Every Mom To Be Deserves Support

If You Want To Guide Underserved Mamas, Apply For A Scholarship For The Ma Yoga® Online Yoga Teacher Training.

My vision started out as a Mama Circle in every village in the world.

It was slow going at first – we had 10 Mama Circles in Southern California, but it took five years.

And then… Yoga Alliance started allowing the full training to be online!

Now, I can connect with like-heart women all over the country – and the world – who want to bring support, guidance and inspiration to moms-to-be everywhere.

What We Do

We train teachers and practitioners to guide and inspire moms-to-be with transformative, uplifting practices, on and off-the-mat.
Our 85-hour prenatal yoga certification program (RPYT) is a 100% live online yoga teacher training, plus it’s on video. It’s four 3-week modules plus a mentorship and class visits.
More than 20,000 pregnant moms have experience the uniquely therapeutic Ma Yoga prenatal and postpartum yoga method in our “Mama Circles”.

Why It Matters

Negative birth outcomes for Black and Native Americann populations are through the roof bad. Black and Native American women are two to three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes.

We don’t know why yet, but it’s not simple economics or lack of education: the Pregnancy-Related Mortality Ratio for black women with at least a college degree was 5.2 times that of their white counterparts. So what else is at work?
The graph at the left shows the affect of stress caused by living the world while being a woman of color. We know that stress is the NUMBER ONE risk factor for negative birth outcomes.
AND, we know from hundreds of studies that yoga and meditation are highly effective at reducing stress.

Make A Difference

Whether you are a yoga teacher, a birth practioner, or just someone interested in exploring the possibilites, our live online yoga teacher trainings will give you all the tools you need to help moms and moms-to-be have a transformative, healthy journey to motherhood and beyond. You’ll learn:
And you’ll gain access to information that will help mamas become the “Ma” they want to be – on and off the mat!

Congratulations To The First Recipients Of The Ma Yoga Serving Underserved Mamas Scholarship!

Kalisha “Kali” King – Hi I’m a mother of six children in Northern Virginia, and a former emergency medical technician as well as former law enforcement officer. I left both careers to start a family with my husband, and years later I found myself called to pursue a career as both Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula. I’m now a Doula serving several underserved communities in D.C, Baltimore, Manassas City, and surrounding areas.

I became interested in becoming a Prenatal Yoga instructor as a way to better my community in mind, body, and spirit. I want to use both Ma Yoga training to help my community understand that yoga can be used during their pregnancy, during labor and recovery, postpartum and for our overall health.

Cynthia Ramirez – I live in Mexico city. My family leads a faith-based non-profit serving and walking alongside many organizations working locally to respond to the many needs in our massive city. As leaders, we have seen first hand how intentional movement and rooted contemplative practices make a huge difference. It is our honor to lead others and invite our friends to retreats, yoga classes and integrated experiences that bear long-lasting fruit, many of them for the first time!

After spending some time serving the women in our community, I was really drawn to Jessica´s prenatal yoga program. Her expertise and years of seeing the need and finding creative ways to support women in this season really gave me confidence to step into this new area of service for me. I am so grateful for this unique opportunity and know that I will learn life-skills that will make a huge impact in the lives of women in desperate need in a community where there is little access to this information.

Isabelle Main – I am a registered nurse, birth assistant, breastfeeding counselor, and yoga instructor. I live with my son and husband in beautiful Washington state. As a public health nurse, I strive to combat medical and social inequities. In teaching prenatal yoga and hosting mama circles, I would like to give everyone in my community, especially underserved populations, the gift of a “village” or community/ knowledge from other mothers, gentle exercise, breathwork for birth, and promotion of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

I hope my work helps the moms I serve feel heard, validated, and connected to their own and other’s hearts. I hope my work helps the babies I serve to have a more gentle and loving welcome to the world.

I would absolutely recommend this class for anyone who has pregnant students or clients.

It’s not just how to apply philosophy and asana, it’s a lot about how to get the conversations going and create community.

I feel more confident, and more informed and like I’ve been teaching prenatal longer than I have because I’ve been in these classes and these conversations.

Ivy G.

The Yoga of Birth is so empowering for all women, not just those that are pregnant but also for those who support them.

I highly recommend this course to anyone working in the prenatal realm and/or are pregnant themselves; the content is so abundant and so awesome!

In this course I learned such valuable information by such educated and experienced ladies that I cannot wait to implement not only in my upcoming birth of my first child but also in my teaching. High five to this program 🙂

Mandy M.

I took this training to get more knowledge about appropriate poses for pregnant women. I got a lot more… the Ma Yoga principles are golden and I can use this knowledge for every type of yoga class and even apply them to my own personal life.

I feel blessed to have been given this gift. Thank you Jess!

Erica T.

This training is so well put together, the information is infinite, and I have a whole new love for pregnancy and motherhood.

I can’t wait to one day teach with and be part of Ma Yoga!

