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If you're too busy for self-care...

Mayurveda is an online Ayurveda training for busy nurturers of people and projects.

Hi I’m Jessica. I might look fine in these pictures as a new mom – and I was super happy – but I was also exhausted, depleted, and my hair is newly straight and thinning.

I realized despite years of teaching yoga, I really didn’t know how to take care of myself. I didn’t know what my body needed to heal, and I wasn’t sure what to eat so I could both take off the extra AND nourish myself – all while not spending tons of time in the kitchen. 

I signed up for an online Ayurveda training – an in-depth exploration of the 5,000 year old wellness system of India – and I feel like I spent that year with my jaw dropped open.

ayurveda online training

Not only was online learning miraculous – I could be connected with like-minded people all over the world while being with my baby – with Ayurveda, I felt like someone had given me the manual I’d always dreamed of, called “The Care and Feeding of a Human.” 

Through incorporating Ayurvedic principles, food as medicine and self-care routines, I got my body, my optimistic mindset, and even my afternoons back. I learned to make nourishing food for my unique constitution quickly. My hair grew in thicker and I even got my curls back!

I pared down what I'd learn into a simple online an Ayurveda training for all women.

Ayurveda is the oldest and most comprehensive health and wellness system still in use today, and means “the science of life.”

Many of the simple routines and rhythms you might never have heard of, but once you try them they’ll become as normal as brushing your teeth – and you’ll want to do them even on your busiest days.

Unlike many Ayurvedic programs, Mayurveda incorporates nurturing, mother energy so you can explore  Ayurveda practices into your own life. After each session you’ll try a new self-care routine, daily rhythm or food-as-medicine practice so you can experience the boost in your own health and energy.  

This online Ayurveda training is specially crafted for you if you’re a busy yoga teacher, birth worker, or anyone interested in helping women heal and thrive. You can take it for Continuing Education credit or to fulfill partial requirements for the Ma Yoga/ Yoga Alliance Prenatal Yoga Certification Program.

In a nurturing environment over six sessions, you’ll incorporate simple but potent Ayurvedic lifestyle, daily rhythm and food-as-medicine routines into your busy life.

Classes are live streamed, so you can join us live online and step into a nurturing current that will help you reconnect to your feminine wisdom and power.

Or you are welcome to do the course at your own pace, on your own time.

OR – do both, at no additional cost.

Upon registering, you’ll have instant access to this course as well as our nurturing “Mayurveda Circle”. You can do this course self-paced, and/or join us live. Plus you’ll have evergreen access.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Mayurveda with you. Each class was so wonderful, spoke right to my level, and urged me into beautiful new territory.

It was challenging in the best possible way.

Narelle P.

I’ve been following the Ayurveda daily time rhythm and its amazing how your energy shifts with it!

Thank you for allowing your lectures to be recorded online.

Even though I can’t be there during the live chats, it is nice to still feel apart of this class and to be able to learn the information and instill it in my life.

Jenny C.

So the last two weeks, my win has been revolved around this overall feeling of …. feeling really good, feeling like I have found my new normal, feeling grounded again despite the chaos around me.

I know its because of the anchor practices…thank you.

Michelle P.

I am feeling better and was actually incorporating some of the suggestions for new mamas for my flu recovery and it felt really good. I especially loved the date smoothie.

Thanks Jess for all your great information but also your personal commitment. Its clear how much you care about your ladies.

Emilie C.

It was great to be able to listen and participate while taking care of my son and if I missed something I could re-listen to that part of the call on the recording.

By adding a few of [the Anchor Practices] into my daily routine, I now have the extra energy to take care of my son without feeling drained.

Elizabeth R.

I’m reading John Douillard’s perfect health for children, but honestly got more out of your lecture Jessica. Your quick tips on dietary needs I find really interesting.

Thank you for so much wisdom and support!

Sarita D.

You’ll Get Answers To Questions Such As...

Upon registering, you’ll have instant access to this course as well as our nurturing “Mayurveda Circle”. You can do this course self-paced, and/or join us live. Plus you’ll have evergreen access.

Something else impressed upon me from this past week and it is how much of our daily practice with the MAyurveda gets us back in touch with self care and self love–something as a new mom or working mom or mom of multiples… we often neglect, forget and fail to do. (Yup, I used the f-word!)

