An Easy Meditation for Moms: Clear Off Your Dry Erase Board!

An Easy Meditation for Moms: Clear Off Your Dry Erase Board!

An Easy Meditation for Moms: Clear Off Your Dry Erase Board!

Whether we are a new mom with life in chaos, or a mom-to-be running from doctor’s visits to Target, life can be overwhelming during this time. We all know that meditation is a great way to calm our mind and body down, and press the reset button so we can bring our whole self to the next thingl

The good news is it doesn’t need to take more than two minutes to have a positive affect on how you are thinking and feeling!

Yes, it’s true, the longer and more frequent the meditation, the more powerful, but in my experience the difference between NOT meditating and meditating for two minutes is much greater than the difference between meditating for two minutes and meditating for 10.

There were lots of days I skipped it, because I couldn’t find 10 minutes. But one day while trying to calm my head down enough to be present with my little one, an image came to me that helped me drop in almost instantly.

It feels to me like you could use this image almost like a visual mantra: simply call it up and then it’s there for you. When your mind follows thoughts, you can gently come back to your mantra when you find yourself caught up in thought or feeling anxious.  Use it whenever you remember that YOU have the power to change how you feel.

Here’s a wonderful visualization to quickly step out of the craziness into bliss:

Sit on the edge of a folded blanket or cushion.

Picture yourself in a river.  The current is the chaos of our lives, sometimes tossing us around – sometimes we’re swimming up stream.

Now picture yourself getting out of the river.  Sit on the warm ground, with a tree supporting your back. Lean back. The support you feel is this community, and your own ability to nurture yourself.

Let the sun – the energy of life, or prana – warm you from above.

Watch the river go by. Notice your thoughts. The current is the movement of your thoughts, your feelings.  Don’t try to stop it. Just observe. Whether the current is chaotic and white-water rough, or whether its calm and placid, doesn’t matter.

Allow the river to flow by without you in it. Watch it go by. Enjoy doing nothing.

Imagine the gentle breeze to be your emotions and physical sensations.  Like the current of the river, whether the wind is fast and furious, or cooling and sweet – it doesn’t matter.  Maybe one is a bit more comfortable than another, but just let it be.  Let it be.

Enjoy the support of the sturdy tree behind you.  As we move our awareness into the back of our body, we connect to a more universal part of ourselves, our deep authentic Self.  We recognize that we are part of something bigger – that your desire for something more – to step into your power, wisdom, and nurturing energy – that this is an awareness within us that just wants to expand.

Notice the sensations: :the warmth of the sun, the movement of the breeze, and any the support for your back body.

Let the imagery fade away and just sit, allowing thoughts, feelings, sensations to flow by.  You’re meditating!

When it’s time to get back in the water, you might feel different.  You can be in the water, but not pushed around by it.  You can choose whether to walk or swim or ride the current, whatever will bring more goodness, truth, and beauty into your day.  Over time, you can become more sensitive to where you want to go, and more able to give the best of you to your loved ones, your work, your play, and your life.

Now do it mama!  Close your eyes and do it.  2 minutes if a great start!  10 minutes! 1 minute or whatever you have will make a difference.

Here is the Quick Step Quide for the Stepping Out of the River Meditation for Busy Mamas:
(read above whenever you need to be reminded of the details)

1.) Sit tall

2.) Close your eyes and imagine you’re in a river.  Now picture yourself stepping out.

3.) Sit down on the cool earth and lean back against a tree.  Enjoy the warmth of the sun coming down through the top of your head, and let the breeze of your emotions blow as it will.

4.) Notice you are aware of all of this. Gently bring your attention to that awareness. Let the picture dissolve and become spacious. Float in awareness.

5.) When you find yourself lost in thought, call up the river again and step out – restart at #1.

Oh and by the way mama, you have to sit down, close your eyes, and picture it. Reading about it doesn’t really help.


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