The Yoga of Healing: a Yoga Therapy Training for Women's Bodies

The Yoga of Healing is a yoga therapy training...

in which you'll learn to:

especially for WOMEN'S bodies.

It will also teach you how to:

How are you going to do all this?

The answer is simple: alignment.

When you move toward optimal alignment -physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually – you support the flow of prana, or the body’s intelligence and power. And when this happens, you feel better right away and over time you heal and thrive. 

Understanding what we want students to do INSIDE the pose is what this yoga therapy training is all about.

Because you can be healing while you’re

yoga therapy training - woman driving

driving, and hurting yourself while on the mat. 

The point is it’s not the pose – it’s the subtle and powerful alignment actions we’re doing inside the pose.

This is especially important when we teach women in their childbearing years, because the body changes so much during this time. The usual aches and pains become even more common, misalignments are magnified, and as baby and belly grows, it’s important to understand how to find our stable, steady center..

It’s important for all yoga teachers to understand how to prevent and heal pregnancy and postpartum-related conditions, including:

In The Yoga of Healing Yoga Teacher Training, you’ll learn how to use simple alignment actions to help students, clients, loved ones and yourself relieve aches and pains, heal injury and stay feeling great, on and off the mat.

In this transformative three-week yoga therapy training, you’ll go deep into alignment principles to practice, teach, and live by. These actions can be done anytime to help relieve aches and pains, stabilize joints, find freedom physically and emotionally, and access support throughout the phases of your life.

yoga therapy over blanket roll

Bring your aches and pains. They are often our greatest gurus, so we can learn from them – and then help others with our wisdom.

In this comprehensive yoga therapy training, you will:

What Yoga Of Healing Participants Are Saying...

This was my first experience with alignment-based yoga. The training took my Kundalini yoga practice to a new level.

The emphasis on principles of alignment and awareness of kinaesthetics has changed the way I teach and the direction I give my students.

Lee Rothman

I thought I would have wrist pain forever, but just by learning to support my weight in my shoulders, I have started to alleviate this issue.

It was wonderful to learn that we are more powerful than we know and be given the tools to use this power to heal.

Vanessa K.

With no background in teaching yoga, the Therapeutics training really helped me be more confident in my ability to teach.

The training was very interactive and hands on which also made me more confident in being able to teach others. Thank you Ma Yoga!

Jordan S.

I had a wonderful experience – it was definitely more than I imagined it to be. The weekend really helped me to look at yoga in a different way. I walked away with new tools and principles that I can use on myself and others.

I’m excited to review all of the material and to start putting what I learned to use immediately. I really appreciate being able to download the handouts, it’s nice to be able to revisit the handouts in the Member area.

Jasmine W.

Jessica, the alignment principles I learned in your therapeutics workshop last weekend was completely evolutionary for my practice in mind, body, and spirit.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this priceless gift. I hope some day to embody a fraction of the goddess energy that radiates from you.

Ashley F.

I left teaching each class feeling ridiculously happy; so proud to be doing my best for these ladies at such a special time and so privileged that I was in a position to be able to be on this journey.

How lucky to be doing something so magical it uplifts your heart and soul every day.


I LOVED the training and feel so much more confident helping people out of pain!

It’s definitely changed how I approach cueing my classes now, and though I’m sure they will evolve so much over time, I don’t think I’ll ever stop using the 5 principles!

Amanda C.

Thank you so much for bringing life and richness to child’s pose with the instructions you shared.

I am finding as I share yoga, that the use of the Five Sacred Steps are becoming easier, more natural. This evolution is so wonderful, Jess!



I loved the Yoga of Healing training. It was extremely informative and the last session was really helpful to watch the alignment adjustments.

I feel more confident being able to explain things now.

Tammi F.

After the Yoga of Healing, I feel more confident in understanding the bodies and their alignments.

I have been teaching Anusara for 7 years now, but I was never this aware how universal the principles actually are.

Ann-Christin G

I feel that I am thinking about every pose using the 5 Sacred Steps now instead of just the basic alignment principles I learned in my 200-hour.

I really like the idea of the 5 SS and being able to move through them in order and in every pose.

Katie S.

How The Yoga Of Healing Came To Be

I started taking yoga in Seattle in the 90’s, because of chronic neck pain. Within two weeks, it disappeared, and I felt strong tall, and free in a way I hadn’t for years. I wanted to know why. Why does yoga work to relieve pain? And why does it sometimes cause pain? I moved to Los Angeles and studied cadavers with med students at UCLA; got my Health Fitness Instructor Certification; and then received my Masters in Kinesiology.

Jessica Jennings Founder, Ma Yoga Therapy Training
But it wasn’t until I discovered a form of alignment-based yoga called Anusara that I got my answers: it’s not which pose you’re doing, it’s what you’re doing inside the pose. After 10,000 hours of studying therapeutic alignment principles, I became a Certified Anusara teacher in 2006. Over the decades of working with pregnant women, I saw how important alignment is for pregnant women not just biomechanically but on all levels.
Aches and pains like neck, back, knee and wrist are common with the ever-changing pregnant body, and anxiety is becoming more and more prevalent.
Myths like “I can’t engage my core” make it difficult for women to heal after pregnancy, and can put women at risk for conditions like diastisis recti, abdominal wall splitting.
The pressure to keep pushing through our lives the same way we were is strong, and yet when we do the sometimes subtle actions of the Ma Yoga alignment principles, or what I call the “Five Sacred Steps”, we enjoy a whole new depth of power, wisdom, and nurturing energy.
Complete healing involves shifts on every level, and The Yoga of Healing is about understanding how to align with our highest Self – physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually. I hope you’ll join us for this transformative experience!
The Five Ma Yoga Alignment Principles, or Five Sacred Steps – We will dive into each step, and practice applying them , and how to apply them to our every day poses to get and keep students out of pain.
Ma Yoga Therapy Training - yoga therapeutics for pregnancy

Women’s bodies – We will address particular discomforts and injuries using women’s bodies as our model, as well as common challenges along the journey to Yoga of Healing for Women laborincluding infertility, dyastisis recti, and back labor.

See energetic flow – Once you have these tools, you will be able to see where misalignments occur and help shift people in to a healing direction. By looking closely at specific issues related to pregnancy and postpartum, you will come to know intimately what the body needs physically and energetically to maintain ease and strength even in the most unstable and depleted times.

And finally, you will be part of an ever-growing, global community of yoga teachers, birth practitioners, and mamas who use birth as our guru to find our own open, strong, creative center – no matter what challenges arise!

Your Yoga Therapy Training Journey

In this transformative online therapeutics training, you will become confident helping people out of pain on and off the mat.
You will learn simple but powerful alignment principles you can practice, teach, and live by, called the Five Sacred Steps.
These alignment actions work on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic, we will use them as our guide as you learn to:

Welcome Circle

Teach Regular Yoga with Alignment

Address Specific Physical and Emotional Conditions with Alignment

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