The Yoga of Birth Class Online

Join Us For The Yoga Of Birth: A Live, Comprehensive No-slant Birth Class Online

The Yoga of Birth means:

Our online birth class is taught by two doulas who have helped hundreds of moms-to-be co-create empowering births.

prenatal yoga bellies at ma yoga

In this nurturing 3-week online birth class, you will be guided by two highly experienced birth doulas and postpartum experts through the pro’s and con’s of all the choices and challenges of labor and postpartum.

In addition to finding confidence and calm, relieving pre-birth jitters, and clarifying exactly what YOU want, you’ll have all the tools you need to create an empowering, beautiful birth experience.

You’ll connect to both inner and outer strength so you’re ready for anything, and so you can fully meet each choice and challenge.

We all need support, guidance, and inspiration, beyond the usual facts we get in a standard birth class.

Enjoy the fullest preparation possible in the comfort of your own living room!

Become the “Ma” you want to be, in the way you want to.

Through the lens of yoga, this journey offers incredible opportunities for growth in the areas of self-connection, presence, embodiment, relationships, and letting go.
I just wanted to say how much I loved Yoga of Birth. I wish I'd had this class before I gave birth to my daughter 2.5 years ago. If Melanie and Rachelle taught me anything, it's that mamas deserve to be supported every single step of the way, in any kind of birth that arises. Thank you so much for this program-- I'm so excited to do my Ma Mentorship and to teach mamas! I've gained the confidence to start offering prenatal yoga in the new year 🙂
Caitie McAneney - Ma Yoga Certification participant
Caitlin McAneney
Mom, Yoga Teacher

What You’ll Learn In The Yoga Of Birth Class Online

The Yoga of Birth is so empowering for all women, not just those that are pregnant but also for those who support them.

I highly recommend this course to anyone working in the prenatal realm and/or are pregnant themselves; the content is so abundant and so awesome!

In this course I learned such valuable information by such educated and experienced ladies that I cannot wait to implement not only in my upcoming birth of my first child but also in my teaching. High five to this program 🙂

Mandy M.

I would absolutely recommend this class for anyone who has pregnant students or clients.

It’s not just how to apply philosophy and asana, it’s a lot about how to get the conversations going and create community.

I feel more confident, and more informed and like I’ve been teaching prenatal longer than I have because I’ve been in these classes and these conversations.

Ivy G.

I loved all of the information offered in this course!

It reminded me what impact we can have and having the necessary tools and resources is so important.

Kellie J.

These are topics you don’t really talk about with people who aren’t postpartum or teaching it. It’s a very specific time in your life and it was good able to reconnect and get back those feelings.

It was so nice to be in that space, to feel supported and reMember we’re not alone.

Annie K.

The Yoga of Birth gave me language to understand my birth experience.

Prior to that course, if I had been asked if my birth experience was traumatic, I would have said ‘no’ because there wasn’t a code red or emergency c-section, or anything like that.

Feeling like I didn’t belong in that category left me, for years, with only the feelings of guilt – and no thought that I deserved or should be seeking comfort or healing for myself.

Now I feel healed in a way I didn’t even know I needed!

Heather K.

I am so happy I chose your training. The Doulas were amazing!!!

So beautiful you can feel the doula love and support from here.

Nancy B.

I started out the training not being sure if I really wanted to become a prenatal teacher and if I really wanted to go into this very special connection with moms-to-be/ and new moms.

Now, after the Yoga of Birth I’m even thinking that maybe the work of a doula might speak to me.

Ann-Christin G.

I loved Rachelle and Melanie! I learned so much and had no idea how many options we had. I was ignorant and now I am educated. This course added more value to my toolbox of wonderful things to share and I am glad to be a resource now.

I really appreciated all the stories shared amongst everyone! I felt so safe in this circle. Rachelle and Melanie were amazing, loving, empathetic people and I hope their communication skills rubs off on me.

