Feeling Sad? Self-Care Meditation for When Your Little You is Sick

That feeling of love for your little one when they’re sick? Turn inward with that same nurturing with this self-care meditation. 

My baby liked to sleep ON me when she was sick.  I barely slept because I needed to have my head propped up for her to be comfortable.  But I liked to feel my skin cooling her hot skin, and of course I wouldn’t have chosen to be anywhere else. 

You know how it is: when baby’s sick, life as we know it stops.

mom caring for child - self-care meditation

We want to be there for them.  Our worries, our focus, our attention goes from whatever it was on to helping them feel safe and loved. Play dates, events, and sleep go out the door. And that’s just how it is.

Now, remember back to times when you yourself felt alone and needy.

Maybe it was yesterday.  Or last week. Or right now.

What if someone wanted to be there for you in this same way? What if you could feel that feeling of lying on someone and being held? What if that feeling of sadness could dissipate just from the powerful love of the Great Mother Essence within all of us?

This is a self-care meditation practice to finally be able to nurture yourself back to a healthy, happy mindset.

We can look at the loneliness, sadness, and deep desire we often feel to be cared for – especially during the holidays when we are focused mostly on caring for others – as a chance to step into the wise, loving, adult Divine Ma Self that we are.

Here’s the practice:

Notice Her Age

If you ever hear negative talk in your mind (and who doesn’t?), like “I am not enough”, “I just don’t have what it takes”, “the world doesn’t care” – notice it.

Close your eyes.  Follow this thought or behavioral pattern that holds you back through your life thus far.

Trace back through your life history to try and find when that particular way of thinking or being began.  Whatever image and age pops up – trust it.  If a memory arises, stay with it.  How old were you then?

young girl - self-care meditation

Things like “Who do you think you are to try that?” “Get over yourself” “You’ll never be able to do that” are all coming from a younger version of you, who was using this limited way of thinking as protection. It was useful then for her, Mama, but ask yourself: is it serving you now?

If not, rather than trying to just cut that voice off, or just stop thinking that way, or write her words on paper and burn it, or ignore it – I invite you to take a more feminine perspective of change.  The feminine always involves the 3 R’s:

Relationship, receptivity, and reversibility.

Think of this negative voice as coming from a person who is part of you – a 6 year old, or a 12 year old – a younger version of you who is still very present as you create your life, make choices, and interact with people.

She is sad.  She feels alone.  She is still waiting to be cared for. And she is not helping things at all.

Begin a Nurturing Relationship With Your Younger Self in Your Body/Heart/Mind

Let your plans go for a bit.  Your little one is sick. Close your eyes. Picture yourself holding that little version of you.  Ask her “what do you need?” and listen to her response.  Tell her the same things you would tell your own child. Feel yourself climbing into bed with her in your heart.  Let her know you are there for her now.

What is the one thing you want to say to your younger, more needy self?

Say it now.  Say it often.  Say it every day and listen; see how her response changes over time. Ask her how she is feeling and listen some more.

Be there with her each day as she is healing. Tell her about the world as you see it: what’s beautiful about it, what makes you feel happy and safe, why she is loved. Put your arms around her in your mind’s eye.

Mom and daughter - self-care meditation

Let her know that she is a beautiful expression of the Divine, and that you might not always say the right thing, or be able to make her feel better, but you will be there for her loving her.

Why not Mama – you would do it for your own child, right? Why not do it for you as well?

Practicing Ma Yoga is all about becoming the loving and wise MA that we are. And this means stepping in to our ability to nurture ourselves back to health and happiness – not just our babies. Make this nurturing self-care meditation a regular practice to shine greater love and compassion within. 

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Thank you for spreading the Ma love!


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