Don’t Just Do Something Mama, Stand There.

Don’t Just Do Something Mama, Stand There.

Don’t Just Do Something Mama, Stand There.

I went to a lovely yoga class yesterday where we focused more on being than doing.

Even when we “did”, we tried to come from “be.”

I experienced a sweetness that I think we tend to forget about when we get really busy. In yoga, this powerful force that flows through us is often called Consciousness. When we focus more on being, we begin to ride this flow like the current of a river, as it beats our hearts and guides us toward more goodness, truth and beauty.

It reminded me that becoming a mom can put us right into Beingness in our lives if we let it.

We are so used to accomplishing, being productive, and achieving useful goals, that it can be depressing to have that measure of our value suddenly go to zero.

But when we allow ourselves just to be, we get more in touch with our inner wisdom.

When we allow ourselves to be, a part of us that is always aware of possibility comes to the forefront, and embraces our smaller, scared Self with love.

When we allow ourselves to be, eventually we begin to feel a desire arising to make a contribution, however small. From this place we have more courage to be a stand for love in world, in whatever way that makes sense to us.

If you have limiting thoughts that block you from seeing your own gifts clearly (who doesn’t?), let yourself BE a little more this week. Sit and notice your breath without trying to achieve anything in particular. Listen to music instead of the radio. Move a few things on your to do list to next week.

Only when a feeling of peace and sweetness arises, ask yourself: what is the most radical, bad ass move I can make this week to generate momentum for my life?

What action will honor the bigness of my spirit as well as the level of my energy these days?

It’s hard to even ask this question, no less hear the answer, when we are immersed in action.

And this week, just as an experiment, even when we are doing, let’s take this feeling of NOT doing with us – and who knows, because we are coming from a more expansive, loving and empowered place, we might just have the courage to do something we’ve never done before.

So don’t just do something Mama, stand there! And of course, our mat is a GREAT place to get in touch with just being…

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