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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Ob/Gyn approved, expert-taught Prenatal Yoga and Mom Yoga + Baby classes in Mama Circles around Southern California, as well as live online yoga classes and an extensive Ma Yoga Anytime video library!

2. Yoga for Women Teacher Trainings as well as our 85-hour Ma Yoga/Yoga Alliance Certification Program.

3. Online Empowering Birth Class, Ma Meditation and Happy Back in 5 – all easily accessible at www.MaYogaLiving.com.

Prenatal Yoga is great for any time of pregnancy, from the moment you miss your period to post-due date. It’s a gentle yet strengthening way to connect to your body, your breath, and your growing baby.

Perfect! Many women are motivated by having a baby growing inside to start listening to their body and aligning with their highest potential during this time. Since our classes are small, we can teach to whoever’s in the room and give lots of different variations depending on your level of experience and where you are on your journey, not to mention how you’re feeling each day!

You should definitely keep doing your yoga practice as long as it feels good!

We recommend adding at least one Prenatal Yoga class in to your week, starting as soon as possible.

Not only will you get guidance in adjusting poses for your growing baby, but you’ll prepare for labor and motherhood, enjoy a practice that’s created for your body and mind right now, and make new mom friends that you will be so grateful for later!

Prenatal Yoga is not aerobic – we recommend you combine it with walking, preferably up hills. But you will work muscles you didn’t know you had, creating a strong core so you can carry baby more easily, and keep back pain away.
All Ma Yoga teachers are specially trained in therapeutic alignment to address common aches and pains like back, neck, wrist, shoulder, and knee. Please tell the teacher before class if you are working with specific challenges in the body.  She will help make each pose therapeutic for your issue. We recommend that you do a one-on-one session with your teacher early on so she can be more of service to your specific needs in class. Plus, you’ll empower yourself with simple alighnment actions you can do to get yourself out of pain – anytime, anywhere.

Just email jessica@mayoga.com to set yours up!

Just choose the Prenatal Yoga or Mom Yoga + Baby class you want to go to by going up to “Locations”.

Then, Create Your Account. Once you’re logged in, click the link on the welcome page to “purchase” your First Free Class (no credit card required). Then you are ready to book and go to your first class!  Expect to leave feeling fabulous.

Don’t worry – we never charge for booking, only attending. We do appreciate an email (you can find your teacher’s email address on her Location Page, or on the Contact Page), but feel free to go ahead and book the next one.

Unfortunately the software doesn’t let you unbook, so thanks for letting us know if you can’t make it!

If you have a mat, bring it. If not, we have them there. Otherwise, wear comfortable clothing, always have water with you, and just drop by! You’ll leave feeling great, we promise.
If you loved your class experience (and we believe you will), just login and go to “Buy Classes”.
Your series is good for a year. You can use your classes at any Ma Yoga location, for any Prenatal Yoga or Mom Yoga + Baby classes.

So if you have classes left over after you have your baby, having some leftover classes will be great motivation to get out of the house, re-connect with old friends and start getting your body back!

Sorry, because of the high cost of credit card processing and the fact that our software does not do automatic partial refunds, we do not offer refunds for classes. Please purchase with care!

We do make an exception for miscarriage.

If you are sick or on bedrest, we are happy to extend your expiration date to make sure you can enjoy Mom + Baby classes later.

If you are moving, you can gift your classes to another student – just email jessica@mayoga.com with the name of the lucky mama!

Just login, go up to your name in the upper right, click My Account, and then My Info on the left.

Ma Yoga is a community of yoga teachers and birth practitioners who have come together to support women during this exciting time of change. We find comfortable locations to offer yoga and community to moms and moms to be.

In order to keep your costs down, we don’t have a front desk or an admin person. Everything is done online.

But you are always welcome to email or call with questions!  Just go to the Contact page for your teacher’s contact info.

It depends on your birth and your body.  As soon as your doctor gives you the ok to exercise, you’re ready.  If you had any tearing or a Cesarean birth, it might be 8-12 weeks.  If you had a vaginal birth with no complications, you might feel ready at 6-8 weeks.

That’s exactly what babies are supposed to do.  You  might spend half the time feeding, changing, and attending to baby but at least you’ll get a little yoga in and have some grown-up conversations!

In Mom Yoga + Baby, we emphasize core strengthening, to connect you to your power center again. So yes, it will help you get your body back!

But remember, it took you 9 1/2 months to get here, so it’ll take at least as long to get back to where you were.

A strong desire to support women on their journey to motherhood and beyond is the most important! An intention to complete the Ma Yoga Certification Program (4 modules + doula training) is next. We will talk about the rest in our Dreams and Vision Call – email jessica@mayoga.com to set yours up. And please go to www.PrenatalTeacherTraining.com for all the deets about our program.

Not at all.  Ma Yoga is a community of yoga teachers and birth practitioners who are in business for themselves.  We support each other, coach each other, and benefit because we all use the same website. We don’t have to compete with each other because we start our mama circles in different neighborhoods.  With this model, when one class does well, others do well, so it leads to a very deep connection of intention between us.

Many people who take the Yoga of Pregnancy Workshop & Teacher Training simply want to have the information and tools for their own journey. The practices you will learn will help you find your inner gps, whether you’re pregnant with a baby or ideas, a mom or a grandma!

Your partner is welcome to all of our Prenatal Yoga classes, as are friends and family members!

We also offer a Partner Prenatal Workshop at each location so that you can spend a wonderful afternoon together learning tools to connect to each other and baby, prepare for labor and motherhood, and find your center while you’re supporting each other.

Check “Workshops” for the next one, and if you don’t see one scheduled soon, let the teacher know you’re interested! You can find her email address on the Contact Us page.

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You’ll get a quicker response if you email jessica@mayoga.com.  I love hearing from you!

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Go up to “Classes” to choose your class. Then, Create Your Account. Once you’re logged in, click the link on the welcome page to “purchase” your First Free Class (no credit card required). Now you are ready to click “Book Me” and sign up for your first class!  Expect to enjoy yourself immensely, no matter where in the journey you are.

If we didn’t answer your question here, please go up to the menu and see “Classes” & “Locations” where you can get locations, schedules, prices, and descriptions for all of our classes.

To find out what to expect the first time, just click Classes/How To Try a Free Class.

If you are still confused about anything, please feel free to email jessica@mayoga.com with any questions!