Free Stuff for Pregnant Women, New Moms & Yogis

free stuff for pregnant women, new moms and yogis

Join us for a Prenatal Yoga, Postpartum Yoga, Restorative or Foundations class. Your first class is FREE. All classes are taught by experts in therapeutic alignment. Relieve stress and aches & pains, strengthen and open, and prepare to feel amazing.

free stuff for pregnant women - prenatal videos

Get instant access to Ma Yoga Anytime video classes and short practices for pregnant mamas and moms, free weekly classes for aches and pains, Design-Your-Own-Meditation program, Happy Back in 5 Minutes program, and much more!

free stuff for pregnant women, new moms and yoga teachers

Curious about the magic behind the method of prenatal yoga? Learn the essential five principles and have the tools to support, guide and inspire pregnant women and new moms.


Select trimester if you're pregnant, new mom or yoga instructor and get guidance for the choices and challenges coming up right now. Includes links to free stuff for pregnant women and new moms in the first email!

free stuff for pregnant women, new moms and yogis

If you don't like meditating or thing you're not good at it, you will LOVE Ma Meditation. Commit to yourself for 5 days, listening to a 5 minute meditation each day, and watch your life change - inside and out. Seriously.

Free ebook

The Yoga of Pregnancy

Discover the do’s and don’ts, how to safely adjust regular poses and the amazing benefits of prenatal yoga.