Happy Back Practice – Back Stretches Anyone Can Do

With these downloadable “Happy Back” stretches, you can finally:

Stand, sit and move freely without pain
If pain arises, have easy back stretches (“Rescue Poses”) that feel great and kick-start healing
Discover slight shifts in your alignment so you can stay feeling great all day – and night!
Jessica Jennings

Hi- I’m Jessica

I originally developed the 5 minute Happy Back stretches as a quick practice for myself when my daughter was born, because all that bending over was causing constant aches.

This easy practice helped me make space, relax tense muscles, return to my natural curves, so I could play with my daughter and even carry her without pain.

Happy Back in 5 – all 4’s back stretches up to standing. Whether you’ve never done yoga before or you’re a yoga teacher, whether you’re pregnant or a Grandpa, the Happy Back stretches start on the floor and you end up standing, so they’re a great way to start your day.

What Other Happy Back Practitioners Say

Just finished the rescue stretches and I can tell there’s a difference! Oh, thanks so much :o)

My back was in pretty bad shape – Achy, sharp pains…just overall UGH.

The rescue poses felt so relaxing I almost fell asleep. After just doing Module 3, I feel looser and able to move without as much pain. I feel encouraged that with continued practice I can nip this back pain in the butt!


I’ve done the Happy Back video the past 2 mornings & it feels AMAZING when I’m doing it.

I’ve been trying to stand with my butt back more.

Thank you for being so so helpful!

Danielle S.

I honestly wouldn’t be painting right now if I hadn’t taken Happy Back. Jessica walks you through each step so it’s so easy. Now I do simple things to change how I’m standing while I’m doing my work, and I’m pain free.

At night I do the Rescue Poses just because they feel so good and relaxing.

Michelle R.

The self-paced Happy Back Modules are each less than 10 minutes, and come with video and easy print-outs.

Module 1


Welcome! Find out what’s to come – it’s at the top of this page. Ommmmmouch!

Module 2

What's Alignment?

Learn the difference between “alignment” and “posture”, and WHY these back stretches work so well: they return your spine to its natural curves, giving you instant stability and freedom.

Module 3

Rescue Poses

When your back seizes up, here are your simple back stretches called Rescue Poses that relax muscles in spasm and jumpstart the healing process.

Module 4

The Happy Back Practice

These back stretches take you in an easy flow from the floor to standing. It takes about 10 minutes to learn, but you can follow the print out and do it in 5. OR, when you have extra time, repeat some of your faves, stay with them longer, or add your own!

Module 5

Happy Back All Day & All Night

Apply what we’ve learned to your most common poses: sitting, standing, and sleeping. You’ll not only get out of pain, but you’ll be keep pain away.

Module 6

What's Next?

You have the 5 minute practice, you have the go-to back stretches, and you have all-new awareness of alignment. Here’s how to help your body find your new normal.

Why Carrying a Baby Inside or Out Can Hurt

As a therapeutic, alignment-based yoga teacher, I help people get out of pain almost daily. And it’s not just physical – pain brings lots of emotions – fear that it will stay like this If you have back pain, do alignment-based back stretches with Happy Back in 5forever, anger at ourselves for doing this AGAIN, and sadness at what we can’t do right now. When I reassure people that they have the power to relieve their own pain they often don’t believe it. They’ve convinced themselves of the cause of their pain:
  • I just sleep weird
  • I work at a desk all day
  • I have something wrong with me (bone spurs, slipped disk, scoliosis)
  • I did an x-ray but there wasn’t anything there
  • I had surgery/an accident/an injury once
  • I have fused vertebrae
  • I’m too tight
  • I’m too flexible
  • I’ve been to (chiropractors, physical therapists, bodyworkers) and nobody can help long-term
Here’s the thing. No matter what you’ve experienced in the past, everything in nature changes. You’re either getting worse, or getting better. With these 5 minute Happy Back stretches, you’ll be getting better. And what’s cool is that when you move even a tiny bit toward your natural stability and freedom – you feel comparitively great!

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain is not a mystery.

It’s simple, and is only caused by one thing.

Back pain is caused by compression.

Something is getting squeezed somewhere.

So in general, back stretches feel nice because they make space. But most won’t do much long term.

In order to make a real change, your back stretches need to move you into optimal alignment.

In other words, they should move your muscles and bones in the direction they want to be: back toward your natural curves, which allows your stabilizing muscles to turn on, and the tension to shut off.

When you lose your natural curves – whether it’s because of physical habits (like sitting with rounded back), false beliefs or ideas you’ve been taught (like flatten your back to strengthen your core), or stress (which tightens your groin muscles and tucks your butt under) – you create compression.

The “beads” – or vertebrae – squish together creating tension in muscles nearby and overstretching others; squeezing the cushions in between; and sometimes pressing on nerves.

Oddly, pregnancy and motherhood – two of the most natural things women’s bodies do – bring you OUT of your natural alignment. Your growing baby pulls your belly and thighs forward, flattening the curve of our low back. Carrying and breastfeeding baby rounds your shoulders forward and even rounds our low back in the opposite direction it wants to be.

So What Kind of Back Stretches Help?

Over the years, I witnessed so many students leaving yoga class out of pain. But by the next day, the pain started coming back. Our patterns are strong.

I would try and encourage them to do a little yoga at home, but it’s hard to get yourself to your mat, and know what to do when you get there.

When I created the alignment-based Happy Back stretches, even I was surprised at how effective just a quick 5 minute practice can be.

The lesson for me was this: a little alignment a day is more effective than an intense class once or twice a week.

You just never get too far away from your natural stability and freedom.

healthy backThe truth is, the 5 Minutes to Happy Back Practice does more than align your spine physically.

It shifts your awareness mentally.

You’ll start to notice when you’re slouching and sit up – not because you “should” have better posture, but because it just feels better.

You’ll pick baby up with an extended spine, you’ll go to sleep with your natural curve of your low back, you’ll stand using the support of your core and the earth.

Aligning with your highest potential will become your new normal.

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How do I get more information about Happy Back in 5?

Just go to the Happy Back in 5 page.

How do I learn to align my spine?

The 5 Minutes to a Happy Back Program is an easy-to-do, self-paced program that will relieve your pain and help you keep it away.

You’ll feel better right away with our Rescue Poses and the 5-minute Happy Back sequence that anyone can do.

By the end of this one hour program, you will have learned how to:

  • walk and sit and play without pain
  • do rescue poses to help relieve and heal your back when it goes “out”
  • make slight shifts in how you drive, sleep, and stand so you can keep you feeling amazing all day – and night.

You will be so amazed at how life-changing 5 minutes a day can be!

What are the modules of Happy Back in 5?

Each video is less than 10 minutes, and yet will teach you simple shifts you and tools you’ll use for your whole lifetime:

Understand WHY the Happy Back practice works, and how a simple shift back to your natural alignment can make all the difference in your comfort level.

What to do when your back seizes up, including simple Rescue Poses to give you relief plus jumpstart the healing process.

Takes about 10 minutes while you’re learning it, but you can do it in 5 with the PDF. OR, take your time, repeat some of your faves or stay with them longer, and enjoy your freedom to move!

Apply what we’ve learned to our most common poses: sitting, standing, and sleeping.

Step 5: WHAT’S NEXT?
We talk about the importance of core strength for staying in alignment, and provide resources to help you get it.

How much does Happy Back in 5 cost?

Happy Back in 5 is only $27.

However, right now it comes as a FREE bonus with membership!

Start your 2-week free trial here for instant access to Happy Back in 5.