And what a great way to set the example to those around us (to our children, to other women, etc…) by our actions.

Danielle K.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Mayurveda with you. Each class was so wonderful, spoke right to my level, and urged me into beautiful new territory.

It was challenging in the best possible way.

Narelle P.

Not only I feel more energized, but also, I feel that my workouts have better results. Well… I have been teaching about 4 classes a day painfree!!!!

I am just soooo amazed at the changes from the addition of this spice into my daily food intake. Jessica, I can’t thank you enough for this ayurveda course.

Dianne H.

If I had to pick my favourite element of the whole Ma Yoga Certification program, I think Mayurveda would be it!

I knew NOTHING about Ayurveda before this series of online conference video calls. I loved that the structure (weekly video calls) allowed the knowledge to really sink in and for more research afterwards to be done. I loved the sense of community created.

I loved being given the time to allow new things to be tried and for new routines to be created. MAyurveda also has helped me to improve my family life – who knew that would happen!


Great course and very well paced! I felt empowered with basic knowledge to incorporate anchor practices and be more proactive on self care and self healing. And also to share my new experiences with family and friends.

The course being broken down into digestible chunks along with the printable course books really helped me. Discussing during the sessions and the fact that the anchor practices are so tangible and helpful also helped.

Jacki A.

Jess’ MAyurveda course will change your life for the better! Once she helps you understand your dosha she teaches the Ayurvedic anchor practices that you can slowly incorporate these healthful practices into your life.

As a working mom of a baby and 3 year old, I felt overwhelmed before this course. Before you know it you’ve incorporated all the anchor practices into your life and it’s such a small investment to do so! My kids and I are eating so healthy now. Thank you Jess!

Kali N.

It feels good to take an active focus on my self-care!  I tried oil massage before the shower this week and it really does make my skin feel amazing! Using the neti pot has been great too. I feel like I am breathing more clearly throughout the day.

In my prenatal yoga class tonight I shared with the mamas about anchor practices and establishing a daily rhythm and offered some suggestions that they could try and establish before their babies come. It was great to speak about this topic feeling confident with all the knowledge I have gained in this class!

Chelsey S.

After listening to the Week 3 Mayurveda playback, it’s like a lightbulb suddenly turned on and I have a better understanding of why I crave what I do! Knowing this, I have adapted HOW I eat and I am excited to what differences I feel.

The tools and knowledge Jessica shares are applicable to people at all stages of this life journey and particularly interesting to me in my preconception planning.

Casey D.

My perception of online learning has totally changed. I have felt a wonderful connection with this process and am enjoying it. I have started cooking more, making lentils, and tonight is the sweet rice I am testing with brown rice.

I am so excited to have this knowledge that I can actually pass on to my clients.  ♥

Melanie W.

I loved it! I loved the community you created. I loved the ease of the call downloading and the materials to follow along with. I liked all the suggestions. I feel like I really learned a lot.

I really loved the daily routine plan and to hear how it works for you and how it was working for the others. It led me to some experimentation, and I felt like I really bonded with my boyfriend as we both tried some things together.

So far, I am living in a new way because of you!

Laurenne S.

It was great to be able to do the MAyurveda calls from my own home and to listen to them again if I needed to.

I really enjoyed that we had to challenge ourselves with the Dina Charya. I have been tongue scraping for almost a week and trying to wind down after 6 pm. Also eating my biggest meal at lunch has kept me feeling pretty light at night!!

Aileen P.

Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom. I truly learned so much about Ayurveda. My new practices and routines feel really good, and I’m sharing these practices and having discussions with mamas and mamas-to-be and getting positive responses.

With this course, I have so many more tools to help my family and the mamas I works with stay healthy. Also, seeing health and dis-ease through the lens of Ayurveda has opened my mind to so much possibility.

Lauren R.

I have really enjoyed the MAyurveda teleseminar and was pleasantly surprised that this form of training works so well.

You did a wonderful job, making the calls and the study subject easy to listen to. Overall, the seminar helped me to see a bigger picture and receive very useful and practical advice.

Thank you so much for creating the course and for being such a support and inspiration for others!

Andrea R.

Wow, I was crying right after doing our “Look Ma no hands” pranayama. Thank you thank you.

