Try a FREE Prenatal Yoga, Mom Yoga or regular yoga class – live online!

Try a FREE Prenatal Yoga, Mom Yoga or regular yoga class – live online!
Try a FREE Prenatal Yoga, Mom Yoga or regular yoga class – live online! 2020-06-12T14:43:33+00:00

How can I book my first FREE Prenatal Yoga, Mom Yoga, Kids or Ma Yoga for Anyone class? 

1. Create Your Account. Once you’re logged in,  click the red FREE CLASS link on the welcome page and “purchase” (no credit card required) to put your First Free Class in your account.

2. Go up to Book Me to reserve your spot in the next class you want to attend; keep clicking through til the end. You’ll receive an email with your Zoom link to click at class time.

If I love it, how can I buy classes? 

1. Just login and go to Buy Classes. Your series is good for a year and works for any online Ma Yoga class, including Prenatal, Mom, and Mom+Baby.

2. Hint: Ma Yoga Living members receive 40% off all live online Prenatal Yoga, Mom + Baby Yoga, Mom Yoga  and Kids Yoga classes, plus FREE Ma Yoga for Anyone classes, unlimited access to Ma Yoga Anytime video classes, and tons of resources and support.

You can start your 2-week free trial membership here.

Once you’re in our Ma Yoga Living Room member area  (note: this requires different login info from our live online class booking and buying system here!) – go up to Discounts and copy this week’s member discount code.

3. Login again here and go to Buy Classes. Paste your code in at checkout.

If you book and can’t make it – no worries! We never charge for booking, only attending. Your class is still in your account if you don’t come. We appreciate an email if you have a chance to let us know. Either way, just book the next class you can attend!

Now come to class and enjoy. If you have any trouble, please email I always love hearing from our Ma community!

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When is it safe to start Prenatal Yoga?

prenatal yoga sherman oaksMa Yoga Prenatal Yoga is safe for any time in pregnancy (from when you just missed your period to over 40 weeks), any yoga or exercise experience level, any belly size or shape. As long as you are not on bed rest, you can start right away!  The sooner the better, since you will learn ways to make space for baby, connect to your strength, and move toward aligning your muscles and bones to avoid common aches and pains so you can feel great all the way to motherhood and beyond – seriously.

Mom Yoga + Baby is safe as soon as your doctor gives you the ok to exercise. The sooner the better since once baby starts crawling, you’ll find yourself crawling after them a lot. : ) We also have mom classes for when you actually find an hour to yourself!

Plus, we have Ma Yoga for Anyone – dads and grandmas welcome.

How do I set up for yoga in the Ma Yoga Zoom Room?

Find a space on your floor in front of a tablet or laptop.

If you can, set your mat up the wide way across in front of your laptop or tablet on the floor, or just a bit raised.

Move your mat back at least a mat’s width, so when you are standing you’re still in the frame as much as possible.

This picture shows a great way to set up if you have the space.

I recommend investing in yourself  buying some yoga props! You will be glad to have them.

Below are useful props to have, and substitutes if you don’t have them:

  • Place a folded yoga blanket or towel on the floor close to your camera to sit on for the beginning.
  • Have two blocks, soup boxes, or a low table nearby if its hard to touch the floor with straight legs.
  • If you can have a chair or back of a couch nearby, it can be useful for support in balancing poses and other kinds of standing poses.
  • Not shown: a rectangular yoga bolster, wonderful for prenatal yoga and fabulous anytime you need relief from tension.

The teacher will check in with everyone to find out any aches and pains, and just hear about what’s going on for you at this point in your pregnancy.

Then, she will talk everyone through a short meditation and then take you step by step through strengthening poses that will help you feel both grounded and free.  You are encouraged to rest whenever you feel like it, and to not do anything that doesn’t feel right to you.

We teach to whoever is in the room, offering lots of variations, so whether you are a beginner or a teacher, you will enjoy a challenging, sweet practice. Since we teach in found locations, most of our classes are pretty small. This allows us to create a friendly, playful, and supportive atmosphere for our yoga.
Our teachers are well-trained in biomechanical, therapeutic alignment principles, so the practice will relieve common aches and pains in the shoulder, neck, and back, as well as help you feel connected to your own strength and make space for more breath.

On an even deeper level, your yoga practice will help connect to baby, breath and body – whether baby’s inside or out.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

If you have questions about buying or booking classes, please email me at

I have so many questions – I need guidance for my journey!

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