How the Ma Yoga Pregnancy Community Changed My Journey to Motherhood

How I Found My Pregnancy Community I Didn’t Know I Wanted

I remember the day I started googling “yoga for pregnancy.” At thirteen weeks pregnant, I felt awesome, but I was puzzled. 

yoga pregnancy community

As I was coming back from my usual yoga practice, I couldn’t help wondering if I was doing the poses correctly. I thought, “there has to be a dedicated type of yoga for pregnant women.” 

Lucky for me, I found out there were prenatal yoga classes available in my area.

After my first Ma Yoga class with Rachelle Luczynzki, I was sweating; I was excited, and most of all I was empowered. 

From the very first time I sat on the mat, I found a mind, body, and soul connection with the inner-me and the new life I was carrying.

 There was a greater awareness of my body and surroundings as I adjusted my yoga goals to fit in with this new community.

A Pregnancy Community of the Heart

My experience with the Ma Yoga pregnancy community went way beyond the physical. I found myself transforming from a very self-centered person to an open book. I allowed myself to receive all the love and support from my new community. With that feeling of connection, I did something that I had never done in my life – I started building new relationships.

There’s a word in Sanskrit, the ancient language of yoga, for this connection is Kula — a community of the heart. The tribe of powerful women I found in Ma Yoga became my kula. We uplifted and empowered each other.  We allowed ourselves to feel vulnerable enough to hold hands and walk together through the journey of motherhood.

As a result, I decided to continue my path of self-discovery and found that Ma Yoga’s pregnancy yoga teacher training program was calling me. I had never taught yoga a day in my life, but I said yes with an open heart and no ego.

My Ma Yoga Teacher Training

meditation benefit for pregnancy - pregnancy community

During my teacher training, I came to understand the importance of experiencing both wholeness and vulnerability. 

For it is only from a deep acceptance of ourselves that we can access the power to connect with and uplift others.

The Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification Program showed me the unbreakable power women have together in a group. Most of all, it taught me how to grow and learn from other women. Different parts of myself emerged: the powerful woman, the friend, the mother, and the instructor. What better place for my heart than in class, guiding and supporting new mamas in their self-discovery?

A Lasting Impression

Because of the gifts I receive from being part of a beautiful pregnancy community, my labor and postpartum were amazing. I owe it all to my teachers, fellow students, and the community we built together. I could hear my teacher’s voice in every contraction, keeping my mind focused and maintaining the connection to my body and baby.

While the pregnancy itself went smoothly, right after my little girl was born, my body felt torn. I felt like I had lost a part of myself and had to struggle to find my center again. Consequently, it was a hard and humbling experience.

yoga pregnancy community

Luckily, I was able to bounce back right to my pregnancy community which was now a mom community. Through meditation and the alignment-based practices that were so familiar and comforting to my body, I was able to slowly find myself again – but a different version. I can’t thank my pregnancy community enough for the empowerment I felt throughout the whole process. Because of Ma Yoga, I found balance and transformation.

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