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Ma Yoga Class Descriptions – Prenatal Yoga and Mom Yoga + Baby

For Prenatal Yoga and Mom Yoga + Baby classes:
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ALL Ma Yoga Classes are Open to ALL Levels

We welcome ALL levels of experience, trimesters, and body sizes at our Prenatal Yoga and Mom Yoga + Baby classes! That means you.  Since classes are generally small, we gear the class to whoever’s there – from raw beginners to advanced students and yoga teachers who want to learn more about yoga in the context of pregnancy and motherhood.

Our classes are small so we can offer a practice that fits your needs, and our teachers draw from therapeutics training to help with common aches and pains, as well as their own knowledge and experience with pregnancy and motherhood.

Prenatal Yoga: Some women start Prenatal Yoga the moment they find out they’re pregnant, others discover it in their last month. These friendly, strengthening, heart-opening drop-in classes will help you feel great, nom matter where you are on your journey.

Prenatal Yoga is safe for any trimester, and perfect for any level of yoga experience from raw beginner onward. In each class, you will be led step by step through therapeutic postures and alignment that will help you stabilize your joints, connect to your breath and to your baby, and find support, guidance, and inspiration for enjoying your journey and becoming the mom you want to be!

Mom Yoga + Baby: Mom Yoga + Baby is a super fun, small, friendly class where mama gets to start getting her body back in between feeds and changes. Come do what you can and enjoy some time with your breath, your baby and other moms. Babies are welcome as early as your doctor gives the ok to exercise, and as late as crawling or toddling (after that it gets challenging to get any yoga in). You will leave feeling SO much better than when you came – you deserve it! Yoga class is one hour – includes chat, changing, playing with baby and feeding whenever you and baby choose! Bring whatever you’d usually bring to go out with baby – including a blanket to put baby on so s/he can enjoy watching you do some yoga!  Drop by and get your body feeling great again, mama – you deserve it.

Mom Yoga + Baby/Prenatal Combo: This class is the same as Mom Yoga + Baby (description above) but moms-to-be are welcome! If you’re pregnant for the first time, we highly recommend you do this class at least once, so you can get a hint of what’s to come.  You’ll get some practice finding serenity no matter what’s going on around you, and you’ll appreciate your quiet down dogs more than ever.

Mom + Toddler YogaOnce your little one is on the move, everything changes!  This playful class embraces that change, and yet is set up to give you and your toddler some consistency from week to week.

In this course, you’ll take time for yourself to move and breathe while your toddler plays with toys (please bring one to share!). There will also be time for the kids to learn about yoga in a fun and playful way, through songs, games, and general silliness!

This course is a fun way to practice and play with your toddler, and connect with other moms. Little ones from walking up to age 5 are welcome!

Mom + Toddler Yoga is a 6 week course with a beginning and an ending date that actually includes 7 weeks total. In addition to including a free class in your 6 classes classes, we have also thrown in an additional free “make-up” session (must be used during this course only). Sorry, no refunds or exchanges, so please purchase carefully.

We start a new course every 2 months and there are no make-ups from course to course. 

You can also purchase a single class to drop in (works out to $20 for single class, or $14 each if you sign up for the course). THE FIRST FREE CLASS PROMOTION DOES NOT APPLY TO COURSES, ONLY SERIES. Since this is a specialty class,we can’t afford to teach it for free – sorry!

We hope you and your little one will join us for this uplifting, strengthening, and super fun class.

One-on-One Yoga Session – Yoga for YOUR Life: We highly recommend that if you are taking yoga classes, you take at least one private with your teacher to learn about what’s best for your body.  Everyone’s body is unique, so you will learn specific alignment actions for you to emphasize (and avoid) in class, as well as off the mat each day.  You will find relief from discomfort DURING this session, and learn that you have the power to help yourself feel better ANYTIME.

A One-on-One Session is perfect for moms and moms-to-be with aches and pains, chronic or acute; recent or old injuries; and anyone who wants to learn about specific yoga and yoga lifestyle practices to take huge steps forward in your personal evolution.

email to set one up. 4-Session Yoga/Wellness Mama Intensive available as well.

Yoga Playshop: Once your little one is on the move, everything changes! Bring Mommies, Daddies, and Kids (age 1-10) for a fun-filled playshop that blends Yoga, Dance, Percussion, Breathing, and Stretching together! Each month we will have a different theme that emphasizes positive messages of peace, love, giving, gratitude, and health. This class is a fun way to practice and play with your family, and connect with others. 

$25 for families up to 4.

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And that’s it! Now come to class and enjoy. If you have trouble, email or call 323-680-5355.