How a Daily 5 Minute Meditation Can Change Your Life

5 minute meditation for moms from Ma Yoga

Can you remember a time in your life where finding a couple minutes to yourself was not a problem? If you’re a mom, chances are it was a long time ago.

If you can’t remember when finding the time to eat or shower wasn’t a challenge, you probably aren’t meditating right now.

Even if you COULD squeeze in meditation into your crazy day, you may be wondering if it’s possible to  connect to calm clarity in the chaos of motherhood.

Well, I have good news: it’s possible and way easier than you think.

Really? a 5 Minute Meditation?

meditation pregnancy motherhood practice - 5 minute meditation for moms from Ma Yoga

We have so many ideas of what meditation should be. You don’t need a designated area, or time away from your baby – you don’t even necessarily need quiet, and you don’t need more than five minutes to make a huge difference in your day, your week and your life!

Traditionally meditation was done in silence, for at least 20 minutes at at time, but at Ma Yoga we’re all about recognizing that if moms are going to be able to receive the nurturing that we all need and deserve, traditional yoga and meditation practices can and must change.

Call it your "Ma time"

If you’ve tried meditation and couldn’t stand it, or felt like you weren’t “good” at it, maybe don’t even call it “meditation.” Instead, try thinking of it as pausing, sitting down and receive nurturing energy. Soften and open the back of the lungs for your breath. Release into the embrace of the earth. Remember you are supported.

When we practice nurturing ourselves in this quiet way, I call it Ma Meditation. We all need to feel loved and it’s often surprising to people who much you can do that for yourself. Ma Meditation is honed down to just what you need and have time for. The benefits of meditation are well-known, and as a new mom I realized that even if we only do a 5 minute meditation, I could receive enough of the benefits to feel completely different after – and change my life over time. 

prenancy new moms meditation - 5 minute meditation for moms from Ma Yoga

Ma Meditation is not just calming – it connects you to the power of your intention. You become more aware of what you want, and ou connect to your inner resources more easily to help make it happen.

For me, a 5 minute meditation is the difference between a day full of putting out fires and running from task to task, vs. a day of being in a synchronistic flow of support, wisdom, and love that’s always within us and all around us.

A 5 minute meditation can help you see your loved ones with less of our own assumptions and projections on them – and more as who they truly are. It’ll be easier to see what they need, and keep help them feel loved too. 

And it might be exactly what you need to calm the waves of your life! 

I created a FREE 5-day, 5 Minute Meditation Challenge where you’ll get a guided audio meditation each day for five days. 

Can you do it? Can you love yourself that much? I think YES!

Thank you for spreading the Ma love!


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