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Yoga Lifestyle Coaching
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Yoga Lifestyle Coaching: Learn Healthy Meals and Habits

Do you want to figure out how to get healthy meals into your body easily, without going to Whole Foods every day?

Do you want to maintain that feeling of well-being you get with Prenatal Yoga classes – all week long?

Do you want to create a rhythm with wellness practices that help you stay consistently on top of your game?

Do you want more energy, better sleep, and a more positive outlook on life?

Do you have old habits that you’d rather your child didn’t learn?

Do you want some simple routines that will have a huge effect on your health, as well as baby’s and your whole family’s?

How To Set Up Your Yoga Lifestyle Coaching Sessions

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, we recommend a Yoga Lifestyle Coaching Session.

it’s never been a better time.  You have motivation like never before – your baby is going to learn how to live by being around you!  Why not fully step on to the path of becoming the Mom you want to be?

These will do so much more than just give you simple recipes for healthy meals.   We will be shifting your whole attitude toward food by creating some kitchen routines that support a whole new lifetyle that supports wellness and the easy flow of energy.  

We will also be working on creating simple “anchor practices’ to use when being sleepless and drained starts to get to you.  And together, we will find a rhythm that works with your schedule, so your life starts to reflect your deepest intentions and you are well on your way to becoming the Divine Ma you want to be.

[quote style=”1″]

The consult exceeded my expectations because it was a wholistic-whole body/mind/spirit approach to pregnancy and early motherhood. It was extremely helpful to learn the Ayurvedic philosophy of nutrition and wellness, and I look forward to applying the suggestions to my daily routines… [I liked] that it was personalized to my specific needs and state of mind. I could be very honest about where I am, and did not feel judged or like I was doing something “wrong.”

Halina N.


Yoga Lifestyle Coaching sessions are super fun, incredibly supportive, and jam-packed full of great information about diet, daily rhythm, and other ancient but affective practices for staying in the flow of well-being throughout your journey to motherhood and beyond.

Remember, you baby is going to be learning from you since day 1.  Have some old habits you’re ready to let go of?  Want some new, healthy ones to pass on?  Let’s strategize together on the phone or Skype.  

Initial consults are $100 per hour-long session; $75 for 45 minutes if you choose to continue.

To set it up, just email

I hope to talk to you soon!