How a Daily 5 Minute Meditation Can Change Your Life

5 minute meditation for moms from Ma Yoga

If you can remember when finding 10 minutes to yourself was easy, you’re probably not a new mom.

And, chances are, you probably aren’t meditating right now.

Even if you COULD squeeze in a 5 minute meditation into your crazy day, you may be wondering if 5 minutes would even do anything to help you find calm clarity in the chaos of motherhood.

I want to explain why I believe a 5 minute meditation can make a world of difference.

Really? A 5 Minute Meditation?

meditation pregnancy motherhood practice - 5 minute meditation for moms from Ma Yoga

We have so many ideas of what meditation should be. If you think about it, traditional meditation was taught by men, for men. They weren’t responsible for a little human, and their schedule was their own.

I was taught meditation by a wonderful, traditional teacher. He literally said to us, “if you aren’t going to meditate for 20 minutes twice a day, then don’t bother.”

So, when I was a new mom, I didn’t. What that meant for me was that in the time I need it most – when I was isolated, depleted, stressed and overwhelmed – I gave up the one practice that had always sustained my sense of Self.

I lost myself for a while – until one day I started thinking about what could help me, and I landed on meditation. I wondered why it went away. And I actually got a little angry. 

Why was I not meditating? Because what I could do wouln’t be good enough for my teacher?

I decided to start re-thinking it all. Yoga. Meditation. Self-Care. I experimented with how short a practice could be, and still be powerful. 

I realized that to make a difference, we need a lot less time than we all tend to think.

We just need to get out of our all-or-nothing way of thinking and experiment.

Once I started letting myself off the hook, I started connecting daily to a part of myself that I had forgotten.

A part that is not isolated but connected; not empty but fully of powerful energy; a part that isn’t lost, but has deep desires that can be like an “Inner GPS”, guiding us forward.

Now, I teach people – especially busy nurturers of people and projects – a 5-minute meditation, called Ma Meditation.

You don’t need a designated area, or time away from your baby – you don’t even necessarily need quiet, and you don’t need more than five minutes to make a huge difference in your day, your week and your life!

Ma Yoga recognizeds that if moms are going to be able to receive the nurturing that we all need and deserve, traditional yoga and meditation practices can and must change.

Call it your "Ma time"

If you’ve tried meditation and couldn’t stand it, or felt like you weren’t “good” at it, maybe don’t even call it “meditation.” Instead, try thinking of it as pausing, sitting down and receive nurturing energy. 

Soften and open the back of the lungs for your breath. Release into the embrace of the earth. 

Remember you are supported.

When we start by nurturing ourselves in this quiet way, I call it Ma Meditation. We all need to feel loved and it’s often surprising to people how much you can do that for yourself. 

Think of the way you’d talk to a toddler trying to learn to walk. You wouldn’t say “you are never going to get there,” “why are you even bothering?” and other common ways we often talk to ourselves.

We would say “it’s ok, you got this! don’t worry, falling is all part of the process. You’ll be walking in no time.”

Ma Meditation starts with turning that same supportive, encouraging energy inward. And then simply inviting spaciousness in, using different tools depending what helps you most: the breath, mantras, or gently saying “thinking” and going back to the space in between.

The benefits of meditation are well-known, and my passion is to help people – especially new moms – know that even if we only do a 5 minute meditation, you can receive enough of the benefits to feel completely different for the whole day – and change your life over time. 

prenancy new moms meditation - 5 minute meditation for moms from Ma Yoga

Ma Meditation is not just calming – it connects you to the power of your desire. We always end with setting an intention, so you (and the universe) are clear about what you want. It’s amazing the magic that unfolds from there.

For me, a 5 minute meditation is the difference between a day full of my computer breaking and being late and nothing working, vs. a day that feels like I’m in a flow of support, wisdom, and love that surprises me from every direction.

A 5 minute meditation can also help you see your loved ones more clearly – with less of your own assumptions and projections on them – and more as who they truly are. As a mom, this really helped me approach my daughter with less judgement, and more “empty presence.”

And that goes for your Self too.

Want me to guide you through a free 5-day, 5 Minute Meditation Challenge? 

Just sign up and you’ll get an MP3 for the next 5 days where I talk you through different 5 minute meditations, each one based in a different natural element.

Of course, we’ll start with spacious, nurturing receptivity, practicing turning inward without judgement or expectations.

Can you love yourself that much that you would give yourself 5 minutes to just be? I think YES.


Thank you for spreading the Ma love!

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