Ma Yoga Prenatal Do’s and Don’ts Free Ebook

Ma Yoga Prenatal Do’s and Don’ts Free Ebook
Ma Yoga Prenatal Do’s and Don’ts Free Ebook 2018-12-18T22:02:23+00:00

The Yoga of Pregnancy ebook

pictures jessica oldThis ebook isn’t just a Do’s and Don’ts list of what NOT to do when we’re pregnant. It’s about how we can turn the challenges of this time into an opportunity to learn how to discover into our highest, most powerful, and wisest Self – and become the mom we want to be!

In The Yoga of Pregnancy, you will discover:

  • 3 big myths about Prenatal Yoga
  • How Prenatal Yoga helps prepare you for labor
  • What science tells us about exercise and pregnancy
  • Why we can all benefit from Prenatal Yoga, whether we’re a newbie or a yoga teacher
  • What poses to avoid during pregnancy
  • The one thing we can do to negatively affect our pregnancy on & off the mat

Are you a teacher? There’s a different version for you available on – just click “Get More Info”!Prenatal-Book---1 (2)

anuschkaI love Jessica’s book, “The Yoga of Pregnancy”. It contains brilliantly simple explanations and answers that I can pass on to my pregnant students, as well as research and citations that I can look up myself to further my own education.

– Anuschka Brhelle, Prenatal Yoga Instructor

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