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How do I take a class in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room?

Just go to our Live Online Classes page for more info.

Or, book your first FREE class here.

Is Ma Yoga gentle yoga?

Ma Yoga is alignment-based yoga. When we have small misalignments, we might not even notice them.

But as our bodies move and shift, they can become magnified and cause pain.

Truth is, gentle stretching is not going to change these patterns.

We often need to strengthen muscles that aren’t holding your bones in their optimal alignment.

Our classes always include some restorative yoga, but you will also strengthen, stabilize, and tone.

My back hurts. What should I do?

Back pain is not a mystery.

We know what causes it, in about 99% of the cases: misalignment.

Ma Yoga is based in therapeutic alignment principles, which means every pose you do will support healing.

Choose your path – all will help you relieve pain and feel great:

  1. Book a therapeutic Prenatal & Mom or Everyone live online yoga class
  2. Do the Happy Back in 5 self-paced program
  3. Book a one-on-one yoga therapy session with a Certified Ma Yoga® Instructor
How can I learn more about each Ma Yoga Teacher?

You can find out about our teachers by going to the About Our Teachers page and then clicking through to each person’s 1 minute yoga tip video.

Who started Ma Yoga?


Jessica Jennings is a Certified yoga teacher, Feminine Power Transformational Facilitator, and lifestyle educator. She created Ma Yoga for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond in 2009: an internationally registered prenatal yoga school and tribe of experts who love to provide guidance, inspiration, and support for pregnant women and busy moms.

As a new prenatal yoga teacher in 2001, Jessica began to become passionate about pregnancy as a time of possibility. She saw how with the right kind of guidance, support, and inspiration, women can transform the challenges of this time into opportunities to step into their power, wisdom, and nurturing energy.

After using birth as guru for over 20 years, she now teaches keys to co-creation in her Ma Yoga for Anyone classes – whether you’re pregnant with a baby, an idea, or a vision for who you’re becoming.

Jessica is proud and honored to be part of this nurturing Ma Yoga Living community! You can find out more about Jessica or email her directly at jessica@mayoga.com.

For more info about Jessica and a yoga tip from her, go to About Jessica.

I’m not a mom or pregnant. Are there classes for me – or my husband?

Come try a Ma Yoga Foundations class with Jessica!

It’s for anyone who wants to find their inner “Ma” – dads, grandmas, women not on the motherhood path are all welcome.

Bring your aches and pains, injuries, and physical limitations.

This class focuses on therapeutics to relieve physical and emotional suffering.

Your first class is free and this class is always free for members – book here.

When is it safe to start prenatal and postpartum yoga?

When you’re pregnant, you can start prenatal yoga the moment you get a positive test or before.

And you can keep going after your due date comes and goes.

Ma Yoga® prenatal yoga is safe and effective anytime, and in our live online classes, our highly trained doula/Certified Prenatal Yoga teachers help you adapt to wherever you are on your journey.

Some people do prenatal yoga when they’re trying to get pregnant, to get in a nurturing space, open the body, and support fertility.

If you’re a mom, as soon as the doctor gives you the ok to exercise is a great time to do Mom+Baby Yoga or Mom Yoga with us. This tends to be about 6-12 weeks after birth, depending on your birth.

The sooner the better. It’s important to guide the muscles back in their optimal direction, especially abdominals, so they heal correctly.

I want a live online birth class. Do you have this?


The Yoga of Birth is our live online labor education course and transformative, nurturing experience led by two highly experienced doulas.

You’ll be guided through the stages of labor, understand the pros and cons of all the choices you’ll have, and learn tools and techniques to help you stay connected to your power and wisdom.

There’s no slant here – hospital, birth center, or home, drugs or no drugs, we believe passionately that the experience that matters ultimately is what’s happening within.

For more info, go to The Yoga of Birth page.

For dates, times, and registration, go to our Calendar

Remember – if you’re pregnant and not taking this for teacher training credit, use the discount code you’ll find there for $100 off!

Is Ma Yoga all about “natural” birth?

Our beliefs about the birthing process are rooted in yoga. According to yogic tradition in its most mature period (800 CE), we are each expressions of the same amazing power, wisdom, and love: some call it divine consciousness, or energy, or nature, or god.

According to yoga, there is no one right way to do things. It’s about recognizing how are free we are to respond to life in whatever way we choose.

It’s making conscious choices that’s the yoga part, rather than finding ourselves dealing with the consequences of accepting “shoulds” or other people’s beliefs as truth.

