Back Practice’ routine to help relieve the pain and regain mobility.

Jess was SUPER helpful, followed up and provided additional recommendations on how to get relief.



I am a mom of a toddler and “trying” for my second child now.

I love how there are classes for every stage… strengthening for moms, yoga for fertility, and there are so many more classes for pregnancy and preparing for labor!

But ALL classes are great for tuning into your body, heart, breath, openness, peace, and gratitude…so they are really for every woman.

Victoria Pecheco

Just finished the rescue stretches and I can tell there’s a difference! Oh, thanks so much :o)

My back was in pretty bad shape – Achy, sharp pains…just overall UGH.

The rescue poses felt so relaxing I almost fell asleep. After just doing Module 3, I feel looser and able to move without as much pain. I feel encouraged that with continued practice I can nip this back pain in the butt!


I’ve done the Happy Back video the past 2 mornings & it feels AMAZING when I’m doing it.

I’ve been trying to stand with my butt back more.

Thank you for being so so helpful!

Danielle S.

Ma Yoga was exactly what I needed!

I learned a lot, from breathing exercises to pregnancy-friendly postures to awareness of certain important muscle groups. I worked my increasingly pregnant body, without ever pushing it too far.

I always felt a lot better after class than before, more relaxed and with less aches and pains. I highly recommend Ma Yoga to any pregnant woman, but especially yoga-nitwits like me who need some extra reassurance and support.

Trynke DeJong

Thanks so much for developing this program and making it accessible online! I loved that it was so specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant women and moms. To be honest, I forget how I even heard about the program. Obviously a gift from the universe!

Cate H.

When I saw the online Membership that offers a community, advice and videos I immediately signed up.

I’ve watched a couple videos… great success in reducing lower back pain!!!!

I think this will be a huge benefit to my life as well as my baby.

Anna G.

I honestly wouldn’t be painting right now if I hadn’t taken Happy Back.

Jessica walks you through each step so it’s so easy. Now I do simple things to change how I’m standing while I’m doing my work, and I’m pain free.

At night I do the Rescue Poses just because they feel so good and relaxing.

Michelle R.

I actually loved the class. I say actually because, as you know, yoga has never been my “thing” and computer stuff is also not my “thing” but Jess!


I’ve been walking around for 5 weeks with such pain in my knee/leg and all the alignment work made me feel SO much better!

Sue B.

Thank you so much for your wonderful gift of [Ma Yoga Foundations] today. My legs are still shaking but I feel less anxious.

You are amazing!! Can’t thank you enough for your encouragement to join you this morning.

I needed it emotionally and physically.


Rosibel R.

I just want to take a quick minute to thank you SO much for these classes, Jess.  I REALLY look forward to them.

Not only can i feel my (now plumper) body strengthening, but I have noticed that when I am stressed I have a hard time breathing deeply.

Anyway, your class, the breathing and mostly YOU have helped me realize what that is and learn to take a moment and breathe.  I REALLY appreciate it.  Truly.

Gina S.

Practicing yoga with my baby next to me is such a rewarding experience – even if I only get to do a few poses, a little goes a long way.

Jessica is an amazing yoga teacher, especially for pre and post natal women who need a little extra care from an experienced teacher.

Her class is challenging, but gentle, and I leave feeling like I’ve had a spa day.

Tiffany F.

I can’t tell you enough how much yoga helped me, not only through my pregnancy, but also through labor.

I know that it made all the difference for my health, and also for my body & mind through pregnancy and when I was laboring and pushing.

Can’t thank you guys enough!


I participated in Kathy’s prenatal class today as a mom with a dog, toddler and 4 month old while I was trying to wrap up a work call. Kathy didn’t blink an eye.

I can’t believe how focused and calm Kathy was while not only guiding me but a handful of others. Her voice was calm and soothing and her flow was natural. I could get up leave and join back in with ease. Great job Kathy.

Thanks for helping this mom through whatever kind of yoga practice I can get!

Stephanie G.

This review is late coming but I’d give 10 stars if I could!

Ma Yoga was a lifesaver to me during the last trimester of my pregnancy last year. I had pretty intense lower back pain and used the ‘Happy Back Practice’ routine to help relieve the pain and regain mobility.

Jess was SUPER helpful and exchanged a number of emails with me to help me make the most of the practice.

She followed up and provided additional recommendations on how to get some relief. I ended up using the short practice almost daily and still go back to it now, more than a year after delivery, whenever my back flares up.

I also attended a handful of the My Yoga prenatal yoga classes when they were still at The Family Room. The classes were great and the content on the website was a wonderful resource and gave me the flexibility to practice on my own schedule. Try them out!

Fatimah S. - from our Google listing

Become a Ma Collective Member if...

You’re a yoga teacher or birth practitioner who wants to support and inspire mamas with yoga, but you feel nervous and that you’ll don’t know how to do this safely or effectively. You’re drawn to know more about the co-creative principles of prenatal yoga, and you want to experience them in your own practice first.

The Ma Collective is our inner circle of teachers, birth workers and others who choose to do work that aligns with our values and our unique gifts.

And yet sometimes, our biggest dream feels bigger than what we can accomplish alone.

It’s true: as my teacher Claire Zammit likes to say, “we can’t become ourselves, by ourselves.”

In the Ma Collective, we can continue to evolve, grow and step into our greatest possibilities – together.

It includes all the regular Ma Yoga Living Membership benefits PLUS a monthly Masterclass with an expert so you can continue expanding your experitise.

In addition, you’ll receive monthly laser coaching for your business, to help you get through whatever obstacles are arising.

And, you’ll be part of a community of women who are making a difference – one Mama at a time.

As a member of the Ma Collective, you’ll:

Keep learning, growing and evolving with the Ma Collective!

Choose the one that fits you best:

Especially for moms and moms-to-be – and anyone who wants to find their “Inner Ma”:

The Ma Yoga Living Membership

$ 18 Monthly / $175 Annually (two free months)
  • UNLIMITED access to alignment-based Ma Yoga Anytime videos
  • FREE weekly live online Ma Yoga Foundations Class with Jessica
  • 40% OFF live online Prenatal and Mom Yoga classes
  • PREGNANCY & POSTPARTUM GUIDES for each choice and challenge
  • NURTURING COMMUNITY of experts, moms & moms-to-be
  • HAPPY BACK in 5 - yoga for back pain
  • MA MEDITATION - design your own unique "power practice"

For yoga teachers, birth workers, & soul-inspired business owners who want to expand their impact:

The Ma Collective Membership

$ 25 Monthly / $250 Annually (two free months)
  • ALL THE BENEFITS of regular Ma Yoga Living Membership
  • MONTHLY MASTERCLASS: One monthly Masterclass with an expert in some aspect of pregnancy, postpartum, or women's wellness.
  • BUSINESS COACHING: Monthly "warm-seat" support for accountability, getting through obstacles and big picture inspiration. Sometimes you need a little cheerleading to keep going... and sometimes you need tech support. You'll get what you need, when you need it.
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT & FEEDBACK for your projects, marketing, and ideas from both Jessica and our supportive group! Need some likes and comments? Just ask! Not sure about your company name? Try it out on us.
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to all previous Masterclasses such as Preventing Diastisis Recti, Supporting People Through Loss, The Science and Art of Sleep for Mom & Baby, and Mindful Breastfeeding

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