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ALL Ma Yoga Classes are Open to ALL Levels

We welcome ALL levels of experience, trimesters, and body sizes. Yes, that includes YOU! : )

We gear the class to whoever shows up – from raw beginners to yoga teachers, from pregnant to postpartum to moms who can actually take an hour to restore and revitalize.

If you’re taking an online class, don’t worry about distractions, feeds, or kids running through – you’re on mute.

We’ll say hi in the beginning and help you get set up optimally.

Our teachers are extensively trained in both prenatal and therapeutic yoga for people at every stage of life. Combined, our group of 8 senior Ma Yoga teachers have over 150 years of experience teaching women on the journey to motherhood – and far beyond.

Our classes are mom-centric because little ones tend to get a lot of quality play time. Please note: we love when dads come to any of the below classes! Dads need to nurture themselves as well, and connect to breath, body, and baby. Prenatal Yoga: Some women start Prenatal Yoga the moment they find out they’re pregnant, others discover it in their last month. These friendly, strengthening, heart-opening drop-in classes will help you feel great, nom matter where you are on your journey.

Ma Yoga® Prenatal Yoga is safe for any trimester, and effective for any level of yoga experience from raw beginner through yoga teacher.

You will be led step by step through therapeutic, alignment-based sequences that relieve common pregnancy aches and pains, prepare you for labor, and calm your nervous system so you can enjoy your journey and become the “Ma” you want to be! Mom + Baby/Mom Yoga: A super fun, friendly class where you can  start getting your body better than ever – in between feeds and changes of course. Come do what you can and enjoy some time with your breath, your baby and other moms.

Babies are welcome as early as your doctor gives the ok for mom to exercise, and as late as crawling or toddling. You will leave feeling SO much better than when you came – you deserve it!

Yoga class is one hour – includes chat, changing, playing with baby and feeding whenever you and baby choose! You’re on mute during class so you’re not disrupting anyone.

Have a blanket for baby at the top of your mat so you can connect and love on baby whenever you want. All moods welcome – yours and theirs. Prenatal/ Mom Yoga: Whether you’re needing some alone time, self-care or a yoga workout, hop on Zoom and let’s make space for baby in mind, body, and heart.

Ma Yoga® Prenatal Yoga is safe for any trimester, and effective for any level of yoga experience from raw beginner through yoga teacher. It’s strengthening, opening, and therapeutic for aches and pains for anyone, anytime. Come try! Moms welcome!

Kids: Anyone 7 or older is welcome, including teens, parents or anyone else who wants to do fast-paced, fun, playful yoga. Your kids will love it, and that’s our goal – if they learn something about yoga along the way, great. We just want them to have a blast exploring what they can do with their breath and their bodies. Parents, siblings, dogs welcome.

Ma Yoga for Anyone: This class is for anyone (men, grandmas, kids, welcome!) who wants to align with your greatest possibilities in body, mind, and heart. You will work your muscles, relieve aches and pains, and feel more energized, calm, and uplifted. If you’re pregnant, you’ll get some adjustments, but it’s important to combine this class with prenatal so you know how to make space for baby. Bring your aches and pains! No worries about noise or little ones distractig – you’re on mute during class. Find an hour to yourself, and connect to your own power and wisdom.

One-on-one Yoga Therapeutics on Zoom: If you have aches and pains, injuries, or chronic conditions, a private session with a therapeutic yoga specialist on Zoom will support your healing, relieve aches and pains, and help you feel empowered and calm again. Don’t worry about remembering how to do it – your instructor will give you a video of your personal practice so you can stay pain-free and worry-free. Email for info and to schedule your session. Ma Yoga Living members receive 40% off. Ma Yoga Living Membership: Access amazing prenatal and postpartum yoga classes anytime, anywhere.  Plus, guidance from experts, and tons of resources. Ma Yoga Living members receive 40% off Ma Yoga any of the above live online yoga classes in the Zoom room, and free Ma Yoga for Anyone classes with Jessica!

Now come to class and enjoy mama! If you have any questions, please email