When we have practices that help us connect to our authentic self, our choices create more truth, goodness, and beauty in our lives.

So, Ma Yoga of course doesn’t teach any “right way” to do birth.

Instead, we support you in figuring out what’s right for YOU.

No matter where it is or who it’s with, we know any birth can be an empowering experience of growth and connection.

Through breathing, meditation, and alignment, you’ll find yourself making decisions that reflect your highest, most powerful, wise and nurturing “Ma” Self – and enjoying this exciting time a lot more!

What’s your refund policy?

Sorry, we do not offer refunds, except in the case of pregnancy loss.

Please purchase carefully.

You are always welcome to gift any remaining classes to another lucky mama.

You can also use your classes as credit toward other programs including:

We are committed to making sure you find the support, guidance, and inspiration that will help you right where you are, so please reach out if you have any issues.

Live Online Classes

What can I expect in live online classes in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room?

All Ma Yoga classes are:

  • friendly and intimate, so you can receive personalized instruction for your body and needs
  • alignment-based, so the poses will help you relieve aches and pains
  • taught by experts in the birth field so you’ll get birth and postpartum education as well
  • come as you are. Messy houses and moods welcome. Pajamas ok. We are happy to have you no matter what.

For more info, go to our live online yoga page.

What kinds of live online classes do you offer?

Ma Yoga is a unique method of yoga created specifically for women’s bodies and hearts that includes both alignment and flow.

Ma Yoga Certified teachers are some of the most highly trained prenatal and postpartum experts in the world.

Prenatal & Mom Yoga combines all of the above in one hour-long love fest.

Our classes are small so we can teach to whoever’s there.

And our teachers have over 100 years of teaching moms and moms-to-be, as well as supporting them through labor and postpartum as doulas.

Whether baby’s on the inside or outside, come align with your highest, most powerful, wise, and nurturing “Ma” Self.

Ma Yoga for Everyone incorporates Ma Yoga alignment, which is therapeutic, strengthening, and opening for everyone – grandpas, kids, and anyone who wants to feel amazing.

With a background in Rehabilitation Exercise, Jessica infuses her class with simple but potent instructions to help you strengthen, open and let prana (life force) move through you in a whole new way.

All are welcome – you’ll receive easy-to-follow adjustments for whatever’s arising for you.

This class is FREE for Ma Yoga Living members.

One on One Yoga Sessions are perfect if you are working with an injury or physical limitations, or you just want a little extra support for whatever’s arising for you right now, we recommend you do at least one private session with a Certified Ma Yoga Instructor.

You’ll learn specific adjustments to do to make your yoga classes safe, healing, and revitalizing.

Whether labor is looming in your future, postpartum exhaustion and depletion has set in, or your back or other body parts hurt – it’s easy to get the support you need to feel confident, energized, and pain-free.

Ma Yoga Living Members receive 40% off one-on-one sessions.


The Ma Yoga Zoom Room is a casual, come-as-you-are kind of place. Pajamas ok, messy houses and moods fine.

All of our uniquely strengthening, therapeutic, and uplifting classes are safe and effective for all levels of yoga experience from beginner to teacher, trimesters, body types, and fitness levels. Come let yourself be nurtured.

What are the benefits of your Prenatal Yoga classes?

Prenatal yoga is one of the few exercises that doctors recommend starting when pregnant (along with walking, which we highly recommend).

Prenatal yoga:

reduces high blood pressure
reduces stress, one of the major risk factors for preterm birth and other negative birth outcomes
reduces common pregnancy-related aches and pains such as shoulder, wrist, and back
prepares you for labor by teaching you how to connect to different parts of your body, make space for baby to move into optimal position, and breathe through intense sensations
provides a support network with birth and parenting experts that can continue to nurture you into motherhood
includes meditation, breathing, and alignment practices that can improve your ability to face the challenges of this time
connects you with your baby and your body in a loving way

Please go to About Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga to learn what makes Ma Yoga unique.

What are the benefits of your Mom Yoga classes?

Our Mom Yoga classes help moms reconnect with body and breath, without having to disconnect from baby.

In these friendly, fun, small yoga classes you will:

  • find more energy
  • sleep better
  • relieve shoulder, neck, and back pain from bending over baby
  • connect with other new moms
  • weave your abdominals back together (safe and healing for diastis recti, abdominal wall splitting)
  • tone weak muscles
  • relax tight muscles
  • get advice and guidance for each step of the way
  • learn to deeply nurture YOU, so you can nurture your loved ones without feeling depleted.

