The Evolution of the Ma Yoga Living Room

Prior to starting the Ma Yoga Living Room, I received an email from a mom-to-be looking for prenatal yoga in Tokyo. The email read,  “I’ve read about Ma Yoga classes. Are there any here?”

ma yoga living room

I told her I wished there was a way we could send a teacher over.

This was in 2015, and I had recently taken an online Ayurveda course and loved it.

As a busy mom and business owner, I needed to do classes on my own schedule. So I set out to make sure moms and moms-to-be could access amazing, therapeutic, strengthening and uplifting prenatal and mom yoga anytime, anywhere.

We called our member area the Ma Yoga Living Room.

But still, there was something missing.

So much of what we love about prenatal yoga is the connection we make with other mamas. 

In our ten locations throughout Southern California, women told us that sharing their journey with others on the same journey changed not only their pregnancy and labor – but their lives.

Cut to: March 2020.

I had my last in-person teacher training. We all knew it was the last time we’d be with others for a long time, and we treasured every moment of the weekend.

By Monday, I had moved all my teacher trainings online, and I was talking to my teachers about offering Zoom classes through the Ma Yoga Living Room.

ma yoga living room

I had actually been teaching one-on-one sessions on Zoom for a while, so I already understand the technology and logistics.

ma yoga living room

By the end of the week, we had moved our entire schedule of Prenatal Yoga, Mom+Baby, and Ma Yoga for Anyone classes online. It was only an experiment – a temporary way to handle the new quarantine rules.

And yet… we all fell in love!

No more traveling to class. No more being in strange environments. And for the mamas, no more worrying about distracting little ones, or taking breaks – Zoom allows for it all. 

ma yoga living room

Whatever the reasons, live online classes fit right into the Ma Yogaphilosophy:  Yoga can – and must – change for women in their childbearing years.

In Ma Yoga, not only is there an emphasis on stepping in to our feminine power but we do it by recognizing that a little goes a long way. That we are responsible for people and projects, and this means an hour of serene quiet time is sometimes just not possible. And that when we bring yoga into our lives, our lives begin to align, just like our spines.

So, we find a spot on the floor, and we show up in whatever we’re wearing. We allow ourselves to be messy – our house, our hair, our moods.

ma yoga living room

The experience of being on Zoom, teaching women in their own living rooms and helping them change isolation to connection – feels like it was meant to be.

Yes, we’re not face to face. But we talk and connect, and then we move and breathe together. We all dive into our own feminine wisdom, power, and nurturing energy.

Ma Yoga has become a grown up in the world. And in the world she is! We’ve had people from Japan, Germany, the UK and Dubai show up in class.

I only wish I could find that mom in Tokyo and send her the Zoom link.

We hope to see you in the Ma Yoga Living Room soon!

Thank you for spreading the Ma love!

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