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 Please join us for

Therapeutics for Mamas:

Take Healing into Your Own Hands Weekend!

This all-levels Therapeutics weekend will give you simple, reliable alignment principles that relieve musculoskeletal discomfort in the shoulder/neck/jaw/wrist, lower back, sacroiliac joint, knees, and mid back.  If incorporated into regular practice, they serve to maintain strength and flexibility, freedom of movement, and pain-free living.

It is made for teachers, moms, students, and anyone else who wants to take the power of healing aches and pains into their own hands.  It is not rainbows and angels!  It’s biomechanics and understanding our physiology from gross to subtle.

We will learn about everything from muscles and bones – and the directions they want to go – to breath and energy channels, or subtle body, through pranayama, chakra, and kosha work.

Finally, there will be a focus on the 18 months around having a baby, and supporting the changing body of the mama through this time. We’ll also go into fertility as a time to align with our natural rhythms and optimize energy flow through the pelvis.

In a very supportive environment, we will learn how to help ourselves as well as others to stabilize joints, strengthen support muscles and relax those that help us open to the flow of prana – the nourishing energy that supports us in body, mind, and spirit.

Please bring your aches and pains!

May be taken alone, or as part of the Ma Yoga Prenatal Certification Program

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Ma Yoga/Yoga Alliance Prenatal Certification Program

2015-06-24 19.00.22As a doula we are always looking for new ways to support women during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Now I feel I have a whole new tool box to work with! I have a better understanding of alignment and what to look for in my clients. Thank you Jessica!
– Melanie Wachsman CD(DONA) PCD(DONA) CLE