Ma Meditation: Learn to Meditate & Actually Love It

Whether you want to learn to meditate, or you need a different practice that's easy and quick - Ma Meditation is:

Fast: can be done in as little as 2 minutes, depending on how long we have in our “in-between” moment

Simple: pares down meditation into easy breathing, mantra, and self-actualization elements
Powerful: connects us to our big picture, and our “inner GPS”
Jessica Jennings

Hi- I’m Jessica. 

When I became a mom my meditation practice was gone. Before that, I had a 20-minute a day practice. Now and I didn’t even have 5 minutes to take a shower.

But I needed help finding my best self more than ever. I was exhausted, depleted, stressed out, easily annoyed, and just focused on making sure my baby was as happy as possible. I had forgotten to take care of myself.

I decided to try and pare down meditation into simple steps that I – or any busy mama – could choose from each day, depending on the time and what I was feeling.

To my surprise, even if I only had 5 minutes to meditate that day I felt like I was getting back to my grounded, clear self again. Even a quick practice helped me:

  • be nicer, because I felt calm and supported inside
  • be clearer, because I could hear my “inner gps” and could make parenting choices easier
  • be living “on purpose,” and building the life I wanted to lead
  • be healing, as my hormones came back into balance
  • be more positive, because I was aware of my emotions and negative thoughts rather than getting lost in them

learn to meditate and actually love it - Ma Meditation

Whether you’ve never meditated before or you have a strong mantra practice, the Ma Meditation and Power Practice will help you learn to meditate in a way that shifts your energy into possibility – without taking a lot of time.

You will learn how to:

  • Breathe to calm your nervous system, increase healing energy and reconnect your belly muscles
  • Use tools like mantras and affirmations to get beyond your limiting thoughts and step into your potential
  • Rediscover your power to create your experience each day
  • Explore next steps through writing exercises that help you recognize your unique path
As a Ma Yoga Living Member, you’ll get instant access to my self-paced design-your-own meditation program!

People Who Learn to Meditate with Ma Meditation Say:

I have been committing to a few minutes of meditation and pranayama each morning and I’ve noticed that it really helps keep me calm during the morning chaos of trying to get the kids out the door.

Jennifer R.

Thanks so much for developing this program and making it accessible online! I loved that it was so specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant women and moms. To be honest, I forget how I even heard about the program. Obviously a gift from the universe!

Cate H.

I loved that it was broken down into small sections, and that it was a combination of videos, reading material and assignments. I printed out a few of the PDFs and keep them in my meditation spot. I really enjoyed the guided meditation about stepping out of the river. The program was immensely helpful and reassuring to me.

Karen D.

Love the side and back rib inhale! Totally changed how I breathe and how I will teach deep breathing during meditation!

Joanne B.

The Ma Meditation & Power Practice Modules

Module 1

Learn to Breathe

You can’t learn to meditate without learning to breathe.

In this first section, you’ll discover how to breathe in a way that both nourishes you (and baby if you’re pregnant) – and strengthens your core.

You’ll understand the physiology of the breath, what different kinds of breaths say to your nervous system, and how to send the message that all is good – like pressing the reset button.

You’ll discover how to breathe using our stomach muscles optimally, so you’re not adding pressure outward, which can cause diastasis recti and weak abdominal muscles.

When you learn to breath fully, you’re halfway to finding your calm center.

Module 2

Tools to Help You Meditate

If you’ve ever been frustrated by meditating, you were probably trying to get your thoughts to stop, or having some particular experience you thought you were supposed to be having.

Learning to meditate doesn’t mean learning to stop your thoughts – the mind will do it’s job no matter what. 

It means rediscovering that you are free to choose where to place your attention. Plus understanding that whatever you focus on, grows.

In this section you’ll receive tools to make it super easy to choose where to put your attention – mantras. You’ll learn how to use them not only to help you stay present and enjoy all the gifts of the moment – but to set yourself up for a magical day. Use your pdf to select a mantra each day.

Module 3

Strengthen Your Meditation Muscle

As you practice each day without judgement or expectation, you’ll start to notice moments where you no longer need any tools.

You’ll feel so restful and at peace – maybe just for a moment, but these moments will increase. 

You are now developing your muscle of being present for what really matters to you, rather than missing moments worrying about the future or regretting the past.

Module 4

Manifest Your Deepest Desires by Setting an Intention

Soon, meditation will just be something you do without thinking much about it. Sometimes it’ll be really enjoyable, sometimes it’ll be more challenging, but it will always connect you in to your authentic Self.

When you take a moment to set an intention, you’ll get more familiar with what it is you really want – and this is where the magic starts being reflected in your life.

Keep going – you will be amazed at the changes you feel – and see.

