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10 UN-Recipes for Mamas

When I became a mom, I had no idea how to make a healthy meal without spending an hour in the kitchen.

And since I didn’t have an hour EVER, it didn’t happen.Green smoothie MAyurveda

I was exhausted and I knew my body needed support, but I didn’t no where to turn.

And I did NOT want long, involved recipes with tons of ingredients and little granishes.

So I went back to studying Ayurveda, the sister-science to yoga and the oldest healthy system still in use today.

I learned principles that were so effective, it was like someone had given me a whole half-day each day, because I not longer crashed in the afternoon.

I was able to give my body energy and nourishment and actually spend LESS time preparing food than I ever had, looking for things to eat.

And I started my daughter out on healthy food from the beginnin.

I put these simple steps in my ebook, 10 (Easy, Nourishing) Recipes I Wouldn’t Want to be a (Busy) Mom Without! (grab it on the sidebar)

The Yoga of Pregnancy ebook

I get interviewed sometimes about Prenatal Yoga, and most of the time the first question is, “What poses should we avoid when we’re pregnant?”

If we come at Prenatal Yoga from this place of fear, we’re just falling into society’s falsely limited idea about what is possible when we’re pregnant.

Not only can we learn how to stay strong when we’re pregnant, we can move freely and enjoy our bodies

We simply need to know some basic alignment principles to follow.

I put them all in this book. Yes, I do go over some poses to avoid – but hopefully, not only will it help pregnant women learn therapeutic alignment principles that apply throughout our lives, but it will help us learn to use the challenges of pregnancy as opportunities to step into our most powerful, wisest, and most nurturing selves.

Click here for the Yoga of Pregnancy ebook.

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