Class Locations and Schedules

Class Locations and Schedules
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Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga and Mom Yoga + Baby Locations and Schedules 

Locations and Schedules for our amazing strengthening, friendly and therapeutic Prenatal Yoga and Mom Yoga + Baby class in Los Angeles and Orange County

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Ma Yoga Class Descriptions 

We welcome all levels of experience, trimesters, and body sizes at our Prenatal Yoga and Mom Yoga + Baby classes.  Since classes are generally small, we gear the class to whoever’s there – from raw beginners advanced students and yoga teachers who want to learn more about yoga in the context of pregnancy and motherhood.

Our classes are small so we can offer a practice that fits your needs, and our teachers draw from therapeutics training to help with common aches and pains, as well as their own knowledge and experience with pregnancy and motherhood.

Prenatal Yoga: Some women start Prenatal Yoga the moment they find out they’re pregnant, others wait until they can get up off the couch… Ma Yoga teachers incorporate general principles of alignment to help stabilize the muscles and bones, increase strength and freedom and help you feel great throughout your pregnancy. Partners are welcome to attend.  Prenatal Yoga is safe for any trimester, and any level of experience from raw beginner onward.

Lunchtime Prenatal: Stop by for a one-hour Prenatal Yoga class (see above) plus a half hour optional bring- your-bag-lunch, eat and chat afterward. 1 hour 30 minutes total.

Mom Yoga + Baby: Yoga for new moms means practicing in between feeds and changes. Come do what you can and enjoy some time with your breath, your baby and other moms. Babies are welcome as early as your doctor gives the ok to exercise, and as late as crawling (if you’re ok with crawling after them!) The class is geared toward giving the mama some time with her body and and her breath, rather than play time with baby.  You deserve it!

Prenatal Yoga / Mom Yoga + Baby Combo: Come and enjoy an intimate class with a few moms-to-be, moms, and babies too! Lots of opportunity to take breaks and coo at the babies, to take in what babies are like if you’re having your first, or work to get your body back if that’s where you’re at (and your baby lets you).

Ma Yoga Class Prices

Your first class is free! Just Create Your Account, login and go to “Book Me” to reserve your spot, and come by!  If you find you can’t make it, no worries – you are never charged for booking, only attending.  

If you have a great experience and want to continue (we think you will), you can login and go to “Buy Classes” to buy your series.

Your series is good for a year and works at any Ma Yoga location. You can check your remaining classes anytime by logging in and going up to your name, “Account,” and “My Info.”

Your series is good for one year from date of purchase, and if you have classes left over when you have your baby, yes! you can use them for Mom Yoga + Baby for sure.  We always love to have you come back with baby!

Class Type (Click to Buy)


First Class Only FREE – just drop by!
Single Class $20
5-Class Series $85
10-Class Series $140

To Book Your Ma Yoga Class

We keep your costs down by having no front desk person – everything is done online so when you show up, you can just get to your yoga.

We appreciate if you can book your each class at home, partly because some classes fill up. That said, it’s more important to us that you get to yoga, so if you don’t have time, just show up!  The teacher can put you in to the roster after class.

1. Create Your Account and a free class will automatically be put into your account;

2. Login and go to “Book Me” to reserve your spot in the next class you want to attend;

3. If you liked it (what’s not to like?), login and go to “Buy Classes”;

3. You can always login and go up to your name, “Account,” and “My Info” to see how many classes you have left.

And that’s it! Now come to class and enjoy. If you have trouble, email or call 323-680-5355.