Tips for Pregnancy Nausea

Pregnancy Guide: How to Deal with Pregnancy Nausea

Pregnancy Nausea is funny.  Sort of.  OK not really.

But it makes us want to eat – even though over-eating (or eating heavy, processed foods, esp. when we are not hungry) can make it worse in the long run.

It also often causes aversions to the very foods that can make it ease up – green, leafy plants for one.

And it makes us feel like we just want to curl up in a little ball – when the truth is, getting out for a walk or going to that prenatal class can make us feel SO much better.

So, here are some things that can help with nausea:


Have an orange, grapefruit, or watermelon ready for when you are hungry. Always have something healthy like almonds with you (they are easier to digest if you soak them in water overnight and slip the skin off before eating).  But only eat when you are hungry – eating can distract us, but over-eating will make it worse.  Only snack on whole foods from nature – seeds, soaked nuts, veggies and fruit. Doesn’t sound appealing? Drink ginger tea instead.


Skip Prenatal Vitamins

What?  Please don’t sue me. And, let me clarify (and of course, check with your doctor first). The main difference between a regular vitamin and a prenatal is that you need 800mcg of folic acid when you’re pregnant (and while you’re trying).  You can ask your caregiver if it’s ok to take a tiny folic acid vitamin instead of your prenatal for a while. If you’re not eating a ton of greens, you might also want to take a complex b that has other b vitamins in it as well.

If you are in your first trimester, know that most of the time, pregnancy nausea disappears around the 14th week.  If you are past the 14th week – know that the hormones are definitely working! If you don’t have any nausea, don’t worry – that’s great too.

Point is, that even though the law of karma applies (everything has a cause, and everything has an effect), we get the pregnancy we get, and we get the birth we get. We can have an affect for sure, with healthy eating habits and daily practices, but mostly, we’re not in charge.

As my teacher Julie Freitas said to me when I was trying to bring my labor on with meditation and blue cohosh: “Jessica, we are not in charge.  If pregnancy doesn’t teach you that, labor will. And if labor doesn’t teach you that, your children will.”  I am still learning this every day.


Get it into your body in any form. Peel some fresh ginger and grate it into boiling water; buy ginger candy (available at Trader Joes); or just rub some fresh ginger on your gums.



Pressing on the point in the middle of the wrist a couple inches down from the palm has been shown in studies to have a positive effect on nausea. Buy sea bands or make your own with a rubber band and a pebble.

Alkalinize the Blood

In Ayurveda, nausea is the result of acidity in the blood.  What makes the blood acidic? Any processed foods – white sugar, white flour and meat.  What makes the blood alkaline? Generally, fruits and veggies – especially leafy greens, like spinach, kale, and dandelion leaves.  Problem is, if you are feeling really nauseous, it’s hard to eat green stuff. Often its just trying to do your best, with how you’re feeling at that moment.

Hope this all helps! 

Thank you for spreading the Ma love!

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