Happy Back – Blow Your Back Pain AWAY in 5 Minutes a Day

If you have low back pain, you might be thinking it's because...

you’ve been stressed

you have a fused vertebrae

you had an accident/injury/surgery

you’re too tight

you need to get to the chiropractor

there is no cause – you just have to live with it

Jessica Jennings

Hi I’m Jessica.

I want you to know this right off the bat: low back pain is not something you have to live with.

The cause of low back pain is no longer a mystery.

And even if you had an old injury, or an x-ray to prove how bad things have gotten, or fused vertebrae – you can ALWAYS reduce your low back pain, and usually make it go away completely.

Growing up I watched my dad’s back “go out” frequently. He’d be flat on his back for a couple days, and then go about his life hoping it wouldn’t happen again.

When I started yoga in the 90’s, my own back pain (and neck pain, and wrist pain) went away. I set out to figure out why.

Why does some yoga heal us? And some hurt us?

After more than 10,000 hours of studying alignment, and receiving my Masters in Kinesiology, I finally understood and was able to help people understand as well: we have the power to relieve our own low back pain.

You see, it’s not the pose we’re in – it’s what we’re doing inside the pose.

Think of hunching your shoulders forward when you type. You know instintively that this is not optimal for the body. And science knows this is what causes carpal tunnel – a misalignment in the wrists.

Well, low back pain is that simple. It’s caused by a misalignment. It’s just that it’s harder to see.

And when you move your muscles and bones toward optimal alignment, you’ll relieve your low back pain right away. Keep aligning, and you’ll keep it away. 

As a Ma Yoga Living Member, you’ll have access to my 6-step Happy Back in 5 course – instantly!

What Happy Back Practitioners Are Saying...

I’d give 10 stars if I could! Ma Yoga was a lifesaver to me during the last trimester of my pregnancy last year.

I had pretty intense lower back pain and used the ‘Happy Back Practice’ routine to help relieve the pain and regain mobility.

Jess was SUPER helpful, followed up and provided additional recommendations on how to get relief.



Just finished the rescue stretches and I can tell there’s a difference! Oh, thanks so much :o)

My back was in pretty bad shape – Achy, sharp pains…just overall UGH.

The rescue poses felt so relaxing I almost fell asleep. After just doing Module 3, I feel looser and able to move without as much pain. I feel encouraged that with continued practice I can nip this back pain in the butt!


I’ve done the Happy Back video the past 2 mornings & it feels AMAZING when I’m doing it.

I’ve been trying to stand with my butt back more.

Thank you for being so so helpful!

Danielle S.

When I saw the online Membership that offers a community, advice and videos I immediately signed up.

I’ve watched a couple videos… great success in reducing lower back pain!!!!

I think this will be a huge benefit to my life as well as my baby.

Anna G.

I honestly wouldn’t be painting right now if I hadn’t taken Happy Back.

Jessica walks you through each step so it’s so easy. Now I do simple things to change how I’m standing while I’m doing my work, and I’m pain free.

At night I do the Rescue Poses just because they feel so good and relaxing.

Michelle R.

This review is late coming but I’d give 10 stars if I could!

Ma Yoga was a lifesaver to me during the last trimester of my pregnancy last year. I had pretty intense lower back pain and used the ‘Happy Back Practice’ routine to help relieve the pain and regain mobility.

Jess was SUPER helpful and exchanged a number of emails with me to help me make the most of the practice.

She followed up and provided additional recommendations on how to get some relief. I ended up using the short practice almost daily and still go back to it now, more than a year after delivery, whenever my back flares up.

I also attended a handful of the My Yoga prenatal yoga classes when they were still at The Family Room. The classes were great and the content on the website was a wonderful resource and gave me the flexibility to practice on my own schedule. Try them out!

Fatimah S. – from our Google listing

The self-paced Happy Back Videos are each less than 10 minutes, and come with print-outs.

Module 1


Welcome! Find out about the goodies in store for you – it’s at the top of this page. 

You might be starting from “oh my aching back”, but soon you’ll be feeling optimistic about feeling better fast.

Module 2

Align Your Spine

Learn the difference between “alignment” and “posture” – it’s not about a flat back!

Empower yourself with the knowledge of WHY these back stretches are so helpful in relieving low back pain and keeping it far away.

Module 3

The Rescue Poses

When your back seizes up and you’re in a lot of pain- here are the positions that will help you feel better.

The Rescue Poses relax muscles in spasm and jump start the healing process by aligning your spine with its natural curves.

Module 4

The Happy Back Practice

It takes about 15 minutes to learn, but soon these gentle back stretches will be like brushing your teeth.

You won’t want to go a day without relieving any remaining low back pain, and keeping it away.

Module 5

Happy Back All Day & All Night

Discover how to apply the alignment you’ve learned to your most common poses: sitting, standing, and sleeping.

This will help the great feeling you have after you do the Happy Back in 5 to last all day (and night).

Module 6

How to Keep Your Back Happy

You have the 5 minute practice, and you have all-new awareness of alignment that you can easily apply throughout your day.

You’re moving freely and enjoying life without pain. Here’s how to keep low back pain away with less and less effort. 

Low Back Pain isn't Just Physical

Low back pain brings with it a lot of emotions. We feel fear that it will stay like this 
forever, anger at ourselves for doing this AGAIN, and sadness at what we can’t do right now.

And this can create a cycle where we feel hopeless, like there’s nothing we can do.

That’s why just changing ourselves physically isn’t enough.

While what we do is similar to physical therapy, you’llHappy Back Relieves Low Back Pain in 5 Minutes a Day find there’s a mental/emotional component as well that is essential.

The idea of alignment isn’t just about moving your spine back toward its natural curves.

It’s also aligning with your own highest possibilities.

Low back pain, like any musculoskeletal pain, is simple:

You’re either moving toward optimal alignment, or away.

healthy back for moms - no more low back painIf you’re continuing in the direction of misalignment, you’ll continue to have pain and suffering, and it will get worse over time. 

If you start the day finding alignment again in a delicious five minute Happy Back Practice, and then take that awareness into your day when you’re sitting, standing – even lying down to sleep – you’ll feel better right away.

And over time, your low back pain will be a thing of the past. 

Which way will it go for you?

I hope you’ll start your FREE two-week membership and get instant access Happy Back in 5!

How much would you pay to make your low back pain go away?

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