Ma Yoga Living Tip from Kelsey Flatley, Certified Ma Yoga® Prenatal & Mom Yoga Instructor

Hello! My name is Kelsey and I currently live back where I grew up in a small, beach town on the south shore of NY.

Yoga has been in my life since I was about 15 years old when my Mom and a few other special ladies in my life started taking classes at a local temple, which was a place I had never been before.

It was an experience that will be ingrained into my memory forever. The gongs, incense and all-around sense of peace about the people that surrounded me was completely unique to the busy life of a high school teenager but really, that beautiful string of moments changed everything for me.

Yoga ebbed and flowed in the background of my life for many years to follow. Classes here and there, meditation once in a while, but a deep love for it whenever it was at the forefront.

That strong love is still there today and has fully embodied my entire being.

Yoga has become not just a practice, but my lifestyle. I love to teach it, practice it and share it’s philosophy with anyone who will listen because it changed my life and I know it can help so many others do the same.

I got my 200-hour certification while living in California at Spectra Yoga. I loved the intimate setting of the group and how they provided us with a great knowledge of the philosophy along with asana.

I fell in love with Yin Yoga and got my certification soon after 200-hour training ended and I am now in my 500-hour training here in NY.

Prenatal yoga came after my husband and I went through a miscarriage; I knew deep down that there was a meaningful purpose behind this loss and it finally came to me when I began to share about it with my friends and family and most of their responses were that they had been through the same thing.

I thought, “Why isn’t there more support/discussion about this among young women?” and then, “How can I be of service?” and there was Ma Yoga.

Ma Yoga was the perfect training for me as it is based around Mother Nature (our Original Mother) and the elements, which was inspiring and easy to connect with. I not only want to be there for those who have suffered loss, but to support all the beautiful Mamas who are out there creating the miracle of life!

I find it absolutely magical and nothing short of amazing what our bodies can do. I believe that yoga is so important during pregnancy as it guides you to turn towards your divine feminine self and provides important tools, such as breath work, to support you through pregnancy, labor and beyond.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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Kelsey Flatley

Certified Ma Yoga® Prenatal and Mom Yoga Instructor

Thank you for spreading the Ma love!

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