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"Each time women gather in circles together, the world heals a little more.”

- Anonymous

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Our mission is to provide pregnancy and new mom support, yoga, and education so you can:

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The power of nurturing energy

The syllable “Ma” means mother in just about every language.

Mutter (German). Mère (French). Majka (Serbian). Mat’ (Russian). Madre (Spanish). Moder (Swedish). Máthair (Irish). Mataji (Hindi). Móðir (Icelandic). Mama (Chinese). Mama (Swahili). Mama (English). You get the point…

In Sanskrit, the ancient language of yoga, “ma” also means the highest, most powerful and wise – as in “Ma Kali”, the Mother of all goddesses.

Ma Yoga isn’t just about becoming the mom to a child.

It’s about learning to turn that same, loving, nurturing energy that you would give to a little loved one inward toward yourself.

And when you do, you find your highest, most powerful and wise “Ma” Self.

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