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Ma Yoga Beverly Hills – SORRY - we have closed our in-person locations and we're all-online now.

Our live online yoga classes are friendly, casual, and easy to hop in to in your own living room!

Please join us for Prenatal, Mom, Restorative or Foundations in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room. Book your first FREE class here.


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About Our Instructors

Linda Eifer

I’m a native of Los Angeles, mother of two, and more recently, a yogi. I joined the Anusara community in 2000, began teaching yoga in 2004, prenatal yoga in 2007. I draw on experiences, family, my students, and the natural world for inspiration to find parallels between ancient yoga teachings and contemporary life. I am especially thankful to be teaching prenatal yoga where, with my students, we find infinite ways to joyfully celebrate new beginnings Questions about this class? I would love to hear from you!

Prenatal Teacher Training
Ma Yoga teacher Rachelle Luczynski

Rachelle Luczynski

Come enjoy our neighborhood community! I love to create a safe place to empty your basket and empower and share with each other about pregnancy, motherhood, your body and your labor.Whether you’re a first time yogi or a yoga teacher, you will find your deeper truth along the way, and your connection to inner support as well as outer support.Using Ma Yoga’s tools you can feel great throughout your journey. As a pre and post natal doula and a prenatal yoga teacher, I am compassionate about wherever you’re at any time throughout your day! We tailor our classes to the needs of each student, and each student receives individualized attention. We have created a sanctuary where you will be encouraged to play, practice, and learn from each other. Our community is growing and students have returned to join us as they prepare to have their second babies.Questions about this class? I would love to hear from you! 323-841-1838, .

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Enjoy your classes Mama! We’re SO glad to have you join the Ma Yoga community.