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A Mama Circle in every neighborhood

Birth should be beautiful.

  • 45% of women report their births were traumatic
  • 1 in 7 women experience depression in the year after they give birth
  • postpartum blues impacts approximately 50% to 75% of new mothers

The Ma Collective is making a difference.

Birth should be safe.

  • Black women are 27 percent more likely to experience severe pregnancy complications
  • Black and Native American women are two to three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes.
Marina Del Rey prenatal classes online and on-site
yoga teacher mentorship - Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga Certification Program
Together we can

Let's empower moms and moms-to-be

At the Ma Collective, we believe that every mom-to-be should receive guidance, support and inspiration on the journey to motherhood and beyond.

  • Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga classes tailored to the needs of moms and moms-to-be, with a focus on both physical and emotional well-being.
  • Educational workshops and resources to help mothers make informed decisions about their health and the health of their child.
  • Support to those on the ground working to improve maternal and child health, including scholarships for prenatal training and platforms to expand their reach.

Why It Matters

Negative birth outcomes for Black and Native American populations are through the roof bad. Black and Native American women are two to three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes.

We don’t know why yet, but it’s not simple economics or lack of education: the Pregnancy-Related Mortality Ratio for black women with at least a college degree was 5.2 times that of their white counterparts. So what else is at work?
The graph at the left shows the affect of stress caused by living the world while being a woman of color. We know that stress is the NUMBER ONE risk factor for negative birth outcomes.
AND, we know from hundreds of studies that yoga and meditation are highly effective at reducing stress.

How We're Making a Difference

We’ve had more than 20,000 moms-to-be come through our “Mama Circles” in Southern California, and hundreds take our teacher trainings so they can confidently share empowering yoga practices and principles with moms-to-be.

Ma Yoga teaches:

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training graduate Rachelle Luczynski with mamas
GOAL: Train 10 women to be prenatal yoga teachers in communities where there are few resources.
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Our goal : $10,000 0%

Our goal: $10,000

prenatal class
GOAL: Bring live online prenatal yoga class to 60 moms-to-be in their own homes.
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Our goal : $10.000 0%

Our goal: $10,000

couple taking birth class
GOAL: Comprehensive, evidence-based, nurturing birth education courses for 50 moms-to-be and partners.
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Our goal : $10.000 0%

Our goal: $10,000

these people teach prenatal yoga with ma yoga

Want to be part of the Ma Collective?

For a minimum donation of $35/month, you’ll have access to our monthly Masterclasses with experts, Nurturing Business Support, weekly live therapeutic yoga and 300+ Ma Yoga Anytime classes.

Masterclasses with experts

Ma Collective events

We provide a platform for experts in the field of women’s wellness, specifically around pregnancy and postpartum. The public is welcome to attend Masterclasses live. For a monthly donation of $35, you can access the videos plus receive monthly Nurturing Business Support, weekly yoga, and Ma Yoga Anytime.

04 May

Closing the Bones

with Dr. Sophie Messager

A Masterclass in the powerful postpartum massage ritual used in many cultures all over the world.

1 June

Infant Massage

with Rachael Amin

A Masterclass in simple principles any practitioner can add to their toolbag to help mom connect with and nurture their new babies.

13 July

The Power of Sound

with Shay Nichols

A Masterclass in sound practices for vocal power and energy healing.  Sound is a vibration that can promote healing on the deepest, energetic levels.

Jessica Jennings, founder ma yoga online prenatal yoga certification program - zoom yoga for pregnancy