Inspire Your Kids

I really wanted my daughter to learn to meditate, but I know she’d hate it if I tried to teach it to her.

So I would sit in the morning with a special scarf on, and if she came in and saw it she knew that mommy was meditating and she could sit quietly with me.

By the time she was a teenager, she was using breathing and meditation tools to calm anxiety, get sleepy and focus for homework.

Somehow, someway, or kids pick up what we do. 

If you learn to meditate and create a practice for yourself that you actually love, the people around you will learn too – just from being around you.

learn to meditate with Ma Yoga

Of all the health and wellness routines I teach – I call them “Anchor Practices” – I believe a morning meditation is the most important. It sets us on a path of listening to our inner wisdom throughout our day, so we can make better choices for ourselves.

Just about every spiritual tradition recommends meditating first thing in the morning. It starts you off connected to your big picture. It gives you a chance to set an intention to draw in what you want. 

And according to Ayurveda, the early morning hours – as night changes to day – are the most potent times for transformation.

And if you feel like you don’t have energy, think about this:

Energy moves through us. When we make space for it, we have more energy. 

During this powerful self-paced meditation training, you will discover:

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How can I meditate if I’m really bad at it and I don’t enjoy it?

If you think you’re “bad at meditation,” you probably haven’t learned Ma Meditation.

Saying you’re bad at meditation is like saying you’re bad at taking a shower.

When you pare meditation down to its most potent elements, it’s just like taking a shower.

You just do it, and whether you’re feeling serene or crazed, rushed or calm, it still works.

With Ma Meditation, we’ve pared down meditation to 5 basic elements.

With our simple self-paced program, you can pick and choose from the Ma Meditation “menu” depending on your schedule, your skills, and your desire.

Just go to the Ma Meditation & Power Practice Program page for more info.

Right now this program comes as a FREE bonus with Ma Yoga Living Membership!

How is Ma Meditation different?

If you’re busy, you need something quick and easy to help you find your calm center:

  • Fast: can be done in as little as 2 minutes, depending on how long we have in our “in-between” moments
  • Simple: pares down meditation into basic elements – even choosing one of them will make a huge difference in your day
  • Powerful: connects you quickly to your “big picture” thinking, and your inner wisdom to guide you forward

The program itself takes about a couple of hours to complete, but you can spread it out over days so you can become comfortable with each element of meditation.

By the end, you can Ma Meditation “Menu” to pick and choose, depending on what you need each day!

What exactly will I learn in Ma Meditation?

The Ma Meditation and Power Practice Program will take you step by step through the essential elements of meditation, so you can pick and choose from the menu and do what works for your schedule, your skill level, and your needs and desires.

It’s divided into six easy to do modules with a video and pdf for each:

Step 1: Learn to Breathe. In this section, we will discover how to breathe in a way that nourishes us (and baby if baby’s inside).

When we lengthen the exhale and expand certain areas of the body, we send a message to the nervous system that everything is ok. Our parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, slowing down heart rate and lowering blood pressure. It also creates a vacuum for a naturally fuller inhale to feed every cell with oxygen and prana (the invisible forces that nurture the physical body).

We also want to breathe using our stomach muscles optimally, so we are not creating pressure outward which can cause diastasis recti and weak abdominal muscles.

When we breathe fully and consciously we feel at ease, connected, and grounded.

Step 2: Tools to Help You Meditate. Meditation doesn’t mean stopping the thoughts – the mind will do its job no matter what. It means remembering that we are free to choose where to place our attention and understanding that whatever we focus on, grows.

In this section, we receive tools – mantras – and learn how to use them to help us gently bring our attention back to the present. You can choose from the pdf list or learn to make up your own.

Step 3: Strengthen Your Meditation Muscle. You will find there are moments where we no longer need tools, and just on our own we find ourselves in our peaceful, blissful center. We are learning to be more present for what really matters in life, rather than missing moments worrying about the future or regretting the past.

Step 4: Manifest Your Heart’s Desire. From the quiet space you’ve invited inside, and you begin to be more familiar with your deepest longings. This part of the practice helps us identify and begin to manifest all that we desire.

This is a magical step that is wonderful to share with children!

Step 5: Discover Your Gifts. We often make discoveries in our meditation practice that help us understand our lives better, and help us know what to do next. In this section, we’ll make sure to harvest all the good stuff from our practice so we continue to become the divine Ma goddess we are inside!

How much does the Ma Meditation program cost?

The Ma Meditation program is only $27.

However, right now it comes as a FREE bonus with membership!

Start your 2-week free trial here for instant access to the Ma Meditation & Power Program.

How do I get more information about Ma Meditation?

Free ebook

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