Book your first free class here.

What are the benefits of your Ma Yoga for Everyone classes?

Ma Yoga is based in alignment, which means it helps you move into your greatest possibilities on all levels – physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually.

Because classes are small, Jessica can use her Rehabilitation Exercise background combined with yoga, breathing, and meditation techniques to customize your instructions for whatever’s arising.

Whether you have aches and pains, anxiety and stress, or you just need to get your body moving – this step-by-step guided practice will help you move toward healing and thriving.

The root “ma” means mother in every language.

In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, it also means the highest, most powerful, and wise – as in “Ma Kali”, the Mother of all Goddesses.

The secret of Ma Yoga is that it isn’t just about becoming a mother to a child.

It’s about learning to mother yourself so that you can become the highest, most powerful, wise, and nurturing “Ma” you can be.

How much do live online classes cost?

We keep our expert-taught classes just as affordable as they are easy to enjoy.

Ma Yoga Living Members can take classes at 40% off.

All Prenatal Yoga, Mom Yoga (babies welcome), Restore and Renew, and Prenatal and Mom Yoga Classes are:

Single class: $24 $14.40 each
5 classes: $19 $11.40 each
10 classes: $15 $9 each

Plus, members can join weekly Ma Yoga for Everyone classes with Jessica for FREE.

Book your first FREE class here.

To purchase more classes:

  • Start your free 2-week trial membership here
  • Copy the member discount code you’ll receive in your email
  • Go to our Book Me page and click book
  • Purchase classes along the way – don’t forget to paste in your member discount code!

As always, feel free to reach out anytime with questions to Jessica@MaYoga.com.

Where can I get more information about live online classes?

For our schedule and to book your first FREE class, go to our live online yoga classes page.

Read more about Prenatal Yoga, Mom Yoga, and what makes Ma Yoga special here.

Become a Member

What do I get with Ma Yoga Living Membership?

If you love your first free live online class (we’re pretty sure you will! : ), or if you just want instant access to our short and full-length prenatal and mom classes, become a Ma Yoga Living member to get 40% off live online classes.

PLUS, as a Ma Yoga Living Member, you’ll also enjoy:

• Ma Yoga Anytime video classes taught by top experts in pregnancy, labor, and motherhood – FREE for members

• Weekly live online Ma Yoga for Everyone classes with Jessica to relieve aches, pains, injuries, and anxiety – FREE for members

• Care Package Guides with self-care routines, recipes, and tips for pregnancy, motherhood, and anytime – FREE for members

• Happy Back in 5 Minutes self-paced program – FREE for members

• Ma Meditation – Design a Meditation Practice That Works for YOU self-paced program – FREE for members

• Option to uplevel to the Ma Collective Membership for yoga teachers and birth practitioners to get all of the above, plus Masterclasses and coaching so you can make a bigger impact on the world with your business while staying connected to your feminine wisdom, power, and nurturing energy.

What do I get with Ma Collective Membership?

The Ma Collective Membership is our inner circle of yoga teachers, birth workers and other soul-inspired “Mantra-preneurs.”

For $25/ month you’ll receive ALL the benefits of Ma Yoga Living membership, plus:

  • Monthly Masterclasses with experts (we’ve had a Physical Therapist Pelvic Floor Specialist, How to Deal with Loss, Mindful Breastfeeding and tons more)
  • Monthly business coaching – with warm-seat support
  • Access to all previous Masterclasses

If you’re in the Certification Program, you receive 6 months free Ma Collective Membership.

If you’re paying as you get, you can get a free upgrade to the Ma Collective Membership so it’s just $18/month.

For more info go to the Become a Member Page and click START FREE 2-WEEK MEMBERSHIP.

What if I just don’t have time?

So many of us nurturers put ourselves last on our list – if we make it on to the list at all.

But if we aren’t receiving, we can’t give without getting more and more depleted.

If it’s hard to make time for you, maybe remind yourself that you can’t give to the people and projects you love 100% unless you’re nurtured as well.

Take a free live online class if you can find an hour. If not, become a member so you get instant access to Ma Yoga Anytime, our library of over 100 practices you can search by duration. So even if you only have 10 minutes, you can change your day, your week, and your life.

