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In my 20 years + of teaching yoga to women in their childbearing years, I’ve seen amazing results from alignment-based yoga – and I’m so excited for you to get to experience it.

A combination of biomechanical principles rooted in Kinesiology, and the Divine Feminine element of yoga, Ma Yoga has helped more than 20,000 women strengthen, open, prepare for labor, recover from birth, relieve aches and pains, prevent and heal childbirth-related conditions, and embody their highest, most powerful, wise, and nurturing “Ma” Self.

Like a cocoon allowing a caterpillar to grow wings and fly, our Ma Yoga Membership gives you direct access to expert teachers and guides, dedicated to supporting you wherever you are on your “Ma” journey.

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prenatal yoga near me and postpartum support

"Ma" doesn't just mean mother.

Hi I’m Jessica and I created Ma Yoga® for Pregnancy & Beyond in 2009, an alignment-based yoga method designed specifically for women’s changing bodies and lives.

“Ma” means “mother” in just about every language, for instance:

  • German: Mutter, Mami
  • Dutch: Moeder, Moer
  • Hindi: माँ (Maan), मां ( Maji)
  • Japanese: ママ (Mama)
  • Korean: 엄마 (Eomma)

In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, “Ma” also means the most powerful and wise – as in “Ma” Kali, the Mother of all Goddess.

Ma Yoga isn’t just about becoming a mom to a baby, although most people start with us for the online prenatal yoga.

Once you’ve tried Ma Yoga you know that it’s really about learning to mother ourselves.

And when we do, we begin to embody our highest most powerful and wisest “Ma” Self. 

I want to say how much I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the Ma Yoga program!

I love its flexibility, and the mix of focus and intensity.

My first video was a simple 15-minute moon salutation and, on a night where something longer felt overwhelming, having that option to do just a little helped so much.

Colleen Fitzimmons

When I became pregnant a second time, as a working mom with a 1 year old at home, I knew there would be no chance of making it to 5:30 yoga practice so I joined the Ma Yoga Living community so I could practice at home after my son went to bed.

I really appreciated the ability to pick a session based on length of time I had to practice, and being able to participate in prenatal yoga from home.

Kristin Rodriguez

I am a mom of a toddler and “trying” for my second child now.

I love how there are classes for every stage… strengthening for moms, yoga for fertility, and there are so many more classes for pregnancy and preparing for labor!

But ALL classes are great for tuning into your body, heart, breath, openness, peace, and gratitude…so they are really for every woman.

Victoria Pecheco

Just did Colleen’s Open Shoulders/Heart video. It’s a nice length — long enough to feel like I actually did something but not overwhelming, especially as I’m diving back in.

I really appreciate the guidance/reminders about alignment and what each part of the body is supposed to be doing in each pose.


Colleen’s yoga class is wonderful! She is a terrific yoga instructor. It’s tough to find a good prenatal videos -hers are the best. You will feel better- more balanced!

Jo F.

When I saw the online Membership that offers a community, advice and videos I immediately signed up.

I’ve watched a couple videos… great success in reducing lower back pain!!!!

I think this will be a huge benefit to my life as well as my baby.

Anna G.

This has been great for me! I’m very happy to say I’ve actually done this every day since you first posted this session, and usually in the mornings (which I didn’t think I’d be able to because I am NOT a morning person).

But the brevity of it really makes it doable for me, a usually non-exercise-liking sort of person.

Colleen F.

I was catching up on watching all of the masterclasses and have really loved them. I have taken so many notes and wish I could share the videos with everyone I know that has babies or plans to. Having this information as a yoga teacher has made me feel confident and capable.

Rachael C.

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meditation and online prenatal yoga

Ma Yoga for Pregnancy & Beyond is for people who want a transformative journey.

When you start your free 2-week trial, you’ll get instant, unlimited access to our therapeutic, empowering Ma Yoga Anytime Prenatal, Postpartum, Mom, and Saturdaly live Alignment Therapy – plus Happy Back in 5 and Ma Meditation for people who don’t like to meditate.

