Wave Breathing Technique for Moms and Moms-to-be

Wave breathing techniques  are my favorite breathing technique. 

Pregnancy, postpartum, and basically life are all about change.

Change causes stress, and sometimes stress leads to anxiety – even once the stressor is gone, we’re still feeling the affects.

Whether you’re pregnant, a mom, or just feeling like your life is full of constant change, wave breathing is a powerful way to press the reset button for your nervous system.

If we never pause to reset, we can start to overwork our adrenals, limiting the ability of our immune system do its work, and blocking the flow of prana (life force).

Wave breathing is a great way to reset several times a day – enjoy!

wave breathing technique

Quick Tip for the Wave Breathing Technique

When we lengthen and expand our breath – especially the exhale – we can return our nervous system to its natural rhythm, ground our energy and feel connected to support beneath us and all around us.

Try to relax the muscles all around your breath as much as possible, gradually lengthening the spaces between the breath, and breathing in and out through the nose.

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Please note: we taped this after a class so it’s a bit chaotic, but hopefully you’ll get the idea.

Thank you for spreading the Ma love!

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