Mandy Johnson

If there is one person in the community of yoga that I recommend to people for prenatal yoga and prenatal yoga trainings, it is Jessica. I have taken Jessica’s prenatal training several times and have found it to be not only informative but inspiring.

Jessica demystifies some of the misinformation about prenatal yoga, and inspires women to listen to themselves and their baby and to honor this unique and special time.

Tara Judelle

I feel so much more confident about teaching, which is amazing because I didn’t feel that way after my 200 hour.


Thank you so much for offering and teaching your prenatal TT. It was invaluable. I taught my class today with a newfound sense of knowledge and confidence. Your essence stayed with me and infused my thoughts and actions.

Thank you, thank you. If the timing is right I will take it again, that’s how much I enjoyed it.

Anna Getty

After this training, I feel connected to sacred life amidst universal challenge and change. What worked: a small group, combination lecture/ sharing/ workbook/ videos/ guest speaker/ practice teaching. And the pure spirit of “Jess”.

Don’t hesitate. Do it! Be receptive. Have faith in the process. It is a gift to me personally and to ALL.

Nina R.

I LOVED the training and feel so much more confident helping people out of pain! It’s definitely changed how I approach cueing my classes now, and though I’m sure they will evolve so much over time, I don’t think I’ll ever stop using the 5 principles!

Amanda C.

I just love how everything is based on the Five Sacred Steps. It was hard to get at first, but eventually I got it and it’s so helpful not just for yoga but for life.

Like I fully stepped into my power today and told some people I didn’t want to do this thing that I felt pressured to do.

Before this whole training with you I would have just sucked it up, I feel bad, but now I’m like “this doesn’t feel good to me” and I know how to find my power and stand in it.


It was great to be able to listen and participate while taking care of my son and if I missed something I could re-listen to that part of the call on the recording.

By adding a few of [the Anchor Practices] into my daily routine, I now have the extra energy to take care of my son without feeling drained.

Elizabeth R.

My perception of online learning has totally changed. I have felt wonderful connection with this process and am enjoying it. I have started cooking more, making lentils, and tonight is the sweet rice I am testing with brown rice.

I am so excited to have this knowledge that I can actually pass on to my clients.  ♥

Melanie W.

I have only just begun this program and I am impressed!

From the ease of navigating the website, to the breadth and quality of content, I am thrilled to have been connected to this community and wealth of resources.

Thank you!

Kelsey D.

I’m glad that it was over time and not just a quick training and then you’re done. It gives you time to absorb the material and integrate it into my own teaching.

I feel like a stronger teacher, especially when it comes to people who back pain or issues related to pregnancy and postpartum.

I feel more confident as a teacher overall, thank you.

Angela R.

The Ma Yoga Prenatal Teacher Training has truly been a metamorphosis both personally and professionally.

Jessica and the team at Ma Yoga have created a certification made up of crucial components, which allow you to build upon your knowledge and training, continually reassessing and reflecting in order for you to deepen your learning and understanding; thus improving and empowering your teaching and your own life.


I had a wonderful experience with Ma Yoga. Jessica is always available and quick to respond to any questions. She wants you to be successful.

Through Ma Yoga I feel empowered as a working mom instead of apprehensive or lost in a corporate job that doesn’t want to accept my new life as a mother.

Jolie S.

Wow, I was crying right after doing our “Look Ma no hands” pranayama. Thank you thank you.

We all are so blessed to have you in our lives; we are so blessed to have MAyurveda principles and practices especially now with all of the shifts that are occurring.  Thank you for going beyond your head and letting your heart and intuition guide you into sharing these principles with us.

Nina R.

Empowerment and care for this whole community is at the core of all Ma Yoga do. I am at a totally different place than I was before I started on my Ma Yoga journey. I still have a long way to go, but I want to do it and keep doing it… I love it!

Thank you Jessica and all at Ma Yoga. You will never know what an impact you have made on me and how much I have taken from your course. You are truly inspirational.

Annie P.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I am enjoying your training.  It is quite different than what I’m used to (aside from the prenatal aspect).

I love learning these sacred steps and how they apply to EVERY practice and EVERY “body.”

It’s wild how I’ve reinvented a few teaching language areas to help serve my students.  Light bulbs are going off, and the connection is beautiful.

Deborah A.

I must say I am loving the course with you. You are an amazing teacher and mentor and I am so grateful you were brought in my life.

I thought I would just learn about pregnancy yoga, but instead I have deepened my own practice and reignited my love of yoga.

Joanne H.

The training is incredibly well structured, with a wealth of tools and wisdom to be shared. Plus Jessica will answer all of your questions and then some.

I loved the community and spiritual principles that were always at play. I immediately felt comfortable enough to have a voice and make a mistake, which is a big deal.

I feel more confident in my own home practice as well. Bringing the magic of the 5 elements into my practice in this organic way has instilled a sense of renewal.

Ash S.

