Meet Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D., Postpartum Assistance Expert

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Meet Dr. Shoshana Bennett, prenatal and postpartum therapist. She is internationally recognized as a leading maternal mental health expert and a clinical psychologist, offering postpartum assistance. Dr. Shoshana Bennett has inspired and transformed countless lives worldwide through her radio shows, books, lectures, interactive online classes, consultations, and videos.

Affectionately known as “Dr. Shosh”,  she educates, engages, and empowers her audiences while discussing serious and often uncomfortable topics using humor and the latest research, solution-based protocols.

Dr. Shosh teaches from experience, as she went through postpartum depressions (PPD) before we had a name for them.

postpartum assistance dr shosh

She emerged from this personal nightmare to become a leading national advocate and pioneer in women’s mental health, establishing Postpartum Assistance for Mothers, which offers education and emotional support for women experiencing PPD and related disorders.

Dr. Shosh also helped develop the official training curriculum for professionals and served as president of Postpartum Support International.

Dr. Shosh is an Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary, Dark Side of The Full Moon. She is the author of Postpartum Depression for Dummies, Pregnant on Prozac, and is the co-author of Beyond the Blues: Understanding and Treating Prenatal and Postpartum Depression & Anxiety.

Her latest book, Children of The Depressed, was recently released. Dr. Shosh is the creator of the mobile phone app PPD Gone!, which provides advice and strategies to cope and recover from PPD.

Dr. Shosh co-founded the newly launched Postpartum Action Institute to train community leaders and parent advocates on postpartum assistance. She has traveled extensively throughout the US and internationally as a guest lecturer and keynote speaker, training medical and healthcare professionals.

postpartum assistance dr shosh

She is well known for her popular radio show and has appeared as a guest expert on countless television and radio shows including 20/20, Ricki Lake, and The Doctors. All aspects of the media consult, interview, and quote her regularly, including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, WebMD, NPR, Psychology Today, USA Today, Parenting, The Huffington Post, and Cosmopolitan.

She has received numerous awards acknowledging and honoring her outstanding contributions and work as a women’s mental health advocate.

Early in her career, Bennett served as a special education teacher, working with autistic and other learning-disabled children. She later taught early childhood education, psychology, and special education for several California colleges.

She earned three teaching credentials, two masters degrees, a Ph.D., and her license as a clinical psychologist.

Today, she has helped more than 20,000 women worldwide with postpartum assistance through individual consultations, support groups, group workshops, and seminars.

postpartum assistance dr shosh

Maternal mental health is her life’s mission. She provides hope with compassion, personal experience, and the application of sound knowledge and research. Dr. Shosh helps her clients and colleagues understand that these disorders are entirely treatable.

With proper help, women can emerge from the crisis of these illnesses in charge of their health, making the best possible decisions for themselves and their families, and happier than ever before.

For more on Dr. Shosh, please visits her website.

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