Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Ask a woman no matter what age if she remembers her birth experience, and chances are she will be able to describe it. Why not make a good memory by having people around you who put you in a good place? Choosing a doctor that’s right for you is a process that can be uncomfortable, scary, and longer than we want it to be. Here’s a list of questions to make it easier. If your doctor gives you an answer you’re not comfortable with, pay attention.  Because chances are it will matter even more later.


1. How long can I go past my due date before induction? (2 weeks with fetal assessment)

2. Will I need an intravenous drip throughout labor (only if your beta strip test is positive or you want medication)

3. What are your feelings of birth with and without anesthesia? (I will support you in either choice)

4. If my water bag breaks, how soon do I need to go to the hospital if the fluid is clear? (24 hours)

5. If I choose to use epidural anesthesia, how long can I push for before a Cesarean birth is performed? (4 hours)

6. Will I need an episiotomy? (only if necessary)

7. When do you arrive at the hospital? (6-9 centimeters)

8. Will you be going out of town near my due date? (hopefully not, and if it’s at all possible, meet with partners).

9. Can I walk around and change positions during labor?

10. Can our baby stay in the room with us the entire time after delivery to have all the newborn procedures done, or is it necessary to place him/her in the nursery?

from Julie Freitas, Birth and Infant Care Educator

Thank you for spreading the Ma love!

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