Tips for Hot Mamas – How to Avoid End of Summer Burnout and Fall Colds

Tips for Hot Mamas – How to Avoid End of Summer Burnout and Fall Colds

Tips for Hot Mamas – How to Avoid End of Summer Burnout and Fall Colds

Ahhhh summer. Lying by the pool, taking a break from life, enjoying cool drinks brought to us by smiling gorgeous people.

JUST kidding. If you are ike me, summer can get as busy as any other season: full of exciting, stressful, and time consuming projects. And especially if you’re pregnant or a new mom, being a “hot mama” can deplete our energy reserves for the rest of the year.

With good reason:  like increases like. This simple truth is at the foundation of Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga.

This means that the heat of summer increases any intensity we are eperiencing within, and if we continue to allow this intensity to build up we can get burned out. We often find ourselves getting frustrated and angry by the simplest things. We start noticing an acidic quality in our body and our emotions – especially when hormones are already out of whack from pregnancy and post-partum. Situations get inflamed and we start feeling exhausted.

Trying to clear out all this toxicity can weaken our immune system, according to Ayurveda, so by the time fall rolls around, we are prime candidates for colds.

So how to avoid summer burn out? Let me count the 5 ways…

1.) Have a full-on play date with yourself at least once a week. Write it into your calendar: beach day, pool day, or just do something wonderfully UNproductive.

2.) If you are at home, every 90 minutes (2 hours max!) stick your feet in cool water. Do you have a kiddie pool? Perfect. If not, just run a small cold bath. If you have tea tree oil around, add it to the water to increase the cooling affect. Dump some on your head too – cool water on the head and feet are both great ways to chill.

3.) Eat tons of summer fruit. The body processes sugar best when we’re hungry, so try it as you’re preparing a meal, or first thing. You can also blend some up, pour in popsicles, freeze and have one with the kids. No added sugar necessary! But as you probably know, ice actually gets our inner heating system going to maintain optimal body temperature, so room temp fruit and water are best.

4.) Eat greens. The two tastes that cool down the body are bitter (all leafy greens and green plants) and sweet (fruit). In that order. Pick some dandelions (make sure they’re not sprayed) and nibble the leaves; buy mint and put some in your water and then eat it. You will be surprised at the feeling of air conditioning it brings to your blood! Of course, green smoothies are my number one favorite way to get greens into my body first thing.

5.) Do less, envision more. Summer gives us more access to the enlightening, inspiring energy of the sun outside and the light of intelligence inside. It helps us to see more clearly who we are and what we want. Spend more time picturng your next year as you’d like it to be, and less time trying to make it happen right now. Take naps. Walk barefoot in grass. Take the time to choose the real and metaphorical seeds you want to plant for your next year.

May your seeds of intention (bija) grow in fruitful, beautiful and nourishing abundance!

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