Lifestyle Help for Mom: Just Be a Divine MA

Ma Yoga offers practices that nurture and nourish.
Our babies, of course, will benefit from everything we do in this area, but the bigger point for me is learning to care of myself.
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And for many of us, when we take them on, we become the mother to ourselves we never had.
When we’re pregnant, we learn alignment, breathing techniques and daily lifestyle and food habits that wake up our innate nurturing power, mostly with the intention of  being good mamas to our little ones.
When we’re mamas, we create boundaries for our little ones, and take them to activities that often both energize and nourish them.
And, if we’re aware, this can teach us how to be a MAma for ourselves.
For our children, we might take them away from playing to make sure they are getting to bed before they are exhausted.  We might put an end to the ginger bread house eating and try and get a vegetable into their bellies.  We might limit watching or playing on screens and encourage them to read a book instead.
For ourselves, well – it’s pretty much the same!
We might choose to get ourselves to bed early so we’ll have more energy the next day; after a day of holiday eating we might decide to drink a juice smoothie so we can feel lighter; and we can make sure to carve out a little part of every day to use our creative, intelligent awareness.
The point is, we can choose to do all this just as lovingly as we would with our little one.  Ask yourself: would you speak to your children the way you speak to yourself in your head?  Can you step into the most nurturing part of you when setting boundaries for yourself this month?
If not, a useful way to get there is to close your eyes and think: What is the best thing about being my age? What have I learned about myself and my potential that I didn’t know before? What do I really believe about this world we live in?
Then you’ll be coming from this place within you that is wise, subtly aware, and simply the biggest, most loving part of yourself.

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And, of course, getting on your mat with a bunch of other people doing the same is a super powerful way to access deep, energetic nourishment for body, mind, and spirit.
Come to class to feel great and spend time with your little one and other moms, but also to feed that subtle awareness, and re-direct your MAma-ness toward yourself!
Thank you for spreading the Ma love!
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