How to become a Prenatal Instructor

and be part of a "kula", or community of the heart

Wondering how to become a prenatal yoga instructor?

Ma Yoga® will help you start your own Mama Circle:

Your mamas await.

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How to Become a Prenatal Yoga Instructor with Ma Yoga

We are so confident in our alignment principles – otherwise known as the “Five Sacred Steps” – that even before you’ve completed your Ma Yoga Instructor Certification you can apply to teach with us:

Yay! I’m so happy! This onboarding tech training has been a really fun process to dance with. Your step by step instructions help make a daunting task unfold with effort and ease. Thankful for you, Jess 😘
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Angela Burgess
Certified Ma Yoga Instructor
how to become a prenatal yoga instructor - mom yoga - yoga practice

You choose a time for you to teach that works for your schedule and time zone.

We have multiple Zoom accounts so it’s ok to overlap with other 

Here are the different classes you can choose to teach:

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Prenatal & Mom Yoga

Mostly pregnant women come to our classes, and then come back as moms.

Simply follow the Five Ma Yoga alignment steps, based in the elements, that help you know your poses are safe, therapeutic, and transformative

Focus more on creating SPACE (for baby) for moms-to-be, and FIRE (core power) for moms.

how to become a prenatal yoga instructor - mom yoga - yoga practice

Ma Yoga for Busy Moms

This is a shorter, 45-minute class that allows moms to get right down to it, work their muscles and keep moving.

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Relax, Restore & Renew

Help tired nurturers of peope and projects to relieve stress, find their calm center and enjoy gentle openings using props. 

How to Become a Prenatal Instructor - in your own neighborhood.

In 2009, a unique teaching path was created.

Ma Yoga began when we got kicked out of our prenatal yoga studio. prenatal yoga training 

I had completed my Masters by developing and running a group visit and prenatal yoga program for six years.

I knew how life-changing it was for moms-to-be to have yoga and support throughout their journey.

So in 2009, I reached out to four friends from my weekend prenatal training and together we started a prenatal yoga studio at Bini Birth, a loft space in Los Angeles.

We filled the week’s schedule with Prenatal and Mom and Baby Yoga. Right away we were having a blast!

Until, two months later, the owner realized she couldn’t work at her desk while we were doing yoga right near her desk.

So she told us we needed to leave.

I was devastated. I had invested so much time, money, and energy in creating this, and told everyone I’d ever known in a huge email blast.

This was one of the few times up to that point that my yoga really kicked in in a crisis.

I went home, sat on my mat, and closed my eyes.

I put my hands together in prayer and asked: “Please universe, I know there will be a gift for me from this at some point. If you could please show it to me now, I am ready for it.”

And, to my utter surprise, the gift was there. 

I had a vision of a Mama Circle in every neighborhood in the world.

Each of us would find our own space to teach in, near our homes – a toddler music place, a birth education center, or any small business that would benefit from offering prenatal yoga.

That way mamas would have a “Mama Circle” in their own neighborhoods, and we could all fit our prenatal classes easily into our lives. 

And Ma Yoga was born!

I created a system where I help teachers identify the perfect space in their neighborhood, I negotiate for them, and I create their “location page” where students can book and buy.

Pretty soon we have more than ten locations throughout Southern California, with more than 18,000 mamas coming through our classes.

How to Become a Prenatal Yoga Instructor - in your own living room!

In 2020, a whole new way of teaching mamas was born.

After my daughter’s birth, I felt pretty isolated and depleted. I decided to take an online Ayurveda course in 2010, and I fell in love! I learned so much, and got to connect to people from all over the world – all while relaxing at home with baby.

I knew someday I’d be teaching online, connecting with people I never would have otherwise.

Cut to: Covid quarantine, March 2020. 

I taught my last live training weekend, and by the end of day on Monday, are whole teaching schedule had been moved to Zoom. 

Mamas from all over the world started to hop in and join us.

We couldn’t believe how easy it was! 

In some ways online teaching is even more intimate than in person, because we get to meet each other’s pets, and connect to each mama in her own element.

I hope you’ll join us in creating a Mama Circle for every pregnant woman and new mom, whether it’s in your neighborhood, or by joining us as a Ma Yoga teacher in your own living room!

If you still have any questions about How to Become a Prenatal Yoga Instructor...

I am here to support you.

Reach out and let me know any questions you have, whether it’s about how to become a prenatal yoga instructor, how to get your RPYT Certification, or how to teach prenatal yoga online.

I can’t wait to help you get started with your own, at-home Mama Circle!

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