How Five Minutes of Daily Meditation Can Change Your Life


Can you remember a time in your life where finding a couple minutes to yourself was not a problem? If you’re a mom, chances are it was a long time ago.

If you can’t remember when finding the time to eat or shower wasn’t a challenge, you probably aren’t meditating right now.

Even if you COULD squeeze in meditation into your crazy day, you may be wondering if it’s possible to  connect to calm clarity in the chaos of motherhood.

meditation pregnancy motherhood practice

Well, I have good news: it’s possible and way easier than you think.

You don’t need a designated area, or time away from your baby – you don’t even necessarily need quiet, and you don’t need more than five minutes.

Traditionally meditation was done in silence, for at least 20 minutes at at time, but at Ma Yoga we’re all about recognizing that if moms are going to be able to receive the nurturing that we all need and deserve, traditional yoga and meditation practices have to change.

If you’ve tried meditation and couldn’t stand it, or felt like you weren’t “good” at it, don’t even call it “meditation.” Instead, try thinking of it as pausing, sitting down and accessing your inner resources.

Connect to your big picture. Give yourself a little of the nurturing you usually reserve for others.

I call it Ma Meditation. It’s honed down to just what we need and have time for. The benefits of meditation are well-known, and as a new mom I realized that even if we only have five minutes, we can receive enough of the benefits to change our lives.

prenancy new moms meditation

Ma Meditation is not just calming – it’s the difference between a day full of putting out fires and checking off tasks vs. a day of being in the flow of support, wisdom, and love that’s always within us.

A 5 minute meditation can help us to see our children with less of our own desires and projections on them – and more as who they truly are and what they need, right now. And it might be exactly what you need to calm the waves of your life! 

5 Day 5 Minute Meditation Challenge

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