How I Became a Yoga Doula

I wasn’t feeling much like a yoga doula, since I had skipped Mom + Baby yoga for the last few months because my daughter became mobile, and it was hard keeping her entertained for an hour.

Being a single mother of a new toddler definitely gave me the desire to go to my “om mama” place. Om Mama is who I was throughout my pregnancy with my daughter – strong, confident, relaxed, feeling sexy even, all because I was aware of my body and my baby.

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Jessica from Ma Yoga definitely helped with this sense of awareness each and every time I attended her prenatal classes. She would start class with a beautiful reflection that always seemed to be exactly what I needed to hear.

Flash forward 13+ months and here I had thought I had lost the Om Mama in me, but as Jessica helped me into a supported back bend, my little girl crawled up to me and made the sign for “milk”,  and I realized that the Om Mama in me never left…she just evolved.

Now I’m an excellent multi-tasker, still confident and strong, and not just aware of my baby and my body, but also of the kind ofwoman and mother I’m becoming.

It has been a humbling 13 months since my daughter was born. The experience only encourages me to help other mamas find the Om Mama in them, throughout their journey.

I have found my purpose in life through my work as a doula, which is holding space and accompanying other women as they go from maiden to mother.  I am a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International, a Ma Yoga Doula and I feel blessed to have witnessed the births that I have thus far. I am excited to support even more mothers in the future.

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Written by: Danellia Arechiga

Thank you for spreading the Ma love!


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