Tips for New Moms

Tips for New Moms

Gluten Free Spice Cookies

OK, let's break down the title real quick. "Gluten Free": no, my 8-year old is NOT gluten free. She often gets hot lunch at school which means almost every day there's pasta or some kind of hot sandwich. So she gets [...]


MAyurveda – Easy Ayurveda for Mamas

MAyurveda: Simple, Fast Habits for More Energy, Connectedness, and Better Sleep PODCAST I LOVED talking to Sarah Hutchinson as part of her telesummit, Yoga Beyond the Poses 2015: Easy Ayurveda for Health and Happiness. We touched on everything from the one kitchen appliance [...]


How to Break a Bad Habit and Make a Good One

On the feminine side of life, we try to love things into and out of being. So the first step in breaking a bad habit would be to stop calling it "bad."  Let's say you have a cookie as a [...]