Ma Yoga prenatal yoga teachers are highly trained prenatal and postpartum yoga teachers and will help you find strength, energy, and your calm, clear center.

You’ll feel like you have just added a few hours to your day!

How much does Ma Yoga Living Membership cost?

Monthly membership starts with a 2-week free trial, and then is $18/month.

Annual membership for $175/year (includes two free months).

You may cancel anytime, and you will continue to be a member for the month or year you’ve paid for.

Where do I find the Member Discount Code?

Once you’ve taken your first free class, you can become a member and receive 40% off more classes.

You’ll receive it in an email, but you can also find it in the Ma Yoga Living Room:

Don’t forget to paste your code as you check out.

We are excited to support you on your “Ma” journey!

Ma Meditation

How can I meditate if I’m really bad at it and I don’t enjoy it?

If you think you’re “bad at meditation,” you probably haven’t learned Ma Meditation.

Saying you’re bad at meditation is like saying you’re bad at taking a shower.

When you pare meditation down to its most potent elements, it’s just like taking a shower.

You just do it, and whether you’re feeling serene or crazed, rushed or calm, it still works.

With Ma Meditation, we’ve pared down meditation to 5 basic elements.

With our simple self-paced program, you can pick and choose from the Ma Meditation “menu” depending on your schedule, your skills, and your desire.

Just go to the Ma Meditation & Power Practice Program page for more info.

Right now this program comes as a FREE bonus with Ma Yoga Living Membership!

How is Ma Meditation different?

If you’re busy, you need something quick and easy to help you find your calm center:

  • Fast: can be done in as little as 2 minutes, depending on how long we have in our “in-between” moments
  • Simple: pares down meditation into basic elements – even choosing one of them will make a huge difference in your day
  • Powerful: connects you quickly to your “big picture” thinking, and your inner wisdom to guide you forward

The program itself takes about a couple of hours to complete, but you can spread it out over days so you can become comfortable with each element of meditation.

By the end, you can print the Ma Meditation “Menu” to pick and choose, depending on what you need each day.

What exactly will I learn in Ma Meditation?

The Ma Meditation and Power Practice Program will take you step by step through the essential elements of meditation, so you can pick and choose from the menu and do what works for your schedule, your skill level, and your needs and desires.

It’s divided into six easy to do modules with a video and pdf for each:

Step 1: Learn to Breathe. In this section, we will discover how to breathe in a way that nourishes us (and baby if baby’s inside).

When we lengthen the exhale and expand certain areas of the body, we send a message to the nervous system that everything is ok. Our parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, slowing down heart rate and lowering blood pressure. It also creates a vacuum for a naturally fuller inhale to feed every cell with oxygen and prana (the invisible forces that nurture the physical body).

We also want to breathe using our stomach muscles optimally, so we are not creating pressure outward which can cause diastasis recti and weak abdominal muscles.

When we breathe fully and consciously we feel at ease, connected, and grounded.

Step 2: Tools to Help You Meditate. Meditation doesn’t mean stopping the thoughts – the mind will do its job no matter what. It means remembering that we are free to choose where to place our attention and understanding that whatever we focus on, grows.

In this section, we receive tools – mantras – and learn how to use them to help us gently bring our attention back to the present. You can choose from the pdf list or learn to make up your own.

Step 3: Strengthen Your Meditation Muscle. You will find there are moments where we no longer need tools, and just on our own we find ourselves in our peaceful, blissful center. We are learning to be more present for what really matters in life, rather than missing moments worrying about the future or regretting the past.

Step 4: Manifest Your Heart’s Desire. From the quiet space you’ve invited inside, and you begin to be more familiar with your deepest longings. This part of the practice helps us identify and begin to manifest all that we desire.

This is a magical step that is wonderful to share with children!

Step 5: Discover Your Gifts. We often make discoveries in our meditation practice that help us understand our lives better, and help us know what to do next. In this section, we’ll make sure to harvest all the good stuff from our practice so we continue to become the divine Ma goddess we are inside!

How much does the Ma Meditation program cost?

The Ma Meditation program is only $27.

However, right now it comes as a FREE bonus with membership!

Start your 2-week free trial here for instant access to the Ma Meditation & Power Program.

How do I get more information about Ma Meditation?

Happy Back in 5

How do I learn to align my spine?

The 5 Minutes to a Happy Back Program is an easy-to-do, self-paced program that will relieve your pain and help you keep it away.

