Best Birth Prep Classes

Best Birth Prep Classes
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Pregnancy Guide: Los Angeles Birthing Classes

Pregnancy and Childbirth Classes are super helpful.  Unless you are giving birth at The Farm in Tennessee, you might not always have people surrounding you throughout your labor who are just there to explain everything and guide you through your decisions.

What if you knew the pro’s and con’s of a lot of the choices you’ll be making in advance?  What if you and your partner were empowered by knowledge about all the options ahead of you?

That’s what a good class can do for you.  In addition, most classes include lessons on breastfeeding (if yours doesn’t, I highly recommend that you take one separately).  Yes, we need instruction on this!  For generations, women have learned how to do this by watching their moms, their sisters, their aunts.  Today, most of it is done in private or under cover of a blanket.  Having some knowledge about latching techniques and different ways to hold baby, as well as someone to call if your nipples hurt, can be the difference between being able to have the experience of breastfeeding vs. not.

If you want a great article on how to choose a Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infant Care class, click here.

Choices in Childbirth is a 6-session, once a week course (there’s also an all-weekend option) that is all you and your partner need to go forth into parenthood as a confident team. Julie Freitas teaches it – she’s has been teaching for 30 years, and as a doula has helped at over 200 births at hospitals and homes throughout LA. She is the mom we’ve all wished we had (and some lucky people got). She is wise and witty, and my teacher and mentor for all things birth and mom related.   (818) 763-1001.

Ana Markel is an amazing doula and teacher, also teaches this class. She was featured in The Business of Being Born II, and runs Bini Birth, the center of birth education and events in the LA area.  She is funny and smart and hip and super great.  Call Ana at (818) 822-9568 to find out about their next class or go to for her upcoming schedule.

It’s never too early to take a class such as Choices in Childbirth.  After that, you might want to focus on specific techniques that you learned about: hypnobirthing (Alisha Tamburri, PhD, DD is awesome), Bradley Method, and others.

The more you know, the more you can feeling comfortable tapping into your own intuition and trusting the answers you receive!