Our yoga for pregnancy and postpartum classes are all alignment-based, so you’ll always get subtle but powerful instructions in each pose to strengthen, relieve aches and pains, and make space for breath (and baby if you have one in there!).

As a Ma Member, you can:

  • filter 300+ Ma Yoga Anytime classes by duration – as short as 10 minutes or over an hour – or instructor, style, or emphasis. Online prenatal yoga, postpartum yoga, mom yoga and anyone yoga means you can practice with world-class experts – in your own living room. 
  • enjoy free Saturday Alignment Therapy Workshops with Jessica – bring your aches and pains and chronic conditions, get a 5-10 minute healing practice just for you – and take a video home
  • 40% off our expert-led live online prenatal yoga and mom yoga classes. 
  • access programs like Happy Back in 5, Ma Meditation, and tons more resources especially for pregnancy and beyond
  • nurturing community of yoga teachers, birth and parenting experts – and of course lots of mamas!
We’d can’t wait to help you become the “Ma” you want to be.


Membership is more than just online prenatal yoga

We’re about education, support, and community for EVERYONE wants to learn to truly nurture themselves.

Happy Back in 5 Minutes

If your back ever hurts...

A self-paced program that will teach you how to relieve low back pain and keep it away:

Module 1: OVERVIEW
Discover the one thing you need to know to stop paying so many practitioners and take healing into your own hands.

It’s not about doing it wrong or right, or “posture”. It’s about understanding the tiny shifts you can make anytime, anywhere, that will make a world of difference.

When your back seizes up, here are your simple positions that return your spine to its natural alignment, relax tense muscles, help you breathe again and kickstart the healing process.

It takes about 10 minutes to learn, and then you can do it in five minutes a day with the PDF. Start your day aligning your spine – and it’ll be easier to find that ahhhhhhh feeling all day long.

Learn how to sit, stand, and sleep in alignment. Super subtle yet powerful adjustments you can do with very little effort to get out of pain and stay that way.

Module 6: WHAT’S NEXT?
You’re feeling great, you have your go-to Happy Back practice – now what?

Ma Morning Meditation & Power Practice

If meditating annoys you...

…. then you haven’t tried Ma Meditation! I’ll take you through these simple steps on video. Print out pdf guides to design your own unique, customized meditation practice that works for you – YOUR experience level, schedule, and desires.


Learn how to breathe in a way that supports groundedness and freedom. Not only that – when we fully participate in the breath, we can tone our core with each exhale!


If you find meditating hard, you probably haven’t been given the right tools. These tools will help you settle in to the relaxing, restorative part of meditation.


You’ll enjoy moments where you drop in to a deep connection to your highest, most powerful, wise and nurturing “Ma” Self.


This step is what helps your life start to reflect your authentic Self. This is the magical part, the part that is hard to explain but you’ll see – things will start to change in your life and you’ll feel like each day the universe is rising up in support of you.


This step insures you’re moving forward and seeing the impact from your practice each day! Sometimes the gifts of meditation keep on giving – and get taketh away. This step allows you to keep them for all time, and continue to build on them.

Love Ma Yoga! It’s individualized, calming, balancing, strengthening and nurturing for both body and the nervous 1st-time mom soul.

Kristina D.

I really like Rachelle’s class because I find that the exercises she focuses on are really helpful for pregnancy and for labor prep, plus she’s really attentive to different people’s bodies and their varying needs based on belly size and stage of pregnancy.

It’s also cool because she’s a doula so her insights to birthing and labor have been really valuable.


I’d give 10 stars if I could! Ma Yoga was a lifesaver to me during the last trimester of my pregnancy last year.

I had pretty intense lower back pain and used the ‘Happy Back Practice’ routine to help relieve the pain and regain mobility.

Jess was SUPER helpful, followed up and provided additional recommendations on how to get relief.



I have been committing to a few minutes of meditation and pranayama each morning and I’ve noticed that it really helps keep me calm during the morning chaos of trying to get the kids out the door.