We all are so blessed to have you in our lives; we are so blessed to have MAyurveda principles and practices especially now with all of the shifts that are occurring.  Thank you for going beyond your head and letting your heart and intuition guide you into sharing these principles with us.

Nina R.

This course was one of the main reasons I was so interested in Ma Yoga and it did not disappoint. I’ve done a bit of training and research into Ayurveda prior to this course and its been from a pretty rigid/traditional all or nothing sort of view so its been such a breath of fresh air to see it in a more doable light.

Thank you! Distilling it into these anchor practices has helped me and I’m excited to share with my future students.

Caitlin C.

Thank you for this great course! I enjoyed every session although I couldn’t be there live.

Thank you for sharing all your wisdom, spirit and heart – this has been very meaningful to me.

What's Mayurveda?

Ayurveda means “the knowledge of life”.

For me, learning it was like getting a user manual for How to Have a Body that I never received in Health class.

But there was a lot that was so complex and time-consumping, it was not going to be part of my busy mompreneur life.

I created “MAyurveda” because so much of Ayurveda is easy, accessible, powerful, and so relevant for today’s common issues.

MAyurveda refers to the principles and practices that give us the most vital, transformative daily rhythms, food principles and self care practices for busy women, yogis, moms and moms-to-be.

What to expect from your online Ayurveda training?

After your 3-week exploration of both Ayurvedic knowledge and Ayurvedic lifestyle practices, you’ll have incorporated transformative routines and principles that will continue to uplevel your own health, as well as that of your family and clients. 

You’ll also be ready to weaveayurveda training - weave into classes yoga be allow surrender Ayurvedic therapies into your yoga classes, as the principles of Ma Yoga are based in the five elements, and make it easy to share about ways to balance energy, both on and off the mat.

In our first three sessions you’ll learn the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. You’ll take a questonnaire about your unique constitution (curious? here’s a quick Ayurveda quiz), and you’ll come to understand your personal “dosha” qualities more clearly – physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

You’ll get to explore ways to reconnect to your natural rhythms throughout your day, and how that helps you fulfill your highest potentials.

You’ll try incorporating some of the “Anchor Practices” to experience them for yourself – simple but potent self care routines that make a world of difference.

In our last three sessions, you’ll practice applying these principles to pregnancy, post-partum and kids.

By the end, my intention is that you have a solid understanding of how to address many physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual imbalances with simple lifestyle shifts.

If You’re A Yoga Teacher…

You’re busy. You care for others a lot. You don’t have time to take care of YOU, and even if you did, you might not be exactly sure what to do.

In addition to giving you more tools to help students and clients, the MAyurveda: Living Ayurveda Training will help you incorporate quick and easy routines to support you no matter how packed your day gets.
I can’t wait to share what I call “Anchor Practices”: core habits of the yogi that help us maintain our connection to our highest Self throughout your day, your week, and your life.

In This Transformative Ayurveda Training, I’ll Teach You How To:

Upon registering, you’ll have instant access to this course as well as our nurturing “Mayurveda Circle”. You can do this course self-paced, and/or join us live. Plus you’ll have evergreen access.

Join us Live or Watch On Video

Or both! Of course, I love to see you live, and if you have the time you’ll get more out of your experience. Every time I teach Mayurveda (and I’ve been teaching it online since 2012), I get new insight and inspiration.

BUT, you can watch the videos and still stay in the nurturing current of the group.

OR, you can even do the whole thing anytime. You’ll have instant access to the course when you sign up, and you can watch the videos and take the quizzes for credit.

You may take this Ayurveda Training to fulfill requirements for the Ma Yoga/Yoga Alliance Prenatal Certification, or for Continuine Education credit.

Your Itinerary

Session 1: MAyurvedic Overview Of The Universe

Session 2: How This Ancient Wisdom Can Help You Understand Your Body

Session 3: How To Know When You're Out Of Balance, And What To Do

Session 4: Practical Application – Pregnancy

Session 5: Practical Application – Post-Partum

Session 6: Practical Application – Kids, Menstruation, And Self-Care

You’ll have evergreen access to your eCoursebooks, videos and recipes so you can use it all as a reference, and stay up to date with changes to the course.

relaxation technique - kosha

Upon registering, you’ll have instant access to this course as well as our nurturing “Mayurveda Circle”. You can do this course self-paced, and/or join us live. Plus you’ll have evergreen access.

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