Pregnancy Guide: Los Angeles Midwives

In this Pregnancy Guide, members of the Ma Yoga community share midwives they’ve worked with and loved. Curious about what giving birth at home would be like?  You don’t have to decide.  Just talk to some midwives, get some information, and then you’ll know what is right for you and your family.

UCLA Midwife Group: Kia Winlock, Susan User, Anne Trudell, and Polly Flatwider at UCLA

Margo Kennedy, CNM and Kelly Dietzen LM, CPM  are a well-respected Certified Midwife in the medical community and very experienced.


Shelly Girard, LM, CPM, MPH and Seannie Gibson, LM, CPM, LLC.

Davi Kaur – From Anna: “She attended the birth of my daughter in such a graceful way. I plan on working with her again during my next pregnancy. She is amazing, a true inspiration. She is a certified nurse midwife and attends home, birthing center and hospital births. She works closely with Debbie Frank as well as Dr. Paul Crane. She offers a great childbirth prep class in addition to being a stellar midwife.” TLC Midwifery Care

Elizabeth Bachner LM, CPM, L.Ac. – DASC Midwife of the Year 2008. GraceFull Birthing is a Home Birth midwifery practice that not only supports the choice for Home Water Birth, but also offers Monatrice Services for Hospital Births. Elizabeth is an Acupuncturist and Deborah is a Naturopathic Doctor. www.gracefullbirthing.com

Sue Wolcott, RN, LM, ND, of Naturopathic Midwifery – www.homebirthwaterbirth.com. 

Rebecca Tidwell Prediletto, LM – www.birthrevolutionmidwifery.com.

Leslie Datz Stewart, RN, CNM and Catherine Williams, LM, CPM – Amazing and highly experienced team. 

Thank you for spreading the Ma love!

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