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Los Angeles Acupuncturists

Have you tried acupuncture?  Chinese medicine is wonderful for getting all the different parts of the body to be moving together in the healthiest, most effective way.  It’s great for fertility, to “reset” your system while you’re pregnant, and to get labor going. If you’ve ever had a really good savasana (corpse pose) at the end of a yoga practice, then you know what a good acupuncture session feels like – so relaxing.


If you have musculoskeletal pain, it can help get you out of pain. Generally, my feeling is that there’s some misalignment causing the pain (a muscle that isn’t strong enough to hold the bone in place, or is in spasm so it’s pulling it out of place), and you’ll need to change what you are doing in some way.

In other words, in addition to acupuncture, do something different with your body – like our alignment-based yoga – to stay out of pain.

Here are acupuncturists in LA recommended by members of the Ma Yoga community, in no particular order and it is NOT a complete list. 

1. Larisa Boyd – Specializes in women’s health, especially fertility, pregnancy, labor (

2. On the west side, Larisa recommends Denise Wiesner at Natural Healing and Acupuncture – “she is awesome!!!”

3. Abigail Morgan, L.Ac. of FLOAT: Chinese Medical Arts Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, herbal medicine, nutritional consultation and bodywork to men and women. Specializes in prenatal acupuncture and the Childbearing Cycle

4. Marsha Connor – in high demand.

5. Linda Allen – Reported to be a “fantastic prenatal acupuncturist.”

6. Susan Minich – Susan is a Nurse Midwife and acupuncturist at Kaiser Permanente, and has a private acupuncture practice for Women’s Health in Burbank. She specializes in fertility, pregnancy, abor induction and has been doing this for decades.

7. Elizabeth Bachner – Elizabeth is an Acupuncturist who created GraceFull Birthing, a Home Birth midwifery practice that not only supports the choice for Home Water Birth, but also offers Monatrice Services for Hospital Births ( )

8. Marin Kokin – she is great and takes a lot of insurance (


9. I also recommend an acupuncturist, Andrea Thorpe, who specializes in reproductive needs/issues. I saw her after my miscarriage to work on shrinking fibroids (they did disappear, not sure if it was the acupuncture), and mostly because I wanted to do something proactive while I was waiting around for the green light to try again.

I know she helps with fertility issues (ultimately she suggested some dietary modifications that I think helped regulate my cycle which facilitated pregnancy), morning sickness, and I imagine a host of our pregnancy-related conditions. She trained with one of the leaders in fertility acupuncture, the guy who wrote Tao of Fertility, and she has an incredible bedside manner, is responsive on email, etc. Andrea works at the Lotus Center in Highland Park

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