The Yoga of Pregnancy: an Online Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Why I believe prenatal yoga teacher training is for everyone

There’s a lot of fear around pregnancy exercise. It was only in 2002 that the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology (ACOG) said it was ok for pregnant women to exercise daily!

If you feel a bit nervous when you have a pregnant woman in your class, you might be part of the problem, rather than part of the solution: educating and empowering moms-to-be to experience their fullest potential.

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Graduates speak on the last session of the 3-week prenatal yoga teacher training

This 18-hour prenatal yoga teacher training is more than adjustments for pregnancy.

The Yoga of Pregnancy is an alignment-based prenatal yoga teacher training that will give you clear, repeatable principles as well as practices so you can confidently:

Thank you so much for the training and the generosity of your rich abundant knowledge. I had an awesome weekend it has a permanent mark in my life.

Faith C.

Thank you for supporting us yet gently encouraging us to see our edge and approach it with love, grace and fierceness! If you’re considering this training, take it! You will not regret it.

Emily B.

I took this training to get more knowledge about appropriate poses for pregnant women. I got a lot more… the Ma Yoga principles are golden and I can use this knowledge for every type of yoga class and even apply them to my own personal life.

I feel blessed to have been given this gift. Thank you Jess!

Erica T.

I can honestly never thank you enough for such a lovely weekend of love and healing. The Universe’s timing is always perfect.

Adrienne S.

Not only was the weekend amazing in terms of education and instruction, but it was also so good for my mind and body. I feel even more invested in teaching prenatal yoga.

Amanda Cougal

This training is so well put together, the information is infinite, and I have a whole new love for pregnancy and motherhood.

I can’t wait to one day teach with and be part of Ma Yoga!

Mandy Johnson

Not only was the weekend amazing in terms of education and instruction, but it was also so good for my mind and body.

I feel even more invested in teaching prenatal yoga.

Jennifer Gaeke

Thanks again for such a great teacher training. It was so wonderful to see both of my passions, yoga and Obstetrics, come to life together. I learned a great deal from you!

Zorayda Alvair, MD, OB/Gyn

My classes have a new flow of energy this week from this process!

Maggie B.

I highly recommend Jessica’s prenatal training weekend. Her expertise and professionalism, combined with her compassion and experience, makes for an incredible learning experience for teachers, but also for pregnant women with advanced yoga practices.

Saron O.

Truly, you are a gift. Your insight, knowledge, wisdom and pure love for the work flows through in a tremendously positive way.

It was a wonderful weekend and I feel I have learned so much that I can take out into the world with me and share.

Wendy O.

There are few other times in my life when I have felt so alive and inspired as I did during those three days. I cried many times in that class, tears of pure joy and wonder. I have known for a long time that yoga is my path, but it wasn’t until this prenatal training that I realized that prenatal yoga is my path within my path 😉

Jessica reached out to every one of us with compassion and warmth, and we learned so much.

We were in excellent hands with her!

Sarah T.

I really enjoyed the prenatal yoga workshop. It was very practical and spiritual at the same time.

I loved that it touched on the fundamentals of alignment and how to intertwine with theming.

Sara M.

The Yoga of Pregnancy deepened my teaching techniques. I learned about bringing space, earth, water, fire, and air in the body, mind, and heart.

Based on this I can teach easily. It’s fun!

Vicki W.

Thank you for supporting us yet gently encouraging us to see our edge and approach it with love, grace and fierceness! Take it! You will not regret it!


The Ma Yoga Prenatal Teacher Training has truly been a metamorphosis both personally and professionally.

Jessica and the team at Ma Yoga have created a certification made up of crucial components, which allow you to build upon your knowledge and training, improving and empowering your teaching and your own life.


This training felt like it went above and beyond. There is way more to prenatal yoga than just the do’s and don’ts.

Jessica is an amazing instructor that has put a lot of thought and care into the program.

Amber T.

I taught my first prenatal workshop and I wasn’t nervous at all.

I told my husband I felt sooo prepared! It went really well and I loved it.

Amber T

The Yoga of Pregnancy is a wonderful course that you will benefit from it whether you are pregnant or not. I strongly recommend it.

If you have any questions regarding the poses or what it is being taught in the course the instructor really dives in so you can get a better understanding of it.

Belinda S.

Your Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Itinerary

Overview of The Yoga of Pregnancy

Let’s welcome each other and dive right into our beliefs and fears around birth. We’ll have a general Q&A with whatever comes up, and get to know each other a bit. Then, enjoy a prenatal yoga practice for yourself with the how’s and why’s as we move and breathe.

Travel Through the Trimesters

Journey through the physiological and psychological changes that arise throughout the trimesters, using the Ma Yoga alignment principles as your guide. Explore prenatal variations of regular yoga poses and sequencing, and learn to adjust poses physically and energetically for each trimester.

Create Inspiring Prenatal Yoga Classes

Learn to use themes to deepen your students’ experience throughout class. You’ll create a theme related to pregnancy, labor, or motherhood, and for homework, practice weaving it through your teaching of a single pose. Next time – we’ll teach each other a prenatal yoga practice you will love!
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Mom and Baby Yoga

Prepare Your Students for Labor and Beyond

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