This training felt like it went above and beyond. There is way more to prenatal yoga than just the do’s and don’ts.

Jessica is an amazing instructor that has put a lot of thought and care into the program.

I’m confident that I’ll be a wonderful prenatal instructor upon completion of the program.

Amber T.

I had an incredible private session yesterday with a Mom and Dad expecting their first child.

It’s been eye opening using the fresh knowledge you’ve given me to steer the course of their session. From his feet and lumbar issues to her ever-expanding body, I’ve been able to give them 60min of expanding into their true potential.

forever grateful,

Deborah A.

As a registered nurse that has provided care to hundreds of women during their pregnancy for the last 16 years, I didn’t realize that there was another way to approach birth.

Jessica and her team explained how to prepare your body birth with alignment based yoga, doula services labor support techniques, diet techniques and so much more.

I believe that I am a better nurse in the hospital setting due to this training.

Shawna W.

I started out the training not being sure if I really wanted to become a prenatal teacher and if I really wanted to go into this very special connection with moms-to-be/ and new moms, and now, after the Yoga of Birth I’m even thinking, that maybe the work of a doula might speak to me.

Ann-Christin G.

This prenatal certification program not only met, but exceeded my expectations!

There were so many details that helped me feel supported and encouraged throughout the process – from the live zoom classes, to the correspondence from Jelena updating my progress, to the attentive conversations with my Mentor Jamie.

It was the perfect training to enhance my 200-hour teacher training.

Elizabeth S.

Thank you for the beautiful response in our Teacher Training Circle forum. I feel like that response was like months of therapy. Really, I’m so grateful for your words, your teaching, your style. I hope I can be a resource for my future students like you are.

Ashley M.

The time I spent learning about yoga and the perinatal experience with Jess and Nicole at Ma Yoga was nothing short of wonderful. I learned many things that I will hold near and dear to my heart forever.

The different classes that I was a part of with them, as well as my prior doula and postpartum doula training, gave me everything I needed to know when supporting birthers physically, mentally,emotionally, and spiritually.

I feel fully prepared to step into the role of a pre  and postnatal yoga instructor, and cannot wait to see how much this helps me when working with my doula clients as well.

Carley H.

I cannot recommend the Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification Program enough! The teaching materials are concise, informative, and thoughtfully prepared.

The course requirements (lectures, assignments and tests) are thorough but not overly arduous. The teachers are passionate about their field, facilitate an enriching learning community, and are unfailing encouraging every step of the way.

The training has not only given me the preparation to step confidently into guiding expectant and new moms in their practice, but it has given me the gifts of personal growth and healing on my own journey.”

Beth Massey

My student delivered a healthy baby girl – vaginal unmedicated Sunday night. She told me all the work we have done during her pregnancy since 25 wks worked. The knowledge that yall gave me is amazing. My heart is so fulfilled right now that I was able to help someone have the birth experience that they wanted.


Jessica I thank you again for this amazing program that you facilitate!

I could never have imagined learning the way I did and becoming so invested in the work through a computer!

I feel blessed to have found you and that our paths have crossed.

Alyssa W.

I taught my first prenatal workshop and I wasn’t nervous at all. I told my husband I felt sooo prepared! It went really well and I loved it.

Amber T

I cannot wait to speak with moms to be and get a feel for how their pregnancy is going, what to look for during a yoga practice and maybe share some helpful tips that I learned.

I already find myself doing that with my sister in law now!

Jess did an amazing job with the online teaching. I loved it!

Alyssa W.

Thank you so much, Colleen and Jess! I am humbled and uplifted by your teachings, support and encouragement.

There is always so much to learn when we are listening. I feel so blessed to be surrounded and inspired by teachers like you.

I am super excited to clarify my offerings in the world through Ma Yoga and yoga therapy.

Lindy K.

Having the mentor relationship and regular video conferences with Colleen was transformative.

You don’t always know what you are doing, no matter how self-reflective you are trying to be, having a mentor to celebrate your successes and make proactive suggestions for improvements was fantastic.

I am so thankful to Colleen for all the time and care she put into this process!

Andi I.

Our Exchange

If you have a clear, specific desire to support underserved BIPOC women in transition to motherhood – specifically communities of African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans – we want to support you.
We offer FIVE 30% off scholarships each year. You can pay for the whole program up front and save $300 plus an additional $425, plus receive six months free membership (an additional $108 savings). OR, pay as you go and save 30% on each training module, in addition to any other applicable discounts, including Early Bird discounts.

All we ask is this:

1. Commit to your path of serving the underserved fully by completing our Ma Yoga training.

2. After the Ma Mentorship module, come to weekly Zoom support sessions and receive guidance to start teaching online with us for minimum six months to become comfortable and confident.
3. Within one year, write a blog for us about your experiences helping moms and moms-to-be in your community
Trust and enjoy your Ma journey! With Ma Yoga, you will be supported every step of the way as you step into your highest, most powerful, wise, and nurturing Self!

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