This program has been amazing. It felt personal, attended to, cared about. I am very happy.

Bonita C.

Thank you Melanie and Rachelle for being such supportive and wise leaders on this Yoga of Birth journey.  I really enjoyed the application of yoga as a lens through which to approach birth. Layering yoga philosophy, meditation, pranayama, and asana on top of birth has been lovely to learn, since this wasn’t such a direct focus of my previous trainings.

I will take away the importance of integrating the 5 Sacred Steps into my own experience as a birthing person and for my future students so that I can more present and balanced in each moment as they come.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience!

Angela B.

I’ve loved the Yoga of Birth classes! I listened to most the first time around too, and so listening a 2nd time has really helped everything sink in.

I wish I could have attended live, but I still feel I am getting so much just listening to the classes.

I especially love how vulnerable everyone is with sharing during class and in the circle. Helps me feel less alone with my worries!

I’ve also found the homework to be really helpful too, and know the resources will continue to be so valuable.

It’s wonderful that you also offer retakes up to 3 years, as it’s already been so helpful to revisit Yoga of Birth!

Jessica M.

Wow. I learned so much through this course! There were so many things I hadn’t even thought of!  I feel empowered to share more info with friends and students.

To be honest, a lot of what I learned also scared me a bit about non-surgical births with all that could go wrong and all that is unexpected, but now I also have more tools for the best outcome with a surgical birth too, with delayed cord cutting, swabbing, etc!

Thank you, Melanie and Rachelle and fellow yogis for such a fabulous, eye-opening course!

I’ve now listened about twice, and will definitely revisit resources for myself and others in the future!

Jessica M.

Melanie and Rachelle – Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with all of us in this course.

I am so grateful for the wealth of information and the community that is provided as part of this journey.

I was anxious in this new role as a birth doula, and this course reminded me that there is a community of others who have walked this path before me who want nothing more than for me to succeed.

It was so different from the doula training I had done through DONA International, just to see it all through the yoga lens and the fact that you’re both doulas as well was really nice.



Alison S.

[The Yoga of Birth] provided so much insight into the birthing process, options expectant mothers have, and the importance of standing in your power as a strong woman. 

I have begun to incorporate more meditation in my day to day and have gained confidence to ask my OBGYN questions relating to my birth plan.

Alexis Craft

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks following the Yoga of Birth course integrating all of the resources and info as I begin to create my own birth plan.

This course was truly transformational and I am so thankful.

Lindsay Bond

It met my expectations and more!!!! I was actually very glad that it included so much birthing and postpartum information. I thought it was going to only be yoga.

I loved all of the resources and the enthusiasm of the instructors. The constant emails were great for staying on track and easy links… You gals are doing a great job inspiring so many birthing and yoga professionals, I loved it! Good job Melanie and Rachelle and Jessica

Theresa Woodbury

I am beyond appreciative that there is so much information being shared that is ever changing and evolving. The amazing teachers sharing their knowledge and paying it forward is incredibly helpful and beneficial to society on a whole.

From inception to postpartum and beyond – there are valuable tools being taught that go beyond pregnancy and post – to all people that can benefit through yoga posture and self healing conversations, self care, supportive groups, nourishment of the body and alternative supportive care.

Andie Miller

Melanie and Rachelle are excellent communicators and deeply supportive of the students in the class.

Cindy Farkas

This was all extremely relevant to what is going on in my life right now, as I’m 6 months pregnant. I immediately applied the information from each section in conversations with my OB, my partner, and in interviewing and hiring a doula.

I was able to initiate those conversations more confidently. I have a clearer picture of what my options are for labor and delivery. I’ve been practicing some of the poses for labor in my yoga practice. The instructors were very knowledgeable and encouraging. I’m so glad I took this course!

Meghan Janssen

I’m pregnant and this was an opportunity to be a part of a community and was packed with useful info. Loved this course and the live component!

