Yoga of Eating

Yoga of Eating

How to get healthy food into our bodies without living in the kitchen!

I so enjoyed this conversation with my yoga friend Lauren, about everything from ways to quick and easy breakfasts for moms and kids, to a simple cole slaw that her kids love. We talked about the challenges of making food to [...]


Gluten Free Spice Cookies

OK, let's break down the title real quick. "Gluten Free": no, my 8-year old is NOT gluten free. She often gets hot lunch at school which means almost every day there's pasta or some kind of hot sandwich. So she gets [...]


MAyurveda – Easy Ayurveda for Mamas

MAyurveda: Simple, Fast Habits for More Energy, Connectedness, and Better Sleep PODCAST I LOVED talking to Sarah Hutchinson as part of her telesummit, Yoga Beyond the Poses 2015: Easy Ayurveda for Health and Happiness. We touched on everything from the one kitchen appliance [...]


How to Get Your Kids To Eat Greens

My daughter's 8, and loves certain veggies - asparagus, brussel sprouts, broccoli... but before I pat myself on the back too much, I have to say what she doesn't like: kale, peas, any salad that doesn't have Newman's Own Balsamic [...]


Mama Here’s Your Tea: a Nourishing Post-Partum or Pregnancy Tea Recipe

Here is one of my favorite thoughts that comes to me now and again: what if the earth has everything we are looking for? I mean, what if it's just waiting to nurture us no matter the ailment, condition, lack [...]


The sound of the heart: find true balance through your Chakras

When I was on vacation n Seattle and Portland and eating all sorts of crazy stuff in these wonderful foodie towns (i.e. gluten-free pancakes with chocolate chips we made right there on our table!), I started looking forward to my fall [...]


Detoxing: How to Cleanse In a Week

Heard About Detoxing? It's actually really fun, and not at all about starving yourself and living on water and feeling deprived. From the Ayurvedic point of view, detoxing is really an off-the-mat yoga lifestyle immersion that we take ourselves through [...]


Healthy Meals for Moms: Butternut Squash Soup

Healthy Meals for Healthy Moms I try to keep dinner early and light, since our digestive fire (agni) is weak at the end of the day. This means that a heavy dinner just makes us heavy; a light dinner will [...]


Anti-anxiety Breakfast for Chilly Mornings: Stewed Cinnamon Apples & Oats

It’s getting chilly, I’ve been traveling, and we are moving. All this adds up to an unsettled, scattered, slightly nervous sort of feeling. If this goes unchecked, it can lead to anxiety, overwhelm, and sleeplessness. So here's how I am [...]


5 Things Mamas Can Do with Watermelon

A Love Letter to Watermelon When I was pregnant I fell in love with watermelon.  So cold, so thirst-quenching, so naturally sweet... and the love never left. I know it's not just watermelon that nature offers us right now - [...]


Ready to Set Sail – But Where’s Your Anchor?

For me, being a new mom felt like I was suddenly floating on an inner tube in a horizonless sea of changing, naps, and feeding.  Sometimes the waves would carry a friend nearby and we'd get so excited, reach out [...]


Healthy Meals for Kids: Green Pancakes

How to Make Yummy, Easy, Healthy Breakfasts for Your Kids: Green Pancakes and Waffles! When we’re pregnant, we’re often focused on how we’re going to get the baby out. As new moms, often our biggest problem is sleep. But after [...]