Jennifer R.

Thanks so much for developing this program and making it accessible online! I loved that it was so specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant women and moms. To be honest, I forget how I even heard about the program. Obviously a gift from the universe!

Cate H.

I honestly wouldn’t be painting right now if I hadn’t taken Happy Back.

Jessica walks you through each step so it’s so easy. Now I do simple things to change how I’m standing while I’m doing my work, and I’m pain free.

At night I do the Rescue Poses just because they feel so good and relaxing.

Michelle R.

I loved that it was broken down into small sections, and that it was a combination of videos, reading material and assignments. I printed out a few of the PDFs and keep them in my meditation spot. I really enjoyed the guided meditation about stepping out of the river. The program was immensely helpful and reassuring to me.

Karen D.

Love the side and back rib inhale! Totally changed how I breathe and how I will teach deep breathing during meditation!

Joanne B.

I started going to Ma Yoga when I was 16 weeks pregnant.  It was the best thing I could have done for myself!

Prenatal yoga helped a lot with the normal aches and pains of pregnancy.

I felt myself getting stronger and overall feeling much better each time I went.  It also helped me deal with the stress of being pregnant.

Kristin L.

Practicing yoga with my baby next to me is such a rewarding experience – even if I only get to do a few poses, a little goes a long way.

Jessica is an amazing yoga teacher, especially for pre and post natal women who need a little extra care from an experienced teacher.

Her class is challenging, but gentle, and I leave feeling like I’ve had a spa day.

Tiffany F.

I can’t tell you enough how much yoga helped me, not only through my pregnancy, but also through labor.

I know that it made all the difference for my health, and also for my body & mind through pregnancy and when I was laboring and pushing.

Can’t thank you guys enough!


I am so thankful for my experience with yoga and I am so excited to continue my practice now that my baby is here.

I love having dedicated ‘me time’ in the calendar. Yoga definitely changed my life. I am more at peace with myself now than I ever have been before.

Kelley L.

Rachelle is so knowledgeable and welcoming and I am so thrilled my sister told me about this gem! She beams warmth and passion for what she does.

She’s an incredible resource and she’s very attentive to everyone’s movement within the class.

I’m very excited that I found Rachelle and this class so early in my pregnancy so that I can make it a part of the rest of my journey.

Barri S.

Great class with Hayley! She is a confident calming teacher. I really enjoyed her flow and the pace of the whole class.

Savannah F.

I took two abSOULutely fabulous classes today!

Lindy was my first class after a long hiatus, she was so soothing and healing for me. I went in feeling rusty and a bit “off”, I left class feeling safe and nurtured. Melanie’s class was also exceptional; her pelvic openers really soothed my lower back; it is tingling now in a state of ultimate relief!

Nina R.

On Wednesdays, I feel less physical pain, I always feel more grounded, it’s easier to attend all the needs of my kids. Your class is truly nurturing my soul and my body.


During my pregnancy Rachelle was my savior! It was my first baby, and my first time doing yoga.

I used so many techniques during my labor and they actually helped! I could hear her calming voice in my ear during contractions. There aren’t any words to express my gratitude for her class.


I have taken many different yoga classes and these are by far the best.

I highly recommend Melanie for pregnancy yoga. She explains everything clearly and brings you into deep concentration during class.

Also, she knows a lot about pregnancy and birth and it’s very calming hearing her advice.

Ana H. - from our Google listing

Jessica is such a wonderful teacher.

The alignment-based yoga she teaches coupled with her extensive knowledge from decades of teaching bring such depth and compassion to her teaching. I intend to take her classes for as long as she is teaching.

Please give yourself the gift of taking a class with Jessica.

Sensei April - from our Google Listing

I love Ma yoga classes, they’re exactly what I want to calm my body, soul and mind.

Highly recommend these classes and all the trainers are so experienced and empathetic.

Spandana J

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The Ma Collective: for yoga teachers, doulas, and other "soul-preneurs"

Our highest level membership is for yoga teachers, birth practitioners, and anyone who wants to keep learning and evolving in the field of women’s wellness.