You’ll feel better right away with our Rescue Poses and the 5-minute Happy Back sequence that anyone can do.

By the end of this one hour program, you will have learned how to:

  • walk and sit and play without pain
  • do rescue poses to help relieve and heal your back when it goes “out”
  • make slight shifts in how you drive, sleep, and stand so you can keep you feeling amazing all day – and night.

You will be so amazed at how life-changing 5 minutes a day can be!

AND, right now Happy Back comes FREE with Membership!

What are the modules of Happy Back in 5?

Each video is less than 10 minutes, and yet will teach you simple shifts you and tools you’ll use for your whole lifetime:

Understand WHY the Happy Back practice works, and how a simple shift back to your natural alignment can make all the difference in your comfort level.

What to do when your back seizes up, including simple Rescue Poses to give you relief plus jumpstart the healing process.

Takes about 10 minutes while you’re learning it, but you can do it in 5 with the PDF. OR, take your time, repeat some of your faves or stay with them longer, and enjoy your freedom to move!

Apply what we’ve learned to our most common poses: sitting, standing, and sleeping.

Step 5: WHAT’S NEXT?
We talk about the importance of core strength for staying in alignment, and provide resources to help you get it.

How much does Happy Back in 5 cost?

Happy Back in 5 is only $27.

However, right now it comes as a FREE bonus with your 2-week trial membership!

Register here for instant access to Happy Back in 5.

How do I get more information about Happy Back in 5?

Just go to the Happy Back in 5 page.

Online Birth Class

What does The Yoga of Birth cover? Is it a “real” birth class?

The Yoga of Birth was carefully designed by the top birth educators, doulas, and breath and alignment specialists in Los Angeles.

It’s a no-slant, all-you-need birth preparation class that will prepare you on every level with the pros and cons of each choice, tools and techniques, and support for a beautiful, empowering birth.

Your teachers, Melanie and Rachelle, are both highly experienced doulas who have “seen it all” and have open hearts and minds to whatever you’re bringing to the experience.

Your journey will look like this:

  • Module 1 – Support:
    Choose the Right Birth Team and Place for You
  • Module 2 – Steady Confidence:
    A Road Map through Laborland
  • Module 3 – Ease and Play
    Labor Breathing, Movement & Other Coping Skills
  • Module 4 – Power:
    Prepare for the Unexpected
  • Module 5 – Freedom – Postpartum Bliss:
    What You’ll Need (and Want!) after Birth
  • Module 6 – Back Around to Support:
    Postpartum and Motherhood Practices and Principles

For more info, just go to our Yoga of Birth page.

How much does The Yoga of Birth cost?

Pregnant mamas NOT taking this class for Certification credit can use this discount code to receive 50% off.

This all-you-need birth prep class is only $197 for six personalized sessions with this discount code:


Get ready to feel nurtured, guided, and ready for anything by our amazing doula teachers.

How do I get more information about The Yoga of Birth?

Go to The Yoga of Birth page for more information about our comprehensive birth prep class.

Go to the Event Registration for dates, times, prices and to register.

Teacher Training and RPYT Certification

What is the Ma Yoga Certification Program?

The Ma Yoga Certification program is an 85-hour comprehensive deep dive into how to support women in their childbearing years with yoga, on and off the mat.

It fulfills the Yoga Alliance requirements for RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) Certification, and it includes SO much more than prenatal yoga.

It’s really a way to understand how yoga changes – and needs to change – for women in their childbearing years.

You will understand how to:

  • help moms feel nurtured, revitalize, and find their strong core again
  • do simple, effective practices to access your innate feminine power, wisdom, and nurturing energy
  • incorporate Ayurvedic food, self-care, and daily rhythm practices for vitality, energy, and health
  • teach safe, effective and transformative pregnancy and mom yoga classes
  • start and grow your own “Mama Circle”
  • create a meaningful, rewarding career path and offer your gifts fully
  • use birth as a guru to become a powerful co-creator in your own life and relationships
  • use the Ma Yoga 5 Sacred Steps to help your students and clients get and stay out of pain
  • continue to receive the nurturing energy from this community to help you become the powerful, wise, and nurturing Ma Goddess you want to be.

Get more info about the Ma Yoga Certification Program or register today.

Is the whole Ma Yoga Certification Program available online?

Yes, the entire 85-hour Ma Yoga/Yoga Alliance Certification program is available online right now.

It is possible that Yoga Alliance will no longer allow the full 85-hours to be done online after Covid-19, but we will continue offering it.

