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Get Info about Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Please tell me a little about yourself below and I will reach out to you about the Ma Yoga Certification Program.

If you don’t want me to reach out to you no worries! Just say that in the comments.

You will also receive my Prenatal Do’s and Don’ts eBook for Teachers for free, which is a great introduction and will give you a sense of where I’m coming from.

Hope to connect with you soon!Prenatal-Book---1-transparent (2)

with love and blessings,


Jessica Jennings, MS, ERYT, RPYT
Founder, Ma Yoga for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond

anuschkaI love Jessica’s book, “The Yoga of Pregnancy”. It contains brilliantly simple explanations and answers that I can pass on to my pregnant students, as well as research and citations that I can look up myself to further my own education.

The pictures are wonderfully clear, and what appeals to me most about them is that they are pictures of an average pregnant woman, a real Mama Goddess, not a Photoshopped supermodel with gorgeous hair, perfect makeup and a teeny-tiny belly.

+- Dr. Anuschka Brhelle, Chiropractor and Registered Yoga Teacher