Georgiana B

This course was packed with great information. I loved the live sessions, the opportunity to connect with others, and the plethora of resources available.

Jenn D.

I feel validated on so much of how I felt and advocated for my own baby’s birth. It has allowed me the reminder that holding the space and feeling the community is the most important part of our job. Thank you.

Jen S.

I think this format is wonderful and is perfect for self-paced learning.

I’m no longer judging myself for only liking to do yin/restorative yoga as I found that doing prenatal yoga is much more my speed!

Love this class and community.

Traci A.

I only wish I had taken this before I had my baby.

I feel validated on so much of how I felt about my own baby’s birth.

It reminded me that holding the space and feeling the community is the most important part of our job.

Jen D.

Rachelle, Melanie – thank you very much!

I learned a lot and really loved your heart-warming way of teaching, how you demonstrated the inner spiral in the birth-related asanas and how you cherished all moms.

Angelina J.

It has filled me up so I feel like I’m so so much more rich and full and expansive through this process of learning with Rachelle and Melanie.

Just the way you bring the yoga and the birth together, because I’ve been a yogi for a while, and I’ve been supporting mamas and birth for a while like you said both animals and people, but there hasn’t been a place for me where it’s all it’s all one.

So I’m just super grateful for this experience with you. It’s delighted me. It’s been far more than I ever expected or imagined and I’m super stoked that I said yes.

Melissa S.

The Yoga of Birth was truly empowering. Each session was so rich with practical information related to the medical side of the birthing process, but also what we can bring to our birthing experience.

The teachers always allowed time for questions and feedback, which also helped build community within the group.

This training has really equipped me with the tools to change the narrative with certain family members and take ownership and make my own choices in own pregnancy, birthing process, and fourth trimester. I also feel I now have a solid foundation for teaching prenatal yoga classes when I get back to teaching in the studio.

Lindsay B.

Meet Your Instructors

Melanie Wachsman

As a doula I am committed to helping moms-to-be experience the birth they envision. I am excited to share with you the tools I use, whether mom expresses a desire for meditation or medication.
After volunteering for two years in the Labor and Delivery Department at Cedars-Sinai, I understand hospital policies and work within them to advocate for a delivery that aligns with the desires of mom-to-be.
mom yoga and prenatal yoga classes - Melanie Wachsman Ma Yoga prenatal yoga teacher

Yoga is another important tool I use to help moms achieve their birthing and postpartum goals. I am a Certified Ma Yoga® /RPYT Instructor, and have additional certifications in breath work, pre/postnatal nutrition, hypnobirthing and lactation.

As a postpartum doula I also help moms with successful breastfeeding, connective bonding with baby, and management of daily life in this new and challenging phase. All of the postpartum benefits will also be infused with support in self care.

Nurturing self-care is at the core of Ma Yoga Living.

It is an honor to be sharing the Ma birth journey with you.

Get A Quick Yoga Tip From Melanie

Rachelle Luczynski

In 2003 I started teaching prenatal yoga, and I’ve been passionate about it ever since. I became a birth doula and then a postpartum doula, and I like to think of my prenatal yoga class as therapeutic labor prep. Everything we do is usable during labor, and afterward as a mom. In addition to Mom and Baby yoga, moms need these practices to heal, calm their nerves and energize.
I love to create a safe space for us to empty our basket and empower, educate, and share with each other about pregnancy, yoga, resources, motherhood, our bodies and labor. In our online course we support moms-to-be and those who nurture them by playing, learning, and growing together.
Ma Yoga’s principles and practices help women find their deeper truth along the way, and receive both inner and outer support. I’m excited to share these sacred steps with you!

Your Itinerary

online birth class session 1

Session 1: How to Receive Support

birth class online session 2

Session 2: Find Your Steady Center

birth class online session 3

Session 3: Playfulness

birth class online session 4

Session 4: Power

birth class online - 5

Session 5: Freedom

Session 6: Return to support

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