What is required for Ma Yoga/Yoga Alliance RPYT Certification?

Take these trainings:

  • The Yoga of Pregnancy
  • The Yoga of Healing for Women
  • MAyurveda: Living Ayurveda for Women
  • Labor education – either your own doula training or our online The Yoga of Birth

Plus do your:

  • Six Prenatal/Mom class visits
  • Ma Mentorship – get one-on-one help creating prenatal classes you’ll feel confident teaching

Then apply for Ma Yoga Certification:

  • Once you’ve completed the above, submit your Ma Certification Application
  • Have your Certification Call with Jessica to discuss new career opportunities now available to you
  • Do your 30 hours of teaching and submit your Certificate to Yoga Alliance (you can apply to do this with us on our online prenatal platform)

Once You’re Done:

  • Receive support setting up a Mama Circle in your own neighborhood
  • Feel confident and inspired teaching pregnant women – and any yoga students! – and getting them out of pain
  • Be able to offer private yoga, mom-to-be packages, and healthy living sessions for busy women
What yoga teacher trainings do you offer?

Ma Yoga offers a comprehensive, 85-hour, all live online Prenatal Certification Program (RPYT) that’s really a comprehensive deep dive into yoga for all women.

You can take these trainings in any order, OR you can take an individual training for Continuing Education credit.

Here are all the different trainings that make up Ma Yoga Teacher Certification Program:

  • The Yoga of Pregnancy – Learn to easefully adjust poses, create sequences and inspire moms-to-be, both in regular yoga classes as well as safe, effective, and transformative prenatal yoga. After the training: write-up six live online prenatal class visits with our amazing teachers, so you have classes to teach in your back pocket.
  • The Yoga of Healing for Women – Use alignment principles to confidently relieve common aches and pains like wrist, back, and knee, as well as childbearing-related conditions like diastasis recti (abdominal wall splitting), infertility, and other postpartum issues.
  • MAyurveda: Living Ayurveda for Women –  Off-the-mat self-care, daily rhythms, and food as medicine for busy women, especially moms and moms-to-be.
  • Ma Mentorship – After The Yoga of Pregnancy and The Yoga of Healing you’ll hop on Zoom to get one-on-one help in integrating all that you have learned. After your mentorship you’ll be way more confident guiding, supporting, and inspiring moms-to-be, and you’re welcome to apply to teach with us on our online prenatal yoga platform if you want to get started in a supportive community of Ma teachers.
  • The Yoga of Birth – Led by two Ma doulas and Certified Ma Teachers, you’ll use yoga as your guide through choices and challenges of labor (not included in the whole program price, because you can choose to do a doula training on your own instead).

Go to www.PrenatalTeacherTraining.com for an overview, and click through for more info about each training.

I’m not sure the Ma Yoga Certification Program is right for me. How do I know?

Let’s talk.

I promise I won’t do the hard sell, I’ll just get your questions answered and together we’ll figure out if we’re a good fit.

Schedule a free Dreams & Visions call with me here.

I look forward to connecting with you.

How do I get more information about Ma Yoga teacher trainings?

Just go to our Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification page for an overview.

Click through to individual trainings for the curriculum.

Go to the Event Registration page for dates, times, prices and to register.


What kind of extra support can I get as a member?

As a Ma Yoga Living Member, you can hop in to weekly support calls with Jessica for help with any issues – yoga, aches and pains, pregnancy, motherhood – or something else.

Just login to the Ma Yoga Living Room and you’ll see Upcoming Events on the left, with the Zoom link for Member Support Calls.

Where can I get weekly email support for my pregnancy and postpartum journey?

We put together the biggest gems from our prenatal and postpartum classes and put them in weekly “Care Package” emails that address each choice and challenge that arises.

Sign up by entering where you’re at here.

How do I know if my “mommy moods” are normal, or if I need extra help?

Dr. Shoshana Bennett, author of Postpartum Depression for Dummies, has offered to support our moms.

Just start your free trial, hop in to Ask Dr. Shosh, and write out your question. She’ll answer in audio.

She also does Zoom sessions with our moms and moms-to-be at a deep discount, to help you figure out whether what you’re experiencing falls within normal limits or not, and how to address it.

Remember, you are never alone as so many of us are making a stand for supporting women during this challenging time.

How do I contact you with questions?

I love hearing from you!

Just reach out to me at jessica@mayoga.com.