Ma Collective Members enjoy all the online prenatal yoga, mom yoga, and restorative yoga – plus a monthly Masterclass with an expert in the field of women’s wellness, specificalty in the area of childbirth.

In addition, you get monthly business training to help your business grow and expand in way that feels aligned with your core values – with laser coaching for whatever obstacle is arising for you.

You can attend live, or watch the videos for ALL previous masterclass.

Some previous Masterclasses include:

  • Diastisis Recti with Whitney Sipple
  • How to Support Women Through Grief with Amy Glenn
  • Ayurvedic Nourishment For Postpartum Mothers with Shelley Rahim
  • The Science (and Art) of Sleep for Infants and Moms with Melanie Wachsman Bingham
  • Mindful Breastfeeding with Anna Le Grange
  • Hypnobirthing with Liz Stanford
  • Birth Prep Tools You Can Use in Class with Rachelle Luczynski
  • Incorporating and Celebrating Partners with Sherry Jones
  • Trauma-Informed Prenatal Yoga with Chelsea Sosa
  • Yoga for Birth with Rachelle Luczynski and Melanie Wachsman
  • Closing the Bones Postpartum Massage Ritual with Dr. Sophie Messager
  • Infant Massage with Rachael Amin
  • Sound for Confidence and Healing with Shay Nichols
  • Evolutionary Astrology Tools for Parents with Jackie Johansen
  • Authentic Business and Spiritually-Aligned Marketing with George Kao

Upon registering, you’ll get instant access to all of the above – plus 400+ Ma Yoga Anytime classes, and free weekly Alignment Therapy drop-ins.

Thank you for being a “soul-preneurs” – changing the world through your unique gifts.

The Ma Collective Mnthly Masterclasses:

Ma Collective Testimonial

Supporting People Through Loss Masterclass with Amy Glenn

Preventing Diastisis Recti Masterclass with Dr. Whitney Sippl

Ayurvedic Recipes for Postpartum Nourishment with Shelley Rahim

Choose the one that fits you best:

Especially for moms and moms-to-be – and anyone who wants to find their “Inner Ma”:

The Ma Yoga Living Membership

$ 24 Monthly / $240 Annually (TWO free months)
  • UNLIMITED access to 300+ strengthening, grounding Ma Yoga Anytime classes - yoga for pregnancy, postpartum, and "Anyone" classes
  • FREE Saturday live online Alignment Therapy Drop-ins with Jessica - 5 minute personal therapeutic practice, plus the video after
  • 40% OFF live online Prenatal Yoga, Mom Yoga & Restorative Yoga classes
  • PREGNANCY & POSTPARTUM GUIDES for each choice and challenge
  • NURTURING COMMUNITY of experts, moms & moms-to-be
  • HAPPY BACK in 5 - yoga for back pain
  • MA MEDITATION - design your own unique "power practice"

You may cancel anytime and enjoy your member benefits until your next billing period.

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For yoga teachers, birth workers, & soul-inspired business owners who want to expand their impact:

The Ma Collective Membership

$ 35 Monthly / $245 Annually (THREE free months)
  • ALL THE BENEFITS of regular Ma Yoga Living Membership
  • MONTHLY MASTERCLASS: One monthly Masterclass with an expert in some aspect of pregnancy, postpartum, or women's wellness.
  • BUSINESS COACHING: Monthly "warm-seat" support for accountability, getting through obstacles and big picture inspiration. Sometimes you need a little cheerleading to keep going... and sometimes you need tech support. Anything goes..
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT & FEEDBACK for your projects, marketing, and ideas from both Jessica and our supportive group! Need some likes and comments? Just ask! Not sure about your company name? Try it out on us.
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to all previous Masterclasses including Preventing Diastisis Recti, Supporting People Through Loss, The Science and Art of Sleep for Mom & Baby, and Mindful Breastfeeding

You may cancel anytime and enjoy your member benefits until your next billing period.

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