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At Ma Yoga for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond, your first class is always FREE. After that it’s super affordable.

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Want an inexpensive, in-home one-on-one yoga session with a Ma Yoga expert?

You choose what to focus on:

  • relieve aches and pains
  • prep for labor
  • heal and strengthen postpartum
  • learn meditation
  • I WILL (Ideal Weight/ Ideal Lifestyle Lab) Coaching

We’ll help you figure out where you want to get to, what’s getting in the way, and how to get there in the most easeful, joyful way possible.

You’ll leave with a personalized video to help you stay on your path.

Members get 40% off one-on-one sessions!

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What people say about Ma Yoga for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond:

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How to Have an Amazing Ma Yoga for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond class:

Just you and a mat is enough!

Our teachers are always so happy to see you, no matter what’s coming up.  

In the beginning of class, your teacher will do a check in with everyone to see what’s coming up for you.

Classes are small so she can teach to whoever’s in the room.

She’ll give instructions on how to sit comfortably, and guide you through a short centering meditation. Right away as you connect to your breath, your mind will slow down and your body will start to relax.

Then, she’ll guide you through simple flows with breath, move into some more challenging strengthening poses, help you open tight muscles and stand powerfully and finish with a supported restorative pose.

To prepare:

  • Place your device on the floor if possible
  • Place your mat as far away from it as you can, the wide way
  • Then, sit close to your device on a folded blanket or towel so we can say hi.

Get ready to feel grounded, spacious and uplifted!

yoga for pregnancy set up from Prenatal Yoga instructor Jessica Jennings

Props are wonderful to have, but not a necessity. Below are some examples of props that will help make your class an awesome experience:

  • yoga blanket – or a big beach towel
  • two purple blocks or soup boxes
  • rectangular yoga bolster, or couch seat cushion (this is expensive but if you’re pregnant, save your pennies – it’s so worth it!)

After we chat, class starts with a guided meditation, and then you’ll do gentle movements with breath. You’ll be taken step-by-step through alignment actions in poses that will help you open, strengthen, release tension and pain and enjoy a whole new freedom in body, mind and heart!

We teach to whoever is in the room, offering lots of variations, so whether you are a beginner or a teacher, you will enjoy a challenging, sweet practice. This allows us to create a friendly, playful, and supportive atmosphere for our yoga.

Our teachers are highly trained in biomechanical, therapeutic alignment principles, so the practice is great for common pains such as shoulder, wrist, neck, and back.

On an even deeper level, your yoga practice will help connect you to baby, breath and body – whether baby’s inside or out.

If you’re pregnant, our prenatal yoga online classes are uniquely designed for exactly what week you’re on.

If you’re a mom, we’ll step it up to make sure you work muscles you might even have forgotten about.

If you’re either or neither, Ma Yoga Foundations will help you heal, re-energize, and leave feeling great.

We look forward to having you in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room! Quick book your first FREE class.

If you have questions about buying or booking classes, just email me at